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I sigh, it hurts more that I thought it would. "I'm…. I have to go back to America the day after tomorrow."

A heavy silence falls between the three of us and I really have to fight myself to keep my face free of emotions and tears. My heart it hurting so much and I hear the mobile phone hit the floor with a soft 'thud'. A hand entwines with mine and squeezes it lightly…

I can't stop the tears anymore.

They didn't try to say calming and reassuring words to me, they just held me close and let the tears come out, running down my cheeks and soak into their shirts. My sobs could be heard in the room and my hands clutching the back of Keigo's or Fuji's (At that time I couldn't really tell) shirt.

Right before I finally cry myself to sleep I whisper out to the both of them. "Pretend that this never happened.. Please."

I vaguely hear them agreeing, but my mind is too foggy with sleep that it can't make the words sound clear and understandable. I fall asleep, my hands still clutching the back of someone's shirt and my head resting on his chest, the last few stray tears threaten to make their way down my wet cheeks, but someone brushes them away and kisses my head.

My dreams tonight are a bunch of strange things, my own creations, but at the same some warped things that others are dreaming about. It's like someone is trying to pull me away from a warm place, but then a man I've never seen before yells at me and orders to go clean the hallways of a castle built from glass. Keigo and Fuji wander in my dream, calling and searching for me but I choose to run away and hide in a dark corner of some room that the servants use.

I wake up and still feel tired.

I get up from the bed and look around, noting that both of my lovers are gone, only a small piece of paper is left on the bed next to me.

Syuusuke and Ore-sama went to school. We didn't want to wake you up since you didn't sleep too well during the night.

Under Keigo's slightly slanted handwriting was Fuji's.

Ryo-chan, you better look good when we get back home. :) I will say something to the teacher about you not being in school today and ask if they know that you will leave tomorrow. So you better sleep until you feel fully rested.

I laugh a little and get out of the bed. First thing I do is take a nice, warm bath, trying to get rid of the puffy, red eyes and the tear stains on my face. After that I head down to the first floor of this huge house and try to find something for breakfast. I manage to glance at the clock and scowl.

"Eleven." Sandwich in my hand and ponta can in the other, "I should pack I guess."

Luckily, no maids come to bother me, but I do hear them thinking stuff about me, again. Maybe I should blackmail them again for telling this stuff to each other.

Hah, I have a better idea. My evil smirk finds its way on my face. I bet Fuji would love to know some of the stuff that I do. He'll love it!

Ah, he's woken up… I heard him crying last night; maybe Atobe-sama and the smiling kid did something horrible to him?

He's going away, he's going away! Yay, no more mind reading and threatening! I think I'll have a drinking party tonight! Should invite the others too.

Oh that bitch just earned her the Fuji therapy, hell yeah she did. And maybe I'll tell Keigo that she was thinking mean stuff about me. I would like to see her after facing those two.

I smirk, scaring the freakishly thin, anorexic maid that was cleaning the table, "How I love being a part of a threesome."

The door creaks open, the hinges letting out that creaking sound that I have already gotten used to. My little apartment is still as sparkly as it was yesterday, but thanks to Karupin there are now few knocked over things and the sand of his litter box can be seen on the carpet and the floor here and there.

"Karupin. Did you miss me?"

He purrs happily as I scratch that spot behind his ear. I smile down and suddenly I want to be a cat. Their life, at least Karupin's, seems so easygoing. No school, annoying old man's that you are forced to call your 'father' and no perverted classmates.

Ah wait! If I become a cat, then that means no tennis, no ponta, no cigarettes and no together time with Fuji and Keigo, which leads to sex. Nah, I think imma stay human.

I watch Karupin enjoying the scratching session I'm giving him and sigh. I really don't want to go… But mom is in hospital and that old man would only make things worse for her. From what I understood from that old man it's not something simple, like a broken arm or something that the doctors can take care of by doing a simple operation.

Ryoma, you have to come. Your mom needs you now. It will make Rinko happy to be able to see you before… Before… Before her time to leave.

Those words are rebounding all around my head right now. Making the few happy thoughts I just had turn into a dull pain and the feeling of emptiness. My mom is my most important person. There is still those two, but mom is…

Mom cannot be put together with them, since she is special and Fuji and Keigo and even the old man know that. Even if I have never told them that, they know.

I close my eyes and place my elbows on my tights, head in my hands, crouching in that position, in the middle of the combination of a kitchen and a living room. I take deep breaths, willing the tears, that are threatening to fall again, away.

"I should pack and find Karupin's carrier."

Easier said than done. It's three o'clock now and it's been roughly two and a half hours since I came here, but so far the only things that I have done are – finding the bags and Karupin's cat carrier. After that I stopped when I found a stray photo album while emptying the shabby-looking closet in my bedroom.

My fingers just moved on their own, flipping the pages and I went over every picture with my eyes, staring at some for a long time.

There is the familiar creak of my door and I don't even look up when Keigo and Fuji enter my bedroom, still dressed in their school uniforms and their thoughts directed of how cute I look sitting on a floor like that and looking up at them.

I feel my lips forming a pout. "Stop thinking that. I would never do that anyway."

"Ehh… You won't? Syuusuke is sad now." Fuji says, faking a trembling lip and latching on Keigo's shoulder, looking like he's crying.

"Ore-sama agrees, it truly is sad that Ryoma will not do that. One would think that he is meant for the naked apron." He shakes his head and pats Fuji's back, "Don't cry Syuusuke, don't cry."

I glare. Those two are nothing more than a couple of idiots. They truly are. "Why are you here anyway?"

Fuji crouches in front of me and puts his forehead on mine, those blue eyes locked to mine, "We came to help you pack. What kind of boyfriends would we be if we didn't, huh?"

"Annoying ones." I smirk.

Keigo huffs and ruffles my and Fuji's hair. "Shut up and start packing brat." He chuckles and leans down to get the photo album from my hands and throw it in my black bag.

Maybe now I'll have some packing done finally?

I did do my packing with the help of these two, but how the hell did it turn out like this?

Keigo's warm hand finds its way under my shirt, his fingers leaving butterfly touches behind them on my back. At the same time Fuji kisses me senseless, sucking on my tongue.

My light moans disappear in Fuji's mouth and I hold tighter to his school shirt as I feel Keigo flick my nipples. I'm sandwiched between them, their body heat making me warm and aroused.

"My, my Ryo-chan…" Fuji whispers in my ear, his breath tickling my sensitive skin and making me shudder, "Someone's excited I see." I can feel him smile against my skin as he bites and sucks the skin just below my ear, leaving a hickey there.

My red shirt comes in front of my eyes, making everything red for a moment and I hear Keigo speak, "Stop that Syuusuke. Ore-sama wants to have some fun too."

I'm lying on the floor, half-naked now and looking up at the two as they remove their school uniforms and kiss each other while at it. There are touches here and there; Keigo licks Fuji's neck, up till the ear and Fuji's both hands slide down his pants.

Somehow, I get the feeling that I'm being left out…. But on the other hand… Damn that's hot.

They look down on my, eyes filled with animalistic lust and Keigo latches on my mouth, kissing the living daylights out of me. I'm flushed and moaning while Keigo continues to do crazy things to my mouth, twisting and pinching my nipples at the same time. Fuji, at the same time, has successfully gotten rid of my pants and boxers, letting the whole world see my half-hard member.

Keigo pulls away from me. I see the refection of my own eyes, glazed over in lust in his and marvel the way Keigo's hair falls on the sides of his face, making him hotter. "Ryoma, suck me."

Oh God how I love Keigo's voice when he orders someone.

Though, I can't answer because my sadistic lover starts to work on my now fully erect member, licking it up and down, nibbling the skin. I gasp and moan, my eyelids flutter closed and I try to scrape the floor with my hands, searching for something to hold onto.

Big, warm hands cover mine and lift them from the floor, leading them to somewhere up above me. Slowly I open my eyes and once again look at Keigo, watching him suck on my fingers and smirking down on me.

Fuji chooses this moment to push his fingers in me, sucking on the head of my manhood harder than before. A gasp escapes my mouth and I hiccup, trying to hold myself from cumming, which is so very hard to do when the waves of pleasure from various places of my body wash over me, over and over again.

"I think I told you Ryoma," Keigo's face is so close to mine, "Suck me."

"Oh Kei-chan. You really think that he can do that? In the state that he's in at the moment." Fuji groans at the end, when Keigo leans closer to him and bites one of the pink, hard nipples.

The rich diva smirks, "You said something?" then he looks down on me, his hand sneaking closer to Fuji's erection, "Do what I told you to do, brat."

"I hate you Monkey King." I manage to force out, right before the fingers of my right hand wrap around his fully erect cock. I smirk when he gasp at the sudden action.

Damn you Ryoma!

I love you Ryo-chan!

Fuji and Keigo are making out and having their fun above me, while I suck and stroke Keigo. Those lusty moans resonate in the small bedroom of my apartment and I can't help it anymore, I need to come so badly. My hand sneaks down to stroke myself.

Fuji somehow manages to notice my little movements and catches my wandering hand, redirecting it far from where it was heading to. "Tsk, tsk Ryo-chan. Now that would be a bad thing to do."

"Ore-sama wants to be inside of you when you come." Keigo has finally gotten off of Fuji I see.

I make a face and sit up, hands supporting me from behind me. "Like I care what you want." My cheeks are becoming a bit redder, I think. "I need to come. Now."

Keigo's hands grab me by my armpits and lift me up, then place in his lap, my back against his stomach. "Well then, we shouldn't waste time, now should we?"

"I still hate you."

"Liar, liar pants on fire, Ryo-chan." Fuji winks at me. You are so cute right now. Idiot.

Fuji guides me down on Keigo's cock, obviously enjoying my reactions. When Keigo is so deeply in me, hitting that spot, without even moving I had to hold onto Fuji, my nails leaving red scratch marks on his back, Keigo's hands gripping my hips so tightly that there will probably be bruises for everyone to see.

And once again I feel a hot breath ghosting over the skin near my right ear: "Move."

I really don't think I can, I almost came just because of him putting it in. Fucking idiot, I can't just… Wait, why are me feel moving on their own? Damn Keigo and his mind controlling gift, damn him. And Fuji isn't any better. He's using my defenseless state while I'm clinging on to him for support and Keigo's making me ride him. That sadist bites the place right above my collar bone, marking me clearly and slicking his tongue teasingly across my nipple.

"Stop that, Syuu—Angh.. Syuusuke… Hic." I beg, my voice hitching at places and moans of pleasure overpowering the words.

He smirks that smirk of his: "Yad-da." And one of his fingers slide across the tip of my erection, where the drop of pre-cum was just before it slid down my length.

Keigo tightens his hold and slams me down on himself stronger than before and his hips are pressed so close to mine. He groans, teeth biting in the soft flesh between my neck and shoulder. The hot, sticky mass is filling my insides and the sensation forces all the control I had to disappear, making my own seed splash between me and Fuji.

"God, you're tight Ryoma. I just love it." Keigo pulls out of me and hands me to Fuji, letting him do whatever the hell he wants. Somehow, I really don't want to have sex anymore.

It's as if that sadistic bastard knows what I'm thinking. Is his ability to tell what kind of powers others have is really the only one that he has? No, seriously… Is it? "Now, now Ryo-chan." He pushes me back on the floor and licks up from my navel, dipping his tongue there, to my neck and finally stopping when reached my chin. "I want to have my fun too you know."

"Shut up. Ahhh…" Stupid Fuji, biting places that were not meant to be bitten!

He takes hold of my tights and lifts up my legs, my back entrance, still full with Keigo's seed, revealed to him and ready to use! God, I sound like a fucking slut, which I probably am. I think I need help.

So caught up in my musings I am that Fuji uses this chance, not that I can resist him anyway, and pushes his length in me with one swift movement. I gasp and buck from the sudden action, so he stays still and waits, both of his hands still clutching my tights. Keigo, as far as I can see, moves behind Fuji and seems to be preparing the brunette for more Keigo lovin'.

I really do need help it seems…

Fuji kisses me again, grunting a bit because of the actions performed on him. "Syuu… Move.. Please, just move already…" I can't take it anymore, so might as well beg. Who will remember anyway? Not me!

"As you wish, princess." Fuji smirks again.

Asshole. Asshole with godly skills in sex. Every thrust that he makes hits that one spot, which makes me writhe in pleasure and moan in pure ecstasy. My nails once again claw his back and I can't keep my eyes open anymore, it's too overwhelming.

Damn, Syuusuke's almost as tight as Ryoma. Damn it, it feels so freaking good.

Ahhh, so Keigo is having his fun too?

Kei-chan…. Oh my God… I can't think straight anymore. Mmmhh… Ryo-chan, I'm almost there…

Eh? Eeeehhh? No way, what about me?

But then I have to stop my inner whining because Fuji squeezes my cock so tightly it's painful. I scream out and whimper, but he doesn't seem to care. Slowly, agonizingly his hand moves up and down, so not in the rhythm that he uses to pound in me.

This time, I'm the first that comes, once again splashing semen between out hot bodies, smearing our stomachs. In reaction to my clenching around him, tightening the heat around his member, Fuji comes too, mouth slightly open in a silent orgasm.

Keigo's not too far too.

As we lie on the floor, my head on Keigo's chest and Fuji's arm around my waist, I can't help but wonder how things will be from now on. Me in America and these two here in Japan. Will our relationship survive this, or we'll just live on and forget about each other? Though, it's more likely like they will forget about me and I about them.

"Don't worry Ryoma… It's going to be ok, trust me." Fuji reassures me and strokes my hair. "After all, we are two annoying boyfriends." He smiles down on me. And I can't help but smile back at him.

Two days later.

At a hospital in New York.

The book, that I'm reading right now, holds almost no interest for me. But that's the only thing that I can do to at least for a moment forget about what's going on. What will soon happen to my mom.

There is the sound of sheets shifting from my left side. I quickly close the book, not caring that I lost the place where I was reading, and throw it on the ground, my feet moving closer to the white hospital bed where my mom is lying. She is in a sickly greenish-pale color, her body had become thinner since the last time we saw each other, not too long ago.

It is a horrible thing that someone so healthy and lively could become so broken and sick in just few days.

Her eyes open up slowly and search for someone, anyone, but in truth they can no longer see. Her hand reaches up, trying to feel something in front of her; I take it in my warm ones and whisper a quiet "Good morning." to her.

She turns her head in my direction, a smile on her lips as she answers me with a whisper just as quiet as mine: "Good morning honey." so I'm still alive.


For so many years she was suffering from cancer, but never once told us about it, didn't want to make me or my old man worry. But in truth, I, we both, knew all along, just didn't want to let her know that, let her see us worry about her.

Ahhhahh…. Missis Rinko Echizen huh? That's the dying one. I don't even understand why the hell are they still giving her meds, should just let her be and it would all work out on its own. And then there is still her son. Every time he looks at me I have to think that he actually knows what I'm thinking… Waiiit… he can't be…? Oh shit!

Oh how I want to make that shitty doctor suffer, but I know that my mom wouldn't want that, so I keep quiet about what he's thinking and what I feel towards him.

"Ryoma…" she whispers again, "What are you so angry about? Don't let that anger take over, live with a smile on your face, ok?" Jut for me honey, just for me at least.

It seems that I tightened my hold on her hand, so she knows. I can't answer her, I honestly can't. It hurts so much to see her like this, weak and helpless… I wish I had someone next to me for a support, someone from Japan.

I smile, even if I know that she can't see. "Don't worry about me mom, I'm fine. Just take it easy."

She manages to let out a laugh.

Her eyes look at me and her hand holds mine a bit stronger and firmer that before as she motions with one finger for me to lean closer to her. I obediently do that and her hands land on the both sides of my face, holding and guiding it close to her own, so she could place her sweaty forehead on mine. "Listen Ryoma dear, you have to live your life to the fullest, enjoy every day and treasure the time spent with the ones you love the most. Promise me that, ok?"

"Mom, I-"

"Shhh…. Just promise, you don't even have to say it out loud, just do that." She coughs and says the last three words, so quietly that I almost missed them. "I love you."

Her hands slide down my cheeks and fall on the white sheets, her head slumps down on the pillow, eyes closed and a smile on her face, her chest no longer moving. I can't help the hot tears that fall from my eyes as my trembling hands grab her cold, numb ones, my mind still in denial of what just happened. The machines around her beep and make those high-pitched sounds that hurt my ears, but I stand there, holding on to her and crying.

Doctors rush in and nurses pull me away and in the empty hallway, slamming the door behind my back and letting the blinders fall in front of the window, hiding her from my eyes. My old man comes and the moment he sees me his legs give up and he slumps on the floor, too numb to cry or move. He just sits there, his own pair of golden colored eyes looking into distance. Only one thought in his mind.

Rinko is dead.

A doctor comes out, the same that thought all that shit about me and my mom. "Mister Echizen, young man, I am sorry to announce that your wife, mother, died because of her heart stopping. The precise time of death is sixteen-o-seven. I am truly sorry for your loss." Though, his voice is formal, having the experience of announcing the death to the heart broken families before. Watching them cry in front of him and collapsing even.

I know, because right now, that's what he's remembering. No mean thoughts, no fucking stupid comments, just bitter memories that cannot be forgotten so easily.

The funeral happened the next day.

The sun shining brightly, our black suits and dresses making us all feel so very hot, but I don't care. The people around me, my mom's friends, family members some of her colleagues, all have those sad expression on their faces, some even crying and holding on to their respective other halves.

I look away from everything and up at the sky, imagining that the endless blue swallows me and for a moment erases the pain and takes me somewhere far away from here.

"I wish they would be here." I whisper out, "Then it would be less painful."

Vaguely, I registered the man saying the last words before they started to fill the hole with the freshly digged up dirt, sealing the grave, followed by the wails of some women from my family and from mom's friends. My old man's hand rests on my shoulder, squeezing it a bit tighter than usual. I look up and into his eyes, silently telling him that it will be ok. Everything will be ok.

I hope.

Turning my gaze back to the crowd of people dressed in black I say: "Let's go back? There is nothing more for us to do here."

"Yeah, let's." he agrees and turns his back on the graveyard, "Let's continue living seishounen. Rinko would have wanted that more than everything. More than our tears." There is nothing for me to add, he said it all.

I sit on the rocking chair that's placed in the balcony of our apartment. I stare up at the nightly sky, a cup of half-finished hot tea in my hands. All the rooms in the spacey apartment are enveloped in darkness, seeming void of life. Though, there is me and Karupin, both sitting on the balcony and looking up at the dark sky.

"Stupid old man. Getting drunk won't help damn it." I curse and Karupin meows from my lap, as if agreeing to what I had just said. I smile down at the warm and fuzzy animal, "Thank you Karupin. Thank you."

It's kind of lonely without him, my old man I mean. At first he was here with the two of us, smoking his cigarette, just like I did. This will be the last one, I had thought at that moment, but it probably won't. Not with that stupid old man smoking all the time and my two lovers being at the other side of the world. "This is just… Fucked up."

My head, that was leaned down, snaps up at the sound of the bell ringing. At first I couldn't really understand from where that sound was coming from, but then I kind of snapped out of that bewilderment.

I place the warm cup on the small, round table next to the chair I was sitting on and gently move Karupin from my lap to a pillow, placed especially for him, on the ground and go to answer whoever was at the door.

Midway I kind of start to pay attention to their thoughts and at first can't believe to what I am hearing. After standing in that one spot for a few seconds a small, relieved smile forms on my face and I continue my way. The lock clicks as I turn the key, unlocking it and a small creak follows as I open the door.

The two of them, standing in front of me; one holding a big bouquet of red roses, the other just smiling down at me. I lean against the doorframe and cross my arms in front of me. "What brings you two here? Especially, at this nightly hour."

A kiss is pressed on my forehead. "We missed you too much Ryo-chan."

"And we just could not sit and do nothing while knowing what you are going through right now." The roses are presented to me, together with a kiss.

I just can't help but smile. "Let me guess, Inui and that guy from your team told you? Not that I'm complaining."

"But of course Ryo-chan."

I give a kiss on the lips to both of them and pull them in. "I love you both so much. Do you know that?"

A laugh and a sigh, before I'm pressed between the both of them, in a gentle, yet reassuring hug. "I love you too Ryo-chan/Ryoma."

At that moment, I forgot the feeling of emptiness, the pain of losing someone I loved so much, the anxiety and let myself be taken away by their love, sweetness and gentleness.

I truly understood that I am so lucky to have these two besides me; I understood that I truly am gifted.

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