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Edward's POV

I had everything I ever wanted in this life. The perfect wife..a child that I would never thought I would have..but yet there is still regret and now it is realing it's ugly head in my direction. I never thought I would see her again. Manly because Alice told me she died but yet as I stand frozen in time at the door of this college class..Bella by my side..there she was. To say she was surprised was an understatement. I thought for a minute she would run over to me and hug me but all I saw was hurt in her eyes before she ran out of class. Her thoughts were that she was going to be sick. I turn looking down the hallway as I hear the professor yelling her last name.

Heather- Uh Professor..I think she is going to be sick.

The Professor nods as I walk in further and sit down slowly neck to Bella before whispering to her.

Edward- I need to go lock the car door.

Bella always the calm one whispers back to me.

Bella- I already did.

I look at her as she tries to pay attention to the professor as I whisper back. I needed out of this class right now. I needed to call Alice and demand why she didn't tell me she saw this. Why she didn't tell me Alexis was alive.

Edward- Then I need to go get my IPOD. Just take notes for me and then meet me outside at the car.

I lean forward giving her a kiss on the cheek before walking out of the class and not glancing back at the professor who by now was having a fit about how students can just get up and walk out without saying another word.

I walk out to the car thinking of what went down 4 years ago and what I told her. I regretted it but it had to be done. I was not willing to let her die for me. It was the same for Bella and she bought it. The look on her face said it all in the classroom. The pain on her face told me that along with her thoughts. I moved on and that hurt her. After what I done 4 yrs ago, I wanted to go back. I was close to it when Alice had a vision of her hiking and never coming back. I was a mess close to 6 monthes after that. My family never leaving my side. I wanted to die and I would have until Alice saw Bella come in. It was Bella that brought me out of that dark life and I thank her for it every day of my life. She knew about Alexis and how I moarned for her. I finally reach my car as I put out my cell phone calling Alice. After the 3rd ring she picked up whispering...she must be in class.

Alice- Yes Edward?

Edward- When were you going to tell me?

Alice- Tell you what?

Edward- That Alexis was alive.

I heard a pause and after a few seconds a classroom door shutting behind her. There isn't much that surprises Alice and I think I might have found something that did. She didn't see this happening. She picks up her voice now as I assumed she was out in the hallway.

Alice- Now that my Lit Proffessor isn't giving me evil looks..what are you talking about?

Edward- Alice..your telling me you didn't know Alexis was alive and was going to be at Yale?

Alice- Edward..if I even knew Alexis was alive I would have told you and what do you mean she is at Yale? She disappeared 3 years ago.

Edward- Your vision was wrong Alice. She is here and is in Bella and I college class.

Alice- Wow..what are you going to do?

Edward- I don't know yet.

Alice- We will be there next semester.

Before I even had a chance to respond to that the phone went dead. Pesky Little Pixy..I hang up as I look up to see Bella walking towards me. This was going to be interesting to explain.

Bella- What is it? Why did you leave class?

Edward- I am dropping out of the class Bella.

Bellla- But I need that class.

Edward- You can stay in it. I am dropping it though.

Bella gives me one of those looks and oh how I wish I could read her mind right now. I pinch the bridge of my nose..something I do when I get fustrated and she knows it.

Bella- Does this have to do with the girl that ran out of the class when we got there?

Edward- Why do you say that?

Bella- Cause she came back and kept looking at me. It look like she almost wanted to cry. Edward..who is she?

I could never lie to Bella but what she just said floored me. Alexis heartbroken..I left to protect her and I broke her.

Edward- Alexis!

Bella looked at me as she recognized that name. She knew everything but what I said to Alexis when I left her.

Bella- I thought Alexis was dead!

Edward- I thought so too but Alice couldn't see her so we assumed she died..apparently not.

Bella- Are you going to talk to her?

Edward- I..I wouldn't even know where to start Bella.

Bella- I think Alexis deserves an explination Edward.

Edward- Yeah she does.

I give Bella a kiss on her head thinking how right she was but would Alexis believe me. The last time I saw the hurt in her eyes other than today was when I left her and I knew in the process that I destroyed this girl who was once filled with life to nothing. I had to make this right..I needed to make her understand.