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Remus smiled as a knock on the door came as expected, he smiled even wider as Sirius, in animagus form, raced Harry to the door, barking the entire way. It had been two weeks since Harry had come home and he was already getting ready to leave again. Of course this time it would only be for three weeks, but it was still a large chunk of time when they had only just gotten him back. Moments later a slew of voices entered the house; and several conversations started all at once, while Sirius continued barking.

As the noise got closer Remus waved his wand sending all the dinner dishes away to the kitchen and the sink; something that warranted a glare from Kreacher. As the mass of people entered the room there were hugs to go around, all while Sirius kept barking. Finally getting fed up with the sound he reached for the newspaper rolled it up and hit Sirius clear on the nose. That stopped all sound as Sirius became Sirius again, his fingers touching his nose. "You HIT ME!"

"You wouldn't stop the barking."

"I was excited!"

"Not an excuse."

The bickering went on for a good fifteen minutes, the group that had gathered in Number 12 watching it as though it were a tennis match or perhaps a quidditch match. It would have gone on longer if the flu hadn't filled with green flames and Augusta Longbottom hadn't stepped out; Neville right behind her. Having none of it the woman had pushed the two apart and given them the tongue lashing of the century. Once everything was quiet conversation began to flow once again. Chatter about what had happened so far filled the room and as Harry looked around the room seeing most everyone he loved he realized just how happy he was.
"So it's a farm house?" Hermione asked

Sirius nodded "It's pretty darn cool. It has a lake for swimming with this little tire swing with a row boat you all can paddle out in; and when it rains there's this cool old barn. Thinking of it makes me want to go."

Harry stared at him "Then why don't you?"

Sirius smiled "We talked about it already remember, I've got some work stuff to do kiddo. How else are we going to buy all those books you seem to love?"

Harry frowned, Sirius was lying. The man had enough gold to buy every book in the world five times over, and while he did do some work for the aurors he didn't do enough to not be able to come on vacation with everyone. Remus on the other hand didn't work or at least he wasn't able to work. There were too many bigots in their world that believed the stereotypes for werewolves and didn't do their research. It was ridiculous.

Remus picked up the conversation "I've got to stay behind so Sirius doesn't burn the house down. It's only three weeks though; we'll still have about a month left to do some stuff together when you get back." Harry stared at the both of them; they were hiding something, something big. Taking a deep breath Harry decided to trust them. They had never hurt him, and they loved him. Whatever they were keeping secret was for the good of the family and they would tell him eventually, If not, well, snooping had kin of become his thing.

Pushing away from the table he smiled "I'm going to go get my suit case, and then we can go."

Sirius smiled as Harry disappeared up the stairs and internally let out a sigh of relief. A trial would be hard on Harry, seeing James and Lily would be even more difficult. A vacation however would be fun; it would allow him to be a kid. Plus add in his friends and you had the makings of one awesome summer. One that wasn't filled with court dates and so on.

Moments later the bumping of wheel hitting the stairs could be heard as Harry came back down. Sirius rolled his eyes at the sound. Addie and Kyle had gifted Harry with an old muggle suitcase, something Harry loved. Personally Sirius preferred his trunk any day. Hugging Harry goodbye Sirius watched overhead as the children went through first while Remus explained the floo to Addie and Kyle. As soon as the children were gone Addie went ahead through, but Kyle lingered. Turning to face them they all shook hands before saying "Kick their asses in court, Harry deserves better than them."

Before either of them could say anything Augusta responded "Don't you worry about a thing. We'll thrash them so hard they won't know what it them."

Kyle laughed before stepping into the floo, and looking more than a little nervous dropped the floo powder, called out Mt. Airy summer home.

Now alone Sirius seemed to slump a bit, but there was no time for any of that; they had to be at the Ministry of Magic first thing in the morning for court, and something told him that they were going to need all the strength they could muster tomorrow. Patting Sirius on the shoulder Remus went to his room and Sirius to his; though neither got much sleep.

The next morning both men were quiet as they ate breakfast; Sirius was dressed in his best and Remus was dressed in his everyday, the lawyer having agreed that his presence would do more harm than good for the case. For while James and Lily had been more than fine with what he was while they were all in school, they weren't those people anymore and he had no doubt that they would use it against Sirius in the case.

As the clock chimed on the wall Sirius nodded at Remus and headed towards the floo before calling out "Ministry of Magic" and vanishing into green flames.

With a sigh Remus laid his head down on his arms and closed his eyes, already counting seconds. It was going to be a long, long day.

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