I haven't written anything in several months my Muse just hasn't been inspired. This isn't my best work but I couldn't resist posting it. :)

Title: Appreciation
Author: Cindy Ryan
Spoilers: Everything is fair game
Category: Tag for Time will Tell
Notes: Syfy's website has two different spellings for Mcpherson

The late afternoon sunshine warmed Pete Lattimer's skin as he sat in the backyard of Leena's bed and breakfast. From his spot in one of the Adirondack chairs Pete watched Claudia and Myka set the glass topped table for dinner.
Ironic how they had both fought the Warehouse assignments.
Now Pete couldn't picture himself anywhere else.

The Secret Service agent smiled as Artie joined the women at the table and sat down engrossed in a file he was reading.
Claudia unceremoniously took the file from the older man earning an endearing glare.


"You can leave it for an hour, Mr. Work-aholic."

Artie tried to grab the file. "That could be…."

"There's nothing earth shattering is there?"

"No….well technically…."

"You can have it back after dinner."

"Yes, Mom."

Pete couldn't pinpoint the exact moment when this group had become a family.
People who would risk their lives to protect each other.
This simple meal they were about to share wouldn't have occurred if McPherson's plan had worked.

With the magic of the Phoenix Artie was still with them.
The family Pete had come to rely on was still intact.
He wasn't taking that miracle lightly; or this moment for granted.

The smell of fried chicken drew Pete's attention back to the door. He stood seeing Leena balancing a tray laden with food.

"Sure as soon as there's food you want to help."Myka chided with a smile as she sat down.

Pete set the plate of chicken in the center of the table. "You ladies had everything under control."

"Guess that means you get dish washing duty."Claudia interjected ignoring her friend's withering glare.

"Fair trade."Artie commented as he took a sip of water.

"Fair?"Pete countered as he sat down next to Myka. "When was the last time you did dishes?"

Artie smirked. "Seniority has its privileges. This looks wonderful, Leena."

With a smile Leena nodded. "Now let's eat before it gets cold."

Despite the tension between Claudia and Leena the group fell into a familiar banter. Like all families Pete knew there would be conflicts.
He hoped they would be resolved with little heartache.
Life was too short

Pete would do dishes for a thousand life times if that was the price for keeping little treasured moments like this.
Moments where it was just them.
No Warehouse.
No Secret Service.

Moments that made the dark days easier.
Made you appreciate what you had and what you were saving the world for.