Uta Kata

Sei and Kai

Ouran Crew: We Thought you were going to lose ur fanfic virtue to us..

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Ok! I Dont Own Uta Kata.. If I Did..there would have been a lot more Episodes and More Yaoi.! (not that much Yuri)

-Sei's Point Of View-

Its been a couple of month since I have seen Kai..I keep thinking about him.. like what was he doing.. where was he at right now.. and did he ever think of me.. and its been about a week since my former student Ichika Tachibana has sent me her letters..mostly talking about school and asking me how i've been and how my studies were going about..

But Since I haven't heard from her..i wonder what she's doing..

-The Next Day-

I awoke up to knocking at my front door.. when I get to the front it turned out to be the mailman..and he handed me a letter.

I thank him and close the door.. and open the letter..it was a pink piece of paper and written in black pen.. it was from Ichika and it said..

Hello Sei-chan,

Sei.. I have the most wonderful news! Guess What..well more like who.. came to my house.. it was Manatsu Kuroki! She came back! Sei.. do you know what that means? Kai-chan might be coming back to see you! I'm sorry that I couldnt deliver you these news earlier but Manatsu been keeping me so busy. I couldn't find the time.. So please dont be mad..and I also I kept asking Manatsu how she came to see me without getting stopped by Saya-sama.. But she changes the subject..or pretends to have not heard me.. If Kai-chan comes to see you.. you should try getting the asnwer from him.. Good Luck!

Your Friend ,

Ichika Tachibana

My heart almost stopped after reading the enitre letter sent from Ichika..

If Manatsu was with Ichika right now..Would Kai really come to see me?

I quickly wrote her a quick letter telling her I wasnt mad and also thanking her a million times about the information as well.. I put it in an envolpe I found in the kitchen and placed it on the counter..

I quickly took a shower and dressed.. I ran to the kitchen, grabbed my keys and head to the post office..

After I delivered the letter, I calmly walked back home.. but after a few minutes something caught my eyes.. it was a small mirror shop.. I suddenly found myself walking towards the tiny shop.

When I entered.. I was looking at myself on different mirrors. But one really caught my attention..because it was a full body mirror and it looked familiar for some reason. I went to take a closer look and that was when the solid truth hit me hard.. it looked like the same mirror Kai came out of some years ago.

It couldn't be the same one right?..Maybe If it is..maybe Kai will come out of it..

I sounded pretty dumb thinking that..but if Kai might come out of it.. then it was worth a try..

I found the sale manger and asked if the mirror I found was for sale..

When I paid for it... it hit me.. I came walking. How am I going to take it home? I asked the manger if I could go outside to see how far I was away from home and when I got outside I saw that I wasnt very far away from home.. a few more minutes and I would have been home.. I must of been walking faster then i thought..

Funny.. i've never notice that mirror shop til now..maybe because I have been to busy..

I went inside and told him I wasnt far away from home and that I would try to carry it home.. he asked me where I lived and I tolded him. Then he offered to help me since it wasnt far away from my house..

When we got there I turn back to thank him but..

I Didn't See Him..

Hmm... thats strange.. he must of gone back to see that no one stole from him since he was gone.. I should see him later because I still need to see where this mirror should go..

After a few minutes I decided that my bedroom was the pefect place to place it in.. Then suddenly I heard a semi-loud noise and it came from my stomach..

Oh Yeah, I forgot to eat this morning..well never to late to start..

While I was cooking.. the memories of Kai and me cooking in this kitchen came flooding in my head..

I suddenly felt sad.. guess that I missed him more then I thought I did..

Kai, I Hope I See You Soon...

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