Goten's drunk. What's Bulla gonna do?

By: CSI-Panther

Summary: Goten and his girlfriend; Paris, break up. Goten, being depressed about it, goes and gets drunk. While at his house, getting drunk, he forgot about Bulla coming over and staying the weekend, which has been happening since they can remember.

Pairing= Goten & Bulla

A/N: I don't own anything that is or related to dragon ball/Z/GT series.

Chapter 1

At the park,

Goten and his girlfriend Paris were walking down the path leading out of the park, when Paris stopped. Goten turned to her with a look of concern.

" Paris? Is something wrong? " He asked while he searched for anything threating.

" Nothing's wrong. But.." She started, but stopped, not sure on how to break it to him.

" But what? " He pressed, wanting to know what was bothering her.

" I..I'm leaving you. " She said, not looking into his eyes.

Goten looked very hurt at hearing those words and his heart was breaking more and more as the seconds past by them.

" W-Why? Don't I treat you good? I never was unfaithful to you, not once. Why Paris? " Goten asked, his voice strained from holding his own tears back. Paris wasn't even looking at him, she wanted to cry too, but she knew she had to do this.

" But I was unfaithful to you. All those times you were away. I couldn't handle it. I found someone else. I'm sorry Goten. But I can't stay with you any more. " And with that Paris left alone, leaving Goten standing there in the path, his head down, his eyes dead of emotion. He looked around, seeing no-one there, he took to the air.

He went to bar near by. He, Trunks, and Uub would drop by every so often, but not that much, they weren't big on the alcohol, even though it took alot to get a saiyan drunk, wheither they were half or quater. He walked in and the bar tender saw him and knew that he was hurting emotionally.

" Hey Goten. Here you look like you use some of this. " She said as she handed him a slightly stronger beer, knowing he was going to need it.

Goten sat down at the end and replied, " Thanks Anne. I do need this. "

" Want to talk about it? " She asked.

" No. " He said as he took a long drank of the bottle in front of him as Anne nodded and went to tend to the other customers.

Three hours later and a few dozen beers later, Goten was pretty buzzed, but not enough to fly home.

" Thanks again Anne. " Goten said as he paid her for the beers and left.

Outside of the bar, Goten walked until he was on the out skirts of the city before he took to the air. He swade every once and awhile, but still kept a steady pace in the air. He saw his home come in sight and smiled, he landed in front of the door and walked through the quiet house. His mom and dad had taken a trip to his grandpa's to took after the old man, who had been sick for a few days and knowing his mom, dragged his dad with her to her fathers castle, to see to it that he got better and wouldn't come back until he did. Though she would call to see how he was doing.

Gotan walked to the couch and laid down. Too tired to even walk to his own room to sleep off the alcohol he had consumed.

Chapter 2

At Capsule Corp.

Bulla was rushing around her room, getting the clothes she would need for her stay at Goten's. They had spending the weekend at eachother's places since she could remember. It was always the same, they would spend two weekends at the other's house, switching on the third weekend and they would let two weekends free to do what they wanted sepratelatly and repeat it over again. Both she and Goten were fine with that plan, they've together since they were little, the same goes for the rest of Z gang.

She finished packing her clothes for the first weekend over at his place and walked down the stairs. She was about to walk out the door when her father came into the living-room.

" Bulla. "

" Yes, Daddy? " Bulla replied back as she turned to her father.

" Behave. And let me know if that brat did something that upset you. " Vegeta said, his arms crossed and his usual scrowl on his face.

" Daddy! It's just Goten. The only way he'll upset me is he annoys me. But I always get him back. And besides. I can take care of myself against him any day. " Bulla replied in her almost spoiled daddy's girl voice.

' That's my baby. ' Vegeta thought as he mentally smirked proudly of his daughter as he nodded and walked back into the kitchen where Bulla heard him shout out,

" WOMAN! Where's my diner! "

Her mom replied that same as always,


" Ahh love. It's wonderful thing. " Bulla said to herself and out the door she went. Sliding her back pack over her shoulders and flew out to Goten's house.

Here's ch./s 1 & 2! Hope ya'll like it and I hope I'm in character with these two.

CSI-Panther out.