Goten's drunk. What's Bulla gonna do?

By: CSI-Panther

Summary: Goten and his girlfriend; Paris, break up. Goten, being depressed about it, goes and gets drunk. While at his house, getting drunk, he forgot about Bulla coming over and staying the weekend, which has been happening since they can remember.

Pairing= Goten & Bulla

A/N: I don't own anything that is or related to dragon ball/Z/GT series.

Last Time,

They turned and saw they had left. Bulla went over and locked the door and went back to Goten and she walked him back to the table. She took the fish off the stove, some of was burned, but the rest of it was still ediable. She put on a platter plate and handed it to him.

He surprisingly pushed it away.

" I lost my appeitite. You go ahead and eat. " He said as he looked down at the table.

' Not this again. ' Bulla thought as she went to his chair and turned him around to face her. " Goten. Please eat. I'm not eating anything until you do. " She told him sternly.

Goten didn't say anything. He just sat there.

Bulla growled deeply before she said, " Either you it this yourself or I'm going to force feed it down your throat! Now Which is it gonna be? "

Goten still said anything. Bulla was about to say something more, but she suddenly found herself against a wall and a yellowed eyed saiyan in front of her.

Chapter 9

" Goten? " Bulla asked as she stared into his yellow eyes.

Goten didn't respond. He just kept staring into her blue eyes. He moved his head forward and nuzzled the side of her face, his arms, that he had been using to keep her from going anywhere, moved away from the wall and to her waist. He wrapped them around her and pulled her to him. Bulla's arms went to his chest to stop herself from going any closer to him.

" Goten. Please tell me what's wrong. " She said in a quiet voice as he moved away from her face and looked into her eyes.

" I don't know. But I really like it. " He replied in a husky tone and kissed her once more.

The first thing Bulla felt the next morning was a muscled arm wrapped around her stomach and holding her to an equally muscled body. Opening her eyes she saw her friend turned lover. He was sleeping contently and had a small smile on his handsome face. She smiled as well and placed her hand to his cheek, she rubbed her thumb across his cheek and lips before she moved forward and kissed him on his forehead before she slowly unwrapped his arm away from her middle and got out of his bed and into his bathroom.

Goten awoke to the sound of the shower running. He smirked and got out of his bed and walked into the bathroom where his friend turned lover was.

An hour later,

They came out of the shower completely cleaned from what they had just did. Both wrapped in a towel and dripping wet from head to toe.

Then there was a knock on the door. Goten left to answer it as Bulla got dressed. Goten came down the stairs, still in his towel, and walked to the door, he opened it without thinking about looking into the peep-hole.

There in front of him was his best friend Trunks. ' uh oh. This ain't good. ' Goten thought as he let his friend inside.

" Hey buddy. Heard you were having a bit of a bad spell. You don't look all that bad. I guess sis has been doing you some good. " Trunks said. He turned his head towards the stairs where he heard his sister come down, a towel on her head and drying her hair.

" Hey Goten. Do you know where I put my...Hairbrush. " She asked, but paused and continued slowly when she saw that her brother was in front of Goten and had appeared to have been talking to him before she came down.

Trunks looked between Goten and his sister, taking in the fact that they were both wet and he knew that there was only one bathroom in the house, which was in hall, so either they took a bath right after the other got out or...

Trunks eyes widen and he turned to his friend. " What the hell Goten! She's my sister! " He shouted and charged forward with his fist raised.

" Trunks! Stop it! " Bulla shouted and ran in front of Goten. Trunks stopped what he was doing and stood back up and looked at his friend with a glare that nearly matched his father's.

" Then tell me how this happened. " Trunks said as he looked back at his sister, crossing his arms.

Bulla was silent then she began to tell her brother what had happened for the last three days, leaving out the details of how her and Goten wound up sleeping together.

" So you just used her. " Trunks accused.

" No way man! I would never do that to Bulla! You know I wouldn't! " Goten replied back.

" Hey I let it happen too Trunks! We don't really know how it happened it just did! "

Trunks said not a word then he turned to his sister and said, " Get your stuff. We're going home. Now. "

" But Trunks! " She protested.

" I said now! Or do I have to get our father out here? " Trunks shouted.

" But. " Bulla tried again, but a hand on her shoulder stopped her.

" Just go Bulla. I'll be alright. " Goten said quietly. His face not showing how sad he was.

Bulla sighed and did as her brother said. She got her stuff, then her and Trunks left Goten's house.

Here's the last ch.! Don't worry though! I'll make a sequel!


CSI-Panther out.