Authors Notes/Disclaimer: I'm starting a prompt table for Leverage and hopefully I can update often-ish. Not beta'd so all mistakes are my own. I own nothing.
Prompt: voice

The way Eliot's voice changed the longer they worked as a team fascinated Parker. During the first few briefings he would often sound gruff and determined letting the others know he was ready and focused. After a while, once they all had gotten used to the idea of being the good guys, he was kinder and more understanding towards certain situations.

The first time Parker noticed this directed at her was when she was working on prep for a complicated heist job the team was planning. The job required her to break into a high-end safe, one she had never tried before, in under a minute. Instead of going in blind, the team had the same model safe delivered to the office for her to practice with. The safe sat near the door but the dial was facing the wall so that she couldn't reach it. The safe was too heavy for her to move alone so she went to see if anyone was around.

He was the first team member she saw to get there so she asked him to help. At first he gave that look that always seemed to be followed by some comment about a crazy contest or whatnot. Since that didn't work she thought of trying something Sophie had been working on with her and smiled and said please.

That seemed to work, because he set down his jacket and asked what kind of mess he would have to get into. That comment while to some might come out as not really being interested meant to her that he did care enough to put aside his reservations to help. Together they managed to turn the heavy, metal box around enough that she could get down to work on cracking it.

Now even when he still got angry at her for going off on her own plans on jobs or at Hardison for messing up his trunk, she kept in mind that he would still be there if she ever really needed him and that while his words may be harsh, his actions show a different meaning.

So I'm still really new to writing and I hope that working through these prompts will help give me more experience. Any comments good are bad are greatly appreciated!