Seigaku, the institute for gifted children.

It wasn't that long ago when I was accepted into Seigaku. At first I didn't want to go but that damn oyaji sent me here anyway, asshole.

Loads of trees surrounded the main gate but I was just a bit early so I might as well rest a few minutes before my first class starts. I climbed up into the tree with the most leaves to hide my presence, lying down I thought back to why I had to come.

Flash Back


"But I haven't even said anything yet." said argued oyaji.

"I heard what you were thinking," I replied.

"Then you already know why you have to go,"

Mothers sick and she needed taking care of so oyaji is going to America to take care of her, and he's not taking me. "You'll be living in an apartment near Seigaku and finish school there."


"I'll let you take Karupin,"

"Fine," But I'm not happy about this.

Flash Back End

Sigh. This sucks. I hate having be able to read and look into minds. If I don't concentrate the voices get to loud and annoy me so much. As long as I'm playing tennis, I'm fine but otherwise I can hear voices from a 300m radius.
That's not even the worst part. The worst is that I haven't had my own dream in years; my mind is weak when sleeping so my mind goes to others dreams. Most of them are about sex, dream jobs and sex.

Time for a cigarette. Geez I'm only 14 and I smoke. It's a filthy habit.

Oh boy, oh boy, Seigaku has a pro tennis team! Of course I'm going to become the Famous Freshman Regular there because of my 2 years experience.

YAY! A new school! This year is going to be so FUN! Wait till they find out about my talent! Everyone's going to be so surprised! Hehe!

O..oh no, n...new sch..school wh..wha..what if people d..don..don't like m..e...

Depending on those voices they probably will be here in a few minutes. I stubbed the ciggy out on the tree and flicked it towards the nearest rubbish bin. Score, I yawned, I might just get a little shut eye, just until class starts.


One minute, I'm up in a tree sleeping peacefully, the next, I'm falling out of it. "Ah."

I scrunched up my eyes expecting pain to come sometime soon but, nothing except some light pressure on my neck and legs. Opening my eyes I found piercing blue eyes staring back. There was only one word that could describe this person: Beautiful.

"Next time, you should be careful, if I wasn't here you could have hurt yourself really bad," said the beautiful stranger.

Honestly, I almost didn't hear what he was saying because I felt like was being absorbed by his eyes. A sea blue that I'd never seen before, with hair of a brown autumn color and such fair skin.


This must be the onee-san told me my fate would be this morning: A beautiful stranger will come falling into your arms, your life. I didn't expect she meant it literally.
Now there's an adorable little boy in my arms, staring right at me with the most... amazing eyes ever, a liquid gold. And his messy green hair that seemed to suit him quite well. It made him adorable

"Do you mind putting me down, class has started and we're both going to be late," said the tanned boy in my arms.

I was so intimidated by his features that I had forgotten all about class, but on the other hand he fits quite comfortably in my arms, "Yes I do mind, I rather like you her in my arms. Maybe I should carry you into class princess style." I smiled with my eyes closed.

He blushed! He is so cute! I just wanna eat him all up, right here, right now.


Hey! Isn't that Fuji-sempai out there with someone in his arms?
No Way! Fuji-sempai is gay? Now I'll never have my chance with him.

I flinched in Fuji's arms.

How troublesome. I swung myself out of his arms and onto the ground, landing perfectlyish. I wonder if that's even a word.

"I guess I'll see you around Fuji-sempai." I am going to dread going to class now, with all those dirty thoughts about me, plus I went through his schedule in his head and he has the same timetable as me. He's even a regular on the tennis team. Why did I have to be so smart that I was upgraded into a senior instead of a freshman?

Apparently his gift is being able to tell who has what type of talent and he can also seriously pawn you when you're not looking. And I mean seriously pawn you. And he enjoys the suffering! Sadist. Now he probably knows the "talents" I have. What a great way to start the term.

What a drag...

First class is introduction, great. First day, first class at a new school and I'm late. This is a normal thing for me, always having a smoke before class starts then coming in late. I really should quit smoking though, filthy habit.

I entered class 3-A (just made that up) with 18 year old Fuji Syuusuke close behind me lightly swiping his hand against my butt. Geez haven't even known the guy for 5 minutes and he's already hitting on me. Not that it isn't normal, but the sexual harassment is a first.

"Echizen Ryoma?" That was the teacher. I should answer before the thoughts get to my head.

Ah! Fuji's eyes are open! The poor kid must be his new target. Poor soul.

Hey, a little hottie. He'll make a nice little uke that'll fit right onto my body. Mmm when I get my hands on him I'm gonna-

I don't wanna keep listening to that one, yikes. "Hai."

"You're late, and Fuji you should know better," how troublesome.

Children these days.

Well I wonder who that was.

Hmm where should I put him.. In front of Fuji is the only free seat i guess. Poor boy.

Oh man.

"Echizen, you can sit behind Fuji." Sensei announced. Good luck.

Oh this must be my lucky day, my cute little shounen uke! Oi Ryoma-chan? Ryo-chan? Kawaii ne, you're just like a little neko that I can play with!

"Oh shut up, keep your thoughts to yourself," Shit! I just said that out loud. He's going to enjoy that.

Fuji smirked with his eyes still closed, "Whatever do you mean?" Ryo-chan. If this was possible I swear I saw Fuji smirk even wider.

"Nothing." God he pisses me off but I have to admit with his slender figure and feminine face he really is quite attractive. I'm gay, he's gay. Sigh, this is bad. At least we were sitting way at the back and next to the window, now I can sleep in class. Hopefully no one else does too.

As soon as we sat down in our places, the harassment began again.

Saa.. Ryo-chan, how does it feel to be sitting in front of me? I quite like it back here, I sure am enjoying the view of your creamy white neck all exposed to me. I just wanna mark it all up and make you mine.

I don't think this is possible but it feels like all the blood in my body just went to my face!

Do you wanna see something really erotic?

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