Hannbial 2 By Andy Prsoser

*Note: this is a continuation of Poisonous Minds*

Chapter 1

Mason Verger is in jail for 10 years for kill his sister. He makes a good friend... but its actually Buffalo Bill.
Buffalo Bill was in jail for wearing woman cloths and murder. Tehy make a plan to kill Hannbial.
"We must invent a microscopcic brain parasite for the kill." says Verger.
So they invented a brain parasite and use it on prison guard.

Chapter 2

Hannbial wasw hide from Mason in him apartment. Buffalo Bill comes in with lemonade. "This is good lemonade you should drink it." So Hannbial drinks the lemonade.
But Hannbial was like the lemonade so much he doesn't see Bill point the gun at him.
"Now you will die." says Bill.
"Not so fast." exclams Hannbial. "I'm a FBI now."
"Nooo!" says Buffalo Bill.
"It's too late for apologize." And Hannbial eats his head.