My first Invader ZIM! I added humor and funny scenes hope you enjoy! And one thing. I know most of you are stupid but its my story its supossed to make sense to smart people. And Irkens can reproduce sexually if needed or wanted to The Tallest just clone the Irkens they don't need to clone themselves. and You don't know why Zim got a snack anyway! Nor do you know anything about Tak. (I'm making it up and what I say goes!) Besides who doesn't want to see Dib get beat up? And Tak a princess? she looks it. lol P.S Visit Real Official Roleplayers on YouTube InvaderTakOffical, InvaderZim82muffins, InvaderLyn, lnvaderRia, GirOffical1, XxDawnAngelGirlsxX, JIRunit, lol

While Zim worked in his lab Gir was watching the Angry Monkey show again. Which wasn't a surprise. Gir was happily humming to himself when someone knocked on the door Gir quickly got up and answered it to revel Dib. "Hey is Zim home?" Dib asked the robot. "NO….came back later!" Gir said in a loud voice. Dib looked at the robot awkwardly

"Okay? But I just saw him 4 minutes ago how could he be gone?" he asked Gir again. "He's in the lab," Gir finally said. Dib nodded. "Doing what? Alien stuff?" he asked

Gir just shrugged and shut the door. "HEY!" Dib yelled from behind the door. He was surprised the Zim's garden nom's weren't attacking him. Gir opened the door "Sorry! What's that!" he asked pointing to the camera and Dib's hand. Dib eyed it. "What this? It's a camera," he answered. Gir took it right from Dib's hand Dib acted quick and starting chasing the robot around Zim's living room. "HEY GIVE ME BACK MY CAMERA!"

Dib shouted at Gir. "NOO! CATCH ME FIRST!" Gir yelled out. Dib tried to lunge at the robot but Gir jumped out of the way and Dib smacked his head on the ground. "Oh…ow," he moaned. "AREN'T YOU GONNA CHASE ME!" Gir asked as he took Dib's camera and climbed on the couch.

Dib quickly got to his feet and tried to attack the robot. "TOO SLOW!" Gir yelled laughing. "OH COME ON!" Dib yelled. Just then the tallest decided to call Zim for another update on his fake mission but once they did all they saw was Dib chasing Zim's failed S.I.R unit around the room.

"Um…Who are you?" tallest red asked. Dib quickly stopped chasing Gir. "You! You're Zim's leaders right!" Dib asked smiling evilly. Tallest purple looked at him awkwardly. " Where's Zim?" he asked. Dib shrugged. "Oh.," tallest red said. "We're out then," but before they could sign out Dib screamed something.

"What do you want?" tallest red asked. "I WANT TO KNOW WHERE YOUR PLANET'S CORDINANCE IS!" Dibshouted. "Well we're not going to tell you! Besides your stupid," tallest purple said as they both laughed. "Laugh while you can alien scum," Dib scowled.

Just to heat up the moment Zim was walking into the living room surprised to see Dib talking to his leaders and Gir standing there looking stupid. "What's going one! How did you get in my house!" Zim yelled. Dib turned to Zim "Look Zim! I'm talking to your leaders!" Dib said. "I can see that," Zim said in a calmer voice. "Okay what in the name of Irken is going on here?" Tallest red asked. "My tallest! This disgusting human dump somehow got into my base!" Zimyelled. Both tallest shook their heads. "Zimwe know that….why are you so stupid?" tallest red asked. "I….don't…know," Zim answered slyly.

Dib stared at the tallest then back at Zim awkwardly. "Look! Just give me the cordinance to your planet!" he yelled. "Earth dump shut up," tallest red said. "Why did you call me dump?" Dib asked. Both tallest shrugged "Well Zim called you that," Tallest purple answered surely he had no clue why they were wasting their time talking to a human.

"I know," Dib said. "I know," "WELL IT'S TRUE!" Zim shouted. "Zim shut up," Dib said. "MAKE ME!" Zim yelled. "BOTH OF YOU SHUT UP AND GET ON WITH TI!" Gir shouted. EVERYONE in the room including the tallest looked at the robot awkwardly. While Gir seemed not to care how he looked right now.

"Well…..This is very awkward," Tallest red said. "We're signing off now," tallest purple announced soon the TV got black. "NOW GET YOUR HUMAN FILTH OUT OF MY HOUSE!" Zim shouted at Dib. "Give my camera back," Dib said to the robot standing beside him. "Nah I don't wanna!" Gir answered. "GIR! Give this disgusting human his camera back!" Zim ordered in a serious tone. "Yes my master!" Gir said as his eyes changed from sky blue to the S.I.R color of red. He handed Dib his camera then his eyes changed back to sky blue. 'YOUR WELCOME!" Gir yelled happily. 'Oh what am I gonna do with you Gir?" Zim asked pitifully. Gir shrugged. Dib stared at the two awkwardly for a while. "Okaaaay? Well I'll be going now…" Dib said as he ran for the door and quickly ran out. "Now I have to sanitize this whole room again…dang it," Zim said as he walked into the kitchen Gir followed him but sadly he smacked right into the wall. Zim appeared in front of him. "Gir you're a moron," Gir just laid there. "YAY!" he shouted. Zimjust shook his head. As he dragged Gir by his feet into the kitchen…..


Dib was running down the street to his house he saw his younger sister Gaz on the front porch. "Hey Gaz! Where's dad?" Dib asked Gaz shot Dib a angry glare. "Dib I am trying to focus on my puzzle SO DON'T DISTRACT ME!' she yelled. "Gaz I don't get you," Dib said as he stepped inside his house. "Nobody likes you!" Gaz shouted at him. "AW I KNOW THAT!" Dib shouted back. Gazsmirked "And your voice is stupid," she murmured. Once in his house Dib ran to his room and called the Swollen Eye Ball Network. "Agent Dark Booty! I tried to take some pictures of Zim's house but his robot thing took my camera and…." "Whoa Dib slow down what does this have to do with aliens?" Agent Dark Booty asked.

Dib eyed him. "Just let me finish," he said in a irritated tone. Agent Dark Booty sighed. "Okay….I guess I will be needing that pill," he murmured. "What?" Dib asked shocked. "Nothing! Just continue Agent Dib," Agent Dark Booty said afraid that Dib would find out what he was talking about. "Okay then. Well after the robot tookit from me I tried to get it back but it was fast soon his leaders called! And they refused to give me the coordination to their planet but….oh your right this is stupid," Dib said as he moaned putting his head on his desk.


Back and Zim's He contacted his leaders. "My tallest! Sorry for the interruption," Zim said.

Both tallest just stared at him. "Zim you interrupted," tallest red said. "I did! How? I just stopped him from gaining important info about us!" Zim yelled in defense. Tallest purple nodded. "Well, Zim we called earlier to tell you something but it seems we forgot what it was.." Zim eyed them. "Really! That sucks doesn't it?" he asked. Clearly he didn't get that they were lying. "Yes….yes it does," tallest red agreed. "You! Get me some dough nuts!" he yelled at a Irken worker. "Fine," the voice said. Somehow Zim recognized it. "Whose there?" Zim asked as he wanted to find out who was talking. "Zim you don't need to know," tallest red told him.

"Come on my tallest!," Zim begged. "I just need to know who was taking! ZIM must know!" he shouted. Both tallest cocked their eyebrows at him. "Sorry…." Zim said.

"Fine it was Tak," tallest red said. Zim looked shocked. "TAK! She's alive?" he asked.

"Yes I just got done telling you that," Tallest red said annoyed obviously.

"But isn't she an Invader?" Zim asked. "Yes….Zim she was," Tallest purple explained to the dumb Irken.

"Then why is she working for you!" Zim asked leaning on the chair he was sitting in.

"Zim…Shut up will ya!" Tallest red asked in a irritated tone. "Yes my tallest," Zim said quietly.

"Thank you!" both of them yelled in unison. Zim's antenna's rose. "Eh!" he asked confused.

"Shut up Zim," Tallest Red said. "Yes sorry my tallest," Zim said. "Now She was an invader but we caught her snooping around were she wasn't allowed," Tallest purple said. "Where!" Zim yelled-asked. (While all the other Irken's in the background looked confused as hell)

Tallest red rubbed his temples. "You tell him," he said to tallest purple. "Why should I?" Tallest purple asked. "BECAUSE! She's your daughter!" tallest red yelled at tallest purple. Zim looked shocked. "Wait…so your Tak's dad?" he asked tallest purple. Tallest purple nodded. "Yes. I am," he said annoyingly. "Wow…BUT WHERE WAS SHE SNOOPING! ZIM MUST KNOW!" Zim shouted like he was criminally insane again. "Zim do you always do that?" Tallest red asked. "Yes…." Zim answered looking at the ground showing shame.

"Okay! Tak was caught by her father snooping around the back entrance to the Massive when asked why first she lied but she was really there to steal our weapons," Tallest red said. "I thought you said I was going to tell it?" tallest purple asked. "Oh whoops forgot sorry," tallest red answered. Zim looked shocked. "Hey I was planning on doing that to.." "What!" both tallest asked. "NOTHING!" Zim shouted full of fear. "Okay" both tallest answered.

"So what was Tak's punishment! ZIM MUST….sorry," Zim said. "Thank you for not shouting like a banshee," Tallest red said. "Welcome," Zim said not knowing what a banshee was he decided he'd look it up later. "Well Tak got a week of cleaning and feeding us then she's going to clean Planet Dirt for another week she will not be permitted to say she's an invader because she no longer is," Tallest purple said in a serious tone.

Tak was in the background scowling as she mopped the Massive.

"We're so sorry Zim but we need to go," Tallest red said. "I understand," Zim said. As the tallest signed off. "You not sorry are you?" tallest purple asked tallest red. "NO WAY!" tallest red yelled as they laughed.

Zim was sitting in his chair shocked as all hell. "Tak? No longer an invader?" he asked himself. "YES!" he shouted finally. Gir ran in the room with a piggy. "GIR! We're going to visit Planet Dirt," Zim said. Gir looked confused "Planet Feces?" he asked. Zim looked at his S.I.R unit awkwardly. "No Gir does Dirt sound like feces?" Zim asked disgusted. Gir nodded as he hugged his piggy. Zim stared at Gir awkwardly once more. "Whatever let's go Gir!" he said stepping into the elevator with Gir following. "Dooty dooty dooty!" Gir sang in a low voice. Zim listened not really wanting to yell at Gir yet.. Soon a small ding sounded and the door opened. Zim stepped out with Gir followed "Dooty dooty dooty!" Gir sang in a low gruff voice. "Shut up Gir!" Zim yelled.

Once near his Flight Cruiser Zim hopped in with Gir but his piggy got stuck in the glass door. While Gir tried to pull it Zim was getting ready to take off. "St…u….pid piggy!" Gir yelled flustered. "Gir! Let it go man!" Zim yelled. Gir smacked his head on the glass. "That'll do…READY GIR!" Zim asked. As the cruiser rose to the sky he blasted off. Gir was still smacking his head on the glass once they were in space. "Gir would you stop doing that!" Zim yelled-asked. Gir looked at Zim. "NO It's fun!" he answered as he continued. "I'm gonna have to check your wiring again Gir," Zim said looking at his failed S.I.R unit. Gir's antenna went down showing he was sad. "Awe," he mumbled. "Too bad Gir," Zim said. "Hmm," Gir whined.

"I SAID TOO BAD!" Zim shouted. "Hmm," Gir said again. "Here it is! Planet Dirt!" Zim announced "YAYS PLANET FECES!" Gir yelled happily as he hugged his piggy that had no head. Zim shook his head. "Ok let's find somewhere to land," he said to himself. 'How about right there next to that girl!" Gir asked. "What girl?" Zim asked looking where Gir was pointing. Then he gasped. "It must be Tak!" he said. "Whose Tak?" Gir asked. "Never mind it Gir!" Zim yelled feeling hopeless to his robot. Slowly Zim landed his Flight Cruiser. He climbed out. "Get out here Gir!" Zim yelled at his robot. "And keep it quiet!" he whispered.

Gir saluted his master as his eyes changed from sky blue to the S.I.R unit color of red as he tried to climb out soon as his eyes changed back to sky blue he tripped and fell landing on Zim. "Ugh! Gir get off of me!' Zim yelped. "I'm trying master!" Gir yelled as he finally got up. "Gir you nearly made me puke…bad Gir," Zim scolded. "Hmm," Gir said in a sad tone.

"I see you had not problem in coming here to annoy me," as voice from behind Zim said. Zim quickly turned around "Tak! You've grown," Zim said. Tak stared at Zim awkwardly.

"I don't know how to respond to that," she said. "Easy! You don't!" Gir shouted. Tak shook her head. "So why did you come out here? To mock me?" she asked Zim. "No Tak I didn't come for such none sense I came to ask you why you were sneaking around the Massive," Zim said calmly.

"Well you know I'm not going to answer you OF ALL People," Tak answered. Zim looked instantly defeated. "Ok If you wish to play rough," Zim said. "Rough?" Tak said shocked. "Not the point Tak…The point is I know your lying ZIM CAN SENSE LIES!...sorry," Zim apologized. Tak stared at him. "I'm getting bored!" Gir shouted. Both Irken's stared at the robot. "Shut up Gir! I mean it!" Zim shouted. "Hmm!" Gir whined.

"So what do you want Zim?" Tak asked "I can't talk much longer or I'll get in more trouble," she stated.

"Since when do you care about weather or not you get in trouble?" Zim asked shocked.

"Since my dad found out what I was doing," Tak answered quickly shifting her vision to the right.

Zim sensed her distress and no longer felt like yelling like a deranged lunatic. "What did he see you doing?" he asked. Gir was sure this wasn't going to get any better even he realized that and he was dumb!.

So he walked away without them noticing. "Well…I don't wanna talk about it," Tak said as she continued to mop. Zim threw Tak's mop. "I'm serious!" he yelled. "So AM I!" Tak shouted. Zim shook his head. "Come on Gir!: he ordered. But he realized Gir wasn't around. "Where is he?" he wondered. "GIR!" Zim shouted. "GIR!" he shouted this time falling to his knees. Gir finally appeared "What?" he asked. Zim quickly got up. "Gir your bad.." he said. "AWE COME ON!" Gir shouted. "I meant Hmm," he quickly said. Zim stared at Gir awkwardly "Gir you make no sense!" Zim shouted. "YAYS!" Gir shouted happily. Zim just hopped in his Flight Cruiser Gir just stood their hugging his piggy. "GIR GET IN!" Zim shouted. "OH!" Gir said quickly hopping in before the hatch closed. Zim did feel a little bad leaving Tak there as they blasted off heading for home. Zim was still a little shocked about what happened between him and Tak. As they landed in Zim's house, Gir hopped out falling down again. Zim just stared at him. "Gir what's wrong with you!" he asked. Gir just shrugged. "Okaaaay? I'll be working in the lab so don't bother me!" he said as he put Gir in the elevator.

"But.." Sadly Gir didn't have a chance to say what he wanted to say the door closed too fast. "Phew," Zim said leaning against it. "I don't know how that happened," he mumbled to himself. "Hey master! Look what I can make this piggy do!" Gir said walking into the lab. Zim turned around "Gir what the hell are you doing?" he asked. "I don't know," Gir answered. "Um yeah okay Gir go clean the living room," Zim ordered. "Yes my master!" Gir said as his eyes changed from sky blue to the S.I.R unit color of red. He went back upstairs. "Wow I never thought I'd get rid of him!" Zim said to himself. "MASTER I HAS CUPCAKES!" Gir yelled from the kitchen. Zim rolled his eyes. "GIR! I SAID FUCKING SHUT UP!" he shouted. Just as the tallest called him again. "I see you're shouting like a deranged psychotic moron again Zim," Tallest Red said. Zim quickly turned to the screen. "Sorry my tallest I was yelling at Gir," Zim said calmly

"Tak told me what happened," Tallest Purple said. Zim grew nervous did she tell him that she and Zim accidentally kissed?. "WHAT!" Zim shouted full of shock. "WHOA! Calm down Zim! You're not in any kind of trouble! She just said you tried to calm her down and that's when we noticed we were to hard on her so she's allowed to go to earth now," Tallest Red said.

"Oh phew…WAIT WHAT! Tak's coming to earth!" Zim yelled-asked. "Yes I just freakin' told you that," Tallest Red said annoyingly. Just then there was a knock on the door. "GIR DON'T OPEN THAT!" Zim shouted running back up stairs. But once Zim got to the living room he saw Tak and MiMi on the couch. "Hey Tak nice surprise," Zim said. "I don't get you," Tak said crossing her arms. "Gir I told you not to answer the door!" Zim yelled at his S.I.R unit Gir stood there as tears formed in his eyes. "AWE But I like Tak!" he said. "Too bad Gir," Zim stated firmly. "Hmm," Gir whined. "Awe come on do you always need to be mean to him?" Tak asked. "No not always," Zim admitted. "I knew it," Tak said. "Wait what?" Zim asked. "Nothing you can prove," Tak stated. "Um Okaaaay?" Zim said confused. Tak rolled her eyes. Just then there was another knock on the door this time MiMi answered it. "Hey is…Wait MiMi?" Dib asked shocked. "YOU!" Zim asked. "ZIM! Guess what? Wait…Tak?" Dib asked. "What's going on here?" he asked forming a smile. "Nothing you filthy human," Zim said. "Then why is Tak in your living room?" Dib asked. "I don't know," Zim said. Dib rolled his eyes. "Oh of course you know you lik…." "WHOA! Hold it I still hate her!" Zim said before Dib could finish. "And I still hate Zim," Tak said as she walked over to them. "I will catch you in the act I WILL!" Dib shouted. "Yeah good luck with that," Zim said. "HA No you need the luck!" Dib shouted. "Oh for the love of…" Tak said as she pushed Dib out of the door was and slammed the door. "Hey that wasn't nice Tak!" Dib shouted getting to his feet outside. "Tak's back?" Gaz asked walking up to her insane older brother. "Yeah and I have a feeling she likes Zim," Dib told Gaz. "Yuck alien love," Gaz said shivering. "I'm thinking the same thing Gaz!" Dib said. "Shut up Dib your going to wake the pit bull," Gaz said. "Wait what?" Dib asked shocked. "Opps I think I accidentally woke him," Gaz said.

The pit bull started chasing Dib as he ran down the street screaming "Mid Evil Dog!"

Gaz shrugged and continued to play her video game.

Back in Zim's house Gir was watching TV Zim was getting something to drink while Tak sat on the couch with MiMi by her side. "MiMi go check on Zim. Maybe he drowned in the sink," Tak said almost laughing. "I DID NOT!" Zim shouted from the kitchen.

"Oh man," Tak murmured. "At least get me something to drink!" she said pretty loud cause Zim heard her. "What's the magic word?" he asked from the kitchen. "Get me something to drink before I bite your hand off," Tak said in an aggressive voice. "Okay that's good enough," Zim said from the kitchen. "Thank ya," Tak said resting her head on the back of the couch. "Yeah whatever," Zim said. "What?" Tak asked sounding like she was about to kill someone. "I mean your welcome," Zim said. "That's better," Tak said. "Try this smoothie thing," Zim said walking back into the living room sitting down on the couch but far from Tak. "Well give me the freaking thing," Tak said. "Say…Never mind here,' Zim said handing her the glass. Tak slowly to a sip. "It's not bad," she admitted. "TAK! Look it's Dib!" Gir shouted. "I'll deal with this," Tak said putting the drink down putting on her disguise opening the front door all Zim and Gir heard was. "No Tak get away! HELP!" Dib shouted "SHUT UP DIB!" Tak shouted. "She's a wild one," Zim said to Gir as Gir nodded in agreement. "OWE! THAT'S MY SPLEEN!" Dib shouted. "Good I hope I break it!" Tak shouted. 'YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT A SPLEEN IS!" Dib shouted. "Don't need to," Tak said calmly. "What do you mean?" Dib asked. "You know what I mean," Tak said.

"No I don't," Dib said. Tak sighed fighting the deep pain in her abdomen. " Your seriously dumb," she finally said. "Tak? You look like your in pain what's wrong?" Dib asked. "Oh since when did you care?" Tak asked. "I don't" "Ugh," Tak moaned walking back into Zim's house. "Hey Tak I…." "I'm in a bad mood," Tak mumbled sitting down on the couch rather quick. "Oh," Zim said confused "Okay then.." "Are you going to finish your smoothie?" Zim asked. Tak glanced at the smoothie on the counter. "No," she said fighting the urge to puke. "Okay Gir drink it!" Zim ordered. "WHY!" Gir shouted. "Stop yelling please!" Tak shouted. Gir and Zim eyed her. "Tak you never say please!" Zim said. "Well I just did," she stated. "What's wrong?" Zim asked. Sitting down beside her. "Could you move?" Tak asked. But Zim didn't move a muscle. "I'm not moving until you tell me what's wrong," he state firmly. "Oh god," Tak murmured. "Do you want me to puke on you?" Tak asked. "OH MY GOD NO!" Zim screamed. He quickly moved. "GIR!" "YES MY MASTER!" Gir said as his eyes changed from sky blue to the S.I.R unit color of red. "Get a bucket!" Zim said in a demanding voice. "OKAY!" Gir shouted running into the kitchen. "There is something wrong with that thing," Tak mumbled. "Yeah I know," Zim said halfheartedly. MiMi meowed softly like she was saying "WTF?"

"MiMi go to a different room," Tak ordered. MiMi jumped from the couch and walked outside. "Uh that's not a room but that'll do," Tak said. "GOT IT!" Gir shouted running back in but he tripped and the bucket flew across the room and landed right in front of Tak. "Hey whatta know it likes you," Zim said. "Owe," Gir said getting up and hopping over. "Gir get lost!" Zim shouted. "YES MY MASTER!" Gir shouted has he jumped out the window. Tak and Zim eyed the broken window for a moment. "Oh god…" "I know Gir is seriously dumb!" Zim said not knowing why Tak said that. "No I didn't mean that," Tak said. "Oh!" Zim said moving the bucket a tad closer to Tak. "You know if Gir would've tripped any closer it would have been prefect?" Zim asked trying to lighten Tak's mood. "Yeah that is really nice Zi…Urp," Tak started to say before she started throwing up. "This is wrong," Zim said watching her. "You ok?" he asked when she was done. "Urp," "I guess not," Zim said. "Yeah I'm done," Tak said. "Ewe I gotta find Gir," Zim said "GIR!" he shouted soon Gir broke the other window. "YES MY MASTER!" he said as his eyes changed from sky blue to the S.I.R unit color of red. "CLEAN IT UP!" Zim shouted. "MAKE ME! OKAY!" Gir yelled picking up the bucket and running into the kitchen once again,

"Does he have to break all the windows in the house?" Tak asked resting her stomach. "I don't even want to think about that…Need a mint?" Zim asked handing her a mint. "What will this do?" she asked. "Settle your stomach and get the nasty taste out," Zim answered recalling when he got sick. "Give it," Tak ordered. "Here ya go," he said as Tak popped it in her mouth. "Minty," she said. "Yeah I know," Zim said. For some odd reason he put his arms around Tak's shoulders. "What are you doing!" Tak yelled-asked. "What? OH MY GOD!" Zim shouted falling to the floor. "Hey I liked that," Tak said. Laughing Zim got to his feet. "Hmm," he said sitting back down next to Tak he put his arms around her waist. Tak smirked. "Your making me feel different Zim,"

"Different how?" Zim asked. "I don't know," Tak replied putting her arms around Zim's waist and moaning in pain some. "You alright?" Zim asked. "No my stomach is killing me!" Tal whined near tears. "Awe don't cry," Zim said hugging her softly. "I-I wasn't gonna cry," Tak said fighting the tears. She wasn't used to feeling so safe and happy with Zim he was the one who ruined her chance at becoming an Irken Invader.

"You can cry," Zim said. Tak started to sob softly in Zim's arms. As Zim slowly rubbed her back.

That's when the Tallest called to check in on Tak. "Well this is a rare sight," Tallest Red said seeing Zim hugging Tak. "Hello My tallest," Zim said feeling kind of embarrassed. "Why are you hugging her?" Tallest Purple asked.

"Um…I-I don't know," Zim answered. "Wait is she crying?" Tallest Purple asked noticing his daughters distress. "Uh yeah," Zim answered. "Why?" Tallest Purple asked. "I don't know ask her!" Zim shouted. "AH!" Tak shouted scared that Zim shouted like that. "Oh whoops," Zim said slyly. "Tak why are you crying?" Tallest Purple asked. Tak faced the screen seeing her father. "I'm not telling you you'd never understand," she answered. "EVERYONE OUT!" Tallest Purple ordered. "You serious?" Tallest Red asked. "She's my daughter! I've kept it a secret and my dumbness a secret for 40 years its about time I revival I'm not dumb and Tak or Takiah is my daughter!" Tallest Purple shouted so all the Irken's below heard They all gasped even Zim and Takgasped. "Dad your not stupid?" Tak asked shocked. "YOUR FULL NAME IS TAKIAH?" Zim shouted-asked. 'YOUR TAK'S DADDY!" Girshouted-asked "Yes I'm not stupid," Tallest Purple replied. "Zim you should've known that," Taksaid with s smirk her eyes still wet from crying previously. "And yes stupid thing," Tallest Purple replied to Gir's question. "Tak sweet heart please tell me what's bothering you.. Is it your mom?" Tallest Purple asked. "My mom?" Tak asked shocked. 'God Oh shit okay you were born naturally Tak I lied to you about you being an accident in the Birthing Facility your mom died shortly after you were born so I had to care for you myself," Tallest Purple said. "I was born naturally?" Tak asked not getting what her dad meant. "Yes me and your mother had sex you happy now?" Tallest Purple asked.

"OH MY GOD!" Zim shouted. "What!" Tak shouted. "Zim please!" Tallest Purple yelled. "Yes sorry my tallest," Zim said sitting back down clam like. "Dad why didn't you tell me?" Tak asked. "I'm sorry honey I just couldn't," Tallest Purple replied. "You hate me how can you call me honey?" Tak asked.

"Tak! I love you I don't hate you," Tallest Purple said. "You should've been an Invader but I was the one who told Zim to mess up your chance baby I'm sorry," Tallest Purple said.

"YOU Told Zim to ruin my chance? Dad how could you!" Tak shouted furious with rage.

"Don't worry check your PAK," Tallest Purple said. "Um okay," Tak said pressing a button on her PAK'S bottom and it came off she pressed a button on the back it said She was INDEED and Invader. "I'm an Invader now?" Tak asked. Looking at her dad. He nodded. "But how did you…" "I changed it when you fell asleep," Tallest Purple answered.

She quickly put it back on. "And your mother was a demon Irken so your half normal Irken and half demon," Tallest Purple said. 'I am?" Tak asked shocked. "She is?" Zim asked. "Shut up Zim. And yes you are Takiah," Tallest Purple said. "Why do you think you only have my genes?" he asked. "Because you and mom were both purple?" Tak asked. "YES!" Tallest Purple said happily. "Dad why didn't you tell me sooner?" Tak asked. "I just couldn't honey I couldn't risk the Security Drone's taking you away from me," Tallest Purple replied. "You were my everything Tak," he finished. "I'm so confused," Tak said falling to her knees sobbing once again. "Awe don't cry baby I'll tell you more," Tallest Purple said quickly. "Birthing Irken's naturally is illegal here so if anyone found out I'd loose my Tallest Role and you would be killed," Tallest Purple said. "Now I get it…..So if anyone found out you wouldn't be a tallest?" Tak asked. Tallest Purple nodded checking if anyone was still around he sighed when he saw no one and all the doors were locked. "Your also a princess Tak," he whispered. "Wait I am?" Tak asked. "Yes your mom was queen of the Irken Empire the first ever queen," Tallest Purple said. Zim was in the background with his head on the arm of the couch blushing.

"Yes Tak if anyone found out that I would be killed and you'd be sent to Irken Prison raped and murdered oh sorry," Tallest Purple said. "WHAT!" Tak shouted. "Male Irken's go nuts over female princess Irken's," Tallest Purple said. "You can't wear a crown," he finished. "I know why," Tak said getting to her feet. "I'm sorry honey I couldn't tell you back then," Tallest Purple said. "So I'm a princess and no one else knows?" Tak asked. Tallest Purple nodded. "I'll take good care of your daughter," Zim said stepping into view. "Zim you hate her," Tallest Purple said. "I did until I found out she was a princess," Zim answered. "See? What did I tell ya?" Tallest Purple asked. Tak stepped to the right a little. 'Don't worry I don't want to rape you," Zim said. "Yeah your telling me now," Tak said she wasn't prepared to be told she was born naturally let alone to learn she was a princess. Zim rolled his eyes. "Come on I like you," he said forcing those words out. "You like me?" Tak asked blushing some. Zim nodded with a smile of truth. "So should we date…." "No I mean if you want," Zim replied. "That sounds fun," Tak said. Zim blushed. "O-Okay," he said. "Yeah," Tak said. Zim was three inches from Tak's lips soon for some odd reason Zim kissed her on the lips Tak did the same. "I never thought I'd see this odd couple," Tallest Purple said. "Oh sorry," Zim said stepping back thinking Tak was going to puke or seriously hurt him.

"Your sorry? That was great!" Tak said smiling. "Wait it was?" Zim asked shocked. "You two were meant for each other," Tallest Purple said. "Dad is there something else you forgot to tell us?" Tak asked crossing her arms. "Oh Zim we lied to you about you being a accident to you were born in the Birthing Facility but we made you on purpose we needed someone to pair up with Tak," Tallest Purple said.

"Really?" Zim asked shocked. Tallest Purple nodded. "Yes Zim," "Wow we both were lied to," Tak said. "Tak sweet heart I am truly sorry you have to understand I couldn't risk loosing you! You were a miracle baby Tak you were meant to be alive and told your future as queen," Tallest Purple said. "I understand dad," Tak said shifting her vision to the two windows Gir broke. "Who broke the windows?" Tallest Purple. Asked. "Gir did my tallest,"

Zim said crossing his arms. "Oh and we gave you the stupid old version of the S.I.R unit on purpose to because if it was smart it would've told the Irken Police Drone's already," Tallest Purple said. "I did not know that," Zim said. "Well now you do," Tak said. "Yes of course," Zim agreed. "Okay I need to go know take good care of my daughter don't let anything bad happen to her or you'll be the one whose on death row!" Tallest Purple told Zim. "YES MY TALLEST!" Zim said saluting him. "Zim you're an Invader now to you needed to be one," Tallest Purple told Zim before he signed off. Zim looked shocked. "What in the name of…" Tak stared at him awkwardly.

"MiMi go find Gir," she ordered. MiMi disappeared. "I take it she's looking?" Zim asked.

"Yeah," Tak replied. 'Balls of cheese!" Zim shouted for no reason. "What?" Tak asked.

"Um...I can explain," Zim said laughing. "MASTER DIB'S ROLLING DOWN THE STREET IN A WHEELCHAIR!" Gir shouted MiMi beside him.

"Awe I think MiMi has a crush to," Tak said. "Wait ewe!" Zim just eyed her.

"Gir! stop the hideous thing!" he ordered. "MiMi help Gir," Tak ordered. MiMi and Gir waited for Dib but sadly Dib;s wheelchair hit a rock and he went flying into a tree.

"Oh my god..." he mumbled MiMi shook her head. Tak put on her disguise and walked outside over to Dib. "MiMi get your butt over here!" she ordered. "Tak get your alien hands away from me!" Dib shouted. "Oh you expect me to care?" Tak asked. "No Tak," Dib answered. Tak kicked Dib in the side. " Don't spy on us or I'll rip all your organs out!" she shouted. "I'd rather rip your organs out your a female Irken people would love to see what's inside of you," Dib said smirking evilly. "WHAT!" Tak shouted full of fear and shock.

"You heard me," Dib said. "You will pay for that Dib," Tak said. "Try me," Dib said. "Tak? what are you doing? NO DON'T KICK ME!" Dib shouted but to his dismay Tak kicked him so hard he broke the biggest window on Zim's house. "AWE COME ON!" Zim shouted in dismay. "I say whoops," Tak said. ""OUCH!" Dib shouted. "Hey I'm in Zim's house," he said noiticing. "Hey Zim I know you like Tak," Dib said. "NO I DON'T!" Zim shouted kicking Dib out the door. "AWE COME ON!" Dib shouted. Tak stepped on Dib's face as she walked back into Zim's house.

"Ewe! try taking a...OUCH!" Dib shouted as Tak kicked him in the stomach. "Shut up before I stomp on you to death!" Tak shouted. "Try me," Dib said. "Gladly," Tak said stepping on his stomach again. "OUCH!," Dib moaned.

"Is that the best you got?" Dib asked. Tak kicked him in the chest. "OHH! WHAT'S GOTTEN INTO YOU TAK!" he shouted. "I AIN'T TELLING YOU!" Tak shouted kicking him in the stomach again.

"Hey can I join?" Gaz asked. Zim and Gir and MiMi were laughing in the background. "Knock yourself out kid," Tak answered. Gaz stepped on Dib's stomach. "OUCH GAZ!" Dib shouted.

Soon Dib kicked Tak in the stomach on accident. "OUCH!" she moaned falling to her knees. "Tak?" Dib asked Even Zim Gir and MiMi walked over to her. "You are so dead," Tak said with tears in her eyes.

"Are you crying?" Dib asked. "NO!" Tak shouted kicking Dib in the face and walking back into Zim's house. "MIMI! GET THE BIG HEADED KID!" Tak ordered in a faint voice. "MY HEAD ISN'T BIG!" Dib shouted from outside.

"YES IT IS!" Tak shouted back. "AWE BUTTER BISCUITS!" Dib shouted. As MiMi walked over to Dib. "Uh hi how are you?" Dib asked. "No please.. don't!" MiMi eyed him as she drop kicked him. "AAH!" Dib screaming as he went flying.

"Tak are you okay?" Zim asked. "Yeah I think," Tak said. "Is she.." "NOO!" Zim shouted. "So you guys didn't have.." "NOO!" Zim said slamming the door in a random old mans face. "Wow nice master!" Gir shouted.

"Go get lost Gir," Zim ordered. Gir jumped out the already broken window. "Tak are you sure your ok?" Zim asked. "Yeah don't worry about me," Tak said taking her disugise off. "Okay I'll be back," Zim said walking into the kitchen. "NO! my disugise isn't working proporly!" Tak shouted. "Let me see," Zim said. So Tak tried to put her disugise on but it only stayed on for a minute before she was forced to turn back to her Irken form. "If I keep it on to long it'll hurt me," Tak said. "Don't worry Tak I'll fix it for you," Zim said. "Give me your disugise," Zim said as Tak handed him a belt she was wearing. "So that's just a belt?" Zim asked. "Yes now fix it please," Tak said. "On it Gir! keep her happy!" Zim ordered going to the labs. "YES MY MASTER!" Gir shouted happily.

"Help me," Tak moaned. "Don't worry!" Gir yelled. "I'd rather lay down," Tak said trying not to hurt the robots feelings. "OKAY!" Gir shouted sitting down on the floor and watching TV. "Wow that was easy," Tak said with a smirk. "Doody doody doody doody..." "Don't even start," Tak said. Gir shrugged as he continued to watch TV. "God why am I even here?" Tak asked. "Okay I fixed it but you won't be able to wear it for 24 hours," Zim said walking back into the living room.

"Just my luck," Tak moaned. "Awe don't worry you'll be safe here," Zim told her. "Thank you for all the help Zim really I thought you'd kick me out," Tak said with a smirk. "Nah I kind of like you now," Zim said. "Nice," Tak said. "Yeah I didn't really expect you to understand that," Zim said.

"So why are you still staring at me?" Tak asked. "Um sorry I better go clean up Dib's blood," Zim said "CAN I DRINK IT?" Gir yelled-asked. "WHAT! NO GIR!" Zim shouted. "Hmm," Gir whined. "Oh fine you can," Zim said.

"YAYS!" Gir shouted jumping on Dib's blood and drinking it. "Uh does he always do that?" Tak asked. "Yes," Zim answered. "That's disgusting," Tak said. "Yes it is isn't it?" Zim asked. "YUMMY! IT'S DIET BLOOD!" Gir shouted.

"Diet Blood?" Tak asked looking at Zim. All Zim did was shrug. "He's on crack...I mean Robot Dope," Zim answered. "GIR! STOP LICKING THE BLOOD!" Zim shouted. "NEVER!" Gir shouted back. "WHAT!" Zim shouted.

"This'll get worse before it gets better," Tak mumbled. "I like cookies," Gir said as he stopping licking Dib's blood. "Gir you give me heartburn," Zim said. "YAYS!' Gir shouted. "THAT'S NOT GOOD GIR!" Zim shouted.

"Why are you fighting?" Tak asked. "I don't know.. Gir's stupid!" Zim yelled. "I can see that," Tak said. "Yea," Zim said as Gir tripped on nothing. and landed below Zim's feet. "HI MASTER!" Gir shouted.

"Hello Gir why don't you go do something usefull...Uh..." "You can keep and eye on Dib," Tak budded in. "Yes do what Tak said," Zim ordered. "YES MY MASTER!" Gir said as he eyes changed from sky blue to the S.I.R unit color red. he jumped out the already broken window.

"Why doesn't he just use the door?" Tak asked. "I don't know," Zim answered.

Meanwhile: Gir was watching Dib work on his homework. "HI!" Gir shouted. "AH! YOU! What are you doing here?" Dib asked. "I don't know wanna taco?" Gir asked holding up a taco. "Um no thanks," Dib answered.

"WHY?" Gir asked. "Because I hate tacos and I hate you," Dib answered. Gir's antenna drooped "Why do you hate me?" he asked. "I don't know! Just get lost!" Dib shouted. "OKAY!" Gir shouted walking back up the street.

Meanwhile: At Zim's House.

"What are we watching?" Tak asked. "I have no idea," Zim answered. "Oh...that's real smart," Tak said. "I know its not," Zim said. "Do you ever think about it?" Tak asked. "Think about what?" Zim asked. "You know when we..." "Just stop right there...Ok I do," Zim said. "You don't even know what I was going to say," Tak said crossing her arms. "Yes I did," Zim stated. "Okay matter dropped MiMi go find Gir!" Tak ordered. MiMi appeared in the room her eyes narrowed like she was saying "Boo," "MiMi how bad can it be?" Tak asked. "Very," MiMi answered. "WAIT! SHE CAN TALK?" Zim asked shocked.

"Oh yes she can forgot to tell you," Tak replied not expecting that as Zim's reaction. "Yes ZimI can talk and let me just say something you are very annoying and stupid," MiMi said. "Awe she's not nice," Zim said.

Tak laughed. "I didn't program her that way," she said. "Just do what your mistress says," Zim said to MiMi. "ZIM'S A BISEXUAL!" MiMi shouted running out of the room. 'I AM NOT MIMI!" Zim shouted at the top of his lungs.

Tak was laughing. "Boy MiMi's funnier than I remember," she said. "That wasn't funny Tak," Zim said crossing his arms. "Found Gir," MiMi said. "Well where is he?" Zim asked. "In the garbage can," MiMi answered.

"Garbage?" Tak asked. MiMi nodded. "Why is he in there?" Zim asked. "He said he had a gift for me," MiMi answered in disgust. "MiMi don't be rude," Tak said. "HOW CAN I NOT BE!" MiMi shouted.

"God calm down it's not like he's going to give you a...Oh nevermind," Tak said seeing a dead body by the garbage can and Gir standing next to it. "What did he A DEAD BODY!" MiMi shouted. She turned into her shadow form and left the room.

"Awe she didn't like it," Gir said. "Don't worry Gir maybe she just hates you like everyone else does," Zim said. "Wow how is that supossed to make him feel better?" Tak asked. "Ssh," Zim said.

"Want it?" Gir asked.

"WHAT! NO GIR!" Zim shouted. "AWE!" "WAIT! I know who wants it Gir," Tak said grinning evilly. "Who?" Gir asked. "DIB," Tak answered. "OKAY!" Gir shouted running out the door with the dead body.

Next Morning:

Dib walked outside to get the newspaper but he smelt something disgusting. "Oh god what's that A DEAD BODY!" he shouted-asked. "Real mature Zim," Dib mumbled. "Nice gift," Gaz said walking passed him.

"Gaz it's a dead body," Dib stated. "I know your the type of person that would get a gift like that," Gaz replied. "Awe I am?" Dib asked in dismay "Yep," Gaz answered. "Poop," Dib said.

Soon Dib saw Zim Tak MiMi and Gir walking down the street. "ZIM! I know you gave me this!" Dib shouted holding up a dead body. "No Gir and MiMi gave it to you," Tak answered.

"What do you expect me to do with a dead corpse like body?" Dib asked. "I don't know play jump rope with the thing!" Zim yelled. "WHAT? Ewe no way!" Dib shouted.

"You suck Dib," MiMi said. "Wait she can talk?" Dib asked Tak. "No chizz dip thong," Tak answered. "Dip thong?" Dib asked. "It's your face," Gaz said walking passed them. "Your voices make me sick," she stated.

"Yeah yeah that's not important," Zim said. "It's not my face Gaz," Dib said firmly. "Really?" Gazasked. "Your really stupid," Tak said. "Hey! You expect me to cry over that?" Dib asked. "No this..MiMi plow drive him," Tak ordered. "What?" Dib asked As MiMi quickly changed to her S.I.R form used her extendable arm to plow drive Dib into his house then she quickly changed back into her cat disugise.

"OUCH!" Dib moaned. "Oh I'm sorry.. Oh wait no I'm not," Tak said. "I've always wanted to do that." MiMi said that's when everyone eyed her. "What?" she asked. "Nothing MiMi," Tak said to break the silence.

"You guys make me sick," MiMi said. "Don't talk that way to your mistress!" Tak shouted. "Oh whoops I meant four guys and one girl," MiMi said. "Who the girl?" Dib asked. "You," MiMi answered. "WHAT!" Dib shouted.

"Heheyour stupid," MiMi said. "Hey that's not nice," Dib said. "She doesn't seem to care Dib," Tak said. "I can see that," Dib said sowly getting to his feet. "What are you going to do? Cry to you daddy?" Tak asked.

"Won't you?" Dib asked. "What?" Tak asked. "I saw the message the purple dude said and I recorded it..I am about to show it to everyone on the web," Dib said. "No you can't!" Tak shoiuted. "Oh yes I can," Dib answered.

"MiMi get that camera from him!" Tak ordered. MiMi attacked Dib and broke his camera. "Awe..." Dibsaid. "You stupid humans need no brains," Tak said. "That's nice Tak we should really get going," Zim said.

"What? where are we going?" Tak asked. "I don't know but I don't think what MiMi did was smart," Zimanswered. "She's not stupid Zim," Tak stated. "Oh you two aren't even Invader's why are you here Tak?" Dib asked.

"Why? I'm just here to get a break from Planet Dirt," Tak answered. "So you snuck away again? How much trouble did you get in for sneaking away the first time?" Gaz asked. "Alot...I had to clean up the Massive and Planet Dirt for a month," Tak answered.

"So why did you sneak away this time?" Dib asked. "I didn't sneak away," Tak corrected Dib. "Your not an Invader so you must've snuck away," Dib stated. "I didn't sneak away! the Tallest wanted me to have a break!" Tak shouted.

"Oh Dibwhy are you so freakin' stupid?" MiMi asked. "Why are you so rude?" Dib asked MiMi. MiMi shrugged. "Okay whatever," Dib said crossing his arms. "I will expose you two!" he yelled.

"SHUT UP AND GET ON WITH IT!" Gir shouted. everyone eyed him awkwardly. "Zim I think there's something wrong with your robot," Gaz said not taking her eyes off of her game.

"Yeah I already knew that," Zim corrected her. "He tried to give me a dead body," MiMi said. that's when everyone eyed her awkwardly. "Oh my god is that all you can do!" MiMi shouted-asked.

"Sorry MiMi you are just unpredictable," Tak said. "Tak what'll happen if I tell the Tallest your here?" Dib asked. "They'd say so?" Tak stated. "Oh..okay what if I tell them..." "Dib just shut up! You don't need to ask me this pointless stuff because I don't wanna here it!" Tak shouted.

"Awe," Dib said "I'm going back inside," he stated opening the front door and walking in. "I wish someone would just kill my brother," Gaz said walking in after him.

"Us to," Zim and Tak said together. "Me to!" MiMi said. "ME THREE!" Gir shouted. "Now where should we go?" Tak asked Zim. "Uh. We can go to the new Cafe.." Zim said. "That'll be good," Tak said as she started walking with MiMi by her side.

"Why doesn't Dib go to Summer School?" Tak asked. "He claims it's because he's so smart," Zim answered. "BUT HE ISN'T! HE FAILS AT EVERYTHING!...Sorry," Zim said. "Yeah okay," Tak said laughing.

"Why are we evening hanging around these..." But poor MiMi didn't get a chance to finish her sentence because Tak pushed her out in front of a BUS! "I freakin' hate you!" MiMi shouted.

"Tak why did you do that?" Zim asked. "She's malfunctioning," Tak answered. "How can you tell?" Zim asked. "Her eyes gave it away when she plow drived Dib into his house," Tak answered.

Soon MiMi caught up with them. "I hate you!" she shouted at Tak. "MiMi that was for you own good," Tak stated. "Oh yes I saw that to!" Zim shouted. "Yeah no you didn't," Tak said with a smirk.

Soon Tak MiMi Gir and Zim where sitting outside of the Cafe drinking tea. "MiMi what are you doing?" Gir asked. " TRYING TO GET AWAY FROM YOU!" MiMi shouted running underneath the table. "Awe you love me!" Gir said chasing her.

"HEEELP!" MiMi shouted. "MiMi cat's don't talk," Tak pointed out. "WHO CARES!" MiMi shouted-asked. "Your S.I.R is rather nice," Zim said taking a sip of tea. "Yeah she hates earth," Tak stated as she took a sip of tea.

"GIR! Get me some more sugar!" Zim shouted. "YES MY MASTER!" Gir shouted as he ran back into the Cafe. "I NEED MORE SUGAR! I NEEDS SOME MORE SUGAR!" Gir shouted. "Here you go," the lady at the counter said handing him some sugar.

"THANKS!" Gir shouted running back out. "HERE'S YOUR SUGAR!" Gir shouted handing it to his master. "Thank you Gir now get hit by a bus," Zim ordered. "YAY!" Gir shouted running out in the middle of the street as a BUS came flying down the rode and it hit him head on!

"Let me guess you had enough of him?" Tak asked laughing. "No he was malfunctioning," Zim answered. "Yeah why are you staring at me again?" Tak asked. "Uh. sorry more tea?" Zim asked.

"Yeah sure," Tak said. As Zim pured some tea into her cup. "Look it's Dib," Tak said. "Oh god somebody help me," Zim moaned. "ZIM! I should've known! Your dating Tak!" Dib shouted. "NO I AM NOT! INVADERS NEED NO ONE!" Zim screamed.

"He isn't dating me," Tak stated. "Yes you are! I've seen you kiss...I mean hi want some cookies? my treat," Dib said. "WHAT!" Zim screamed at the top of his lungs. "MIMI PLOW DRIVE HIM!" Tak screamed. As MiMI quickly changed to her S.I.R form and used her extendable arm to plow drive Dib into the Cafe as she quicker than before changed back into her cat form. "Meeow," MiMi said.

"Ohh ouch I think you broke my spleen," Dib moaned. "Dib it's a organ you can't break it I ruptured it," Tak stated. "AWE WHO CARES!" Dib screamed as he slowly got to his feet. "Yeah that hurts," he moaned.

"Wow who cares about that?" Tak asked. "I WASN'T ASKING ANYONE IF THEY CARED!" Dib shouted. As MiMi pushed him out in the middle of the street and a BUS hit him head on! "Nice MiMi how did you know there was a bus coming?" Tak asked.

"I can sense it," MiMi answered. "Riiight," Tak said taking another sip of her tea as Zim did the same. "Well he's gone for awhile," Zim stated. "Yeah not soon eough," Tak said. "Hey Tak there's a sea shore not to far away from here want to you know sit on the dock?" Zim asked.

"Awe that sounds nice sure," Tak said. Zim got down from his chair with Tak and MiMi following (Remember Gir got hit by a BUS)

"The sky looks pretty," Tak stated looking up at the sky for a moment then at Zim. "Yeah blue yellow pink and orange are nice colors," Zim said. "I really wasn't expecting you to say the colors that where in the sky," Tak said giggling.

"Oh sorry," Zim said. "No it's fine your funny that way," Tak said. "I am? I mean of course I am!" Zim shouted. "Yeah you are quite the crazy one," Tak said. As the ocean came into view. "I see the bay," MiMi said.

"Yes thank you MiMi we're not blind," Tak said. "I was just saying," MiMi said as her Zim Tak walked along the dock. "Look the horizon looks pretty," Tak said. "Yes it does doesn't it?" Zim asked. as he sat down at the edge of the dock with Tak beside him.

"So why are we even hanging out like this?" Tak asked. "Well I don't think we were meant to be enemy's," Zim answered. "Yeah me either," Tak agreed. "I think I was supossed to blow up when the bus hit me," MiMi said.

"No you weren't," Tak stated. "Butternut," MiMi moaned. "So why are you still holding my hand?" Tak asked. "Uh sorry I wasn't paying attention," Zim said blushing some. "Awe who loves Tak?" MiMi asked.

"Shut up MiMi," Tak said. "Yeah do what your mistess says," Zim told MiMi. "MAYBE I DON'T FEEL LIKE IT!" MiMi shouted. "Sorry," "Yeah MiMi what's wrong with you?" Tak asked. "I don't know," MiMi said.

"Okay then," Zim said looking confused. "It's getting late we should get going," Tak said. "Yeah your right," Zim agreed.

SOON Back at Zim's house: "MiMi come on Gir's not here yet!" Tak shouted. "Are you sure!" MiMi asked. "Yes it's safe to come in," Tak assured her S.I.R unit. "HI MIMI!" Gir shouted "HEELP!" MiMi screamed running in the kitchen. Tak shook her head. Just then Tallest Purple called. "Tak!" "Wholly crap! dad you scared me!" Tak shouted. "Sorry.. Okay we're planninf Operation Impending Doom 2 and I cannot believe what Tallest Red told me...He said you two need to be involved," Tallest Purple said.

"What? I was banned from that!" Zim shouted. "I know you were," Tallest Purple said. "Why us?" Tak asked. "Well you'd work good together so that's why we decided to risk it," Tallest Purple said.

"Risk them ruining everything?" MiMi asked. "Wait you can talk?" Tallest Purple asked. MiMi hid her face with her paw. "WHY DOES EVERYONE ASK THAT!" she screamed. "She hates that question," Tak said.

"I can see that," Tallest Purple said. "Ok be here tomorrow at 10 which will be 9 on earth just be here when I call you," Tallest Purple said. "WAIT! What planet are we destorying?" Tak asked. "Planet Dirt," Tallest Purple said.

"Wait Planet Dirt?" Zim asked. "Your destorying Planet Dirt?" Tak asked excided. "Yes because that planet isn't worth shit but first we need to destory the planet before it which is Planet Nothing," Tallest Purple said.

"Planet Nothing?" MiMi asked. "Yeah it's nothing why it's there no one knows," Tallest Purple said. "YAYS!" Gir shouted. "Please tell me why we're doing this?" Tak asked. "I just told you," Tallest Purple said.

"God nevermind," Tak said. "There will be 3,00000 other invader's joining you with their S.I.R units me and Tallest Red," Tallest Purple said. "Oh and 5 other no body's," Talest Purple said.

"Okay then," Zim said. 'Yeah I don't know why they wanted t help," Tallest Purple said. "Okay we'll be there," Tak said. "Good be careful and remember have fun!" Tallest Purple said.

as he signed off. "Well we better get some rest," Tak said. "I can't agree more!" Zim said. "NO NO NO!," Gir shouted but he fell asleep anyway. "What is wrong with him?" Zim asked. Tak shrugged same with MiMi.

Next Day: Tallest Purple had already called them Zim Tak MiMi and Gir were on their way to Planet Nothing. "Here it is," Zim said. "Yes good now land the dumb thing," MiMi said. "Mean cat," Zim said as he landed his Flight Cruiser. He pushed Gir out.

"Okay wow we made here before the others," Zim said glancing around. "No their coming right now," Tak said pointing. "Oh my god!" MiMi shouted. "Now what?" Tak asked. "I dropped my penny," MiMi said.

"Um okay then," Tak said. "Hey you made it!" Tallest Red said. "Awe why is he here?" a female Irken asked pointing to Zim. "I'll have you know that the Tallest said me and Tak could work good together," Zim told her off.

"Say anything and I'll bite your hand off," Tak told the female Irken. "OKAY!" she shouted. "How many of these little bastards are there?" Tallest Red asked counting them. "HEY!" the Irken with the bandaid on his head shouted.

"TOO BAD!" Tallest Red shouted. "TACOOS!" Gir shouted still wearing half his dog suit As MiMi went to plow drive Gir into the dirt Zim stepped in front of her extrendable arm and broke it "DOOM!" Zim shouted. "I'M THIS FUCKING CLOSE TO PUNCHING ZIM'S LIGHTS OUT!" Tak shouted she was pissed because she had to fix MiMi's extendable arm. "ZIMS A BISEXUAL!" MiMi shouted again "I AM NOT!" Zim shouted back. "I'm short," " Skoodge said.

"WE KNOW!" every Irken screamed. "Okay what's a matter with these Irken's?" Tallest Purple asked smacking himself in the forehead. "GUYS! CALM DOWN!" Tallest Red shouted. "I hate you Zim!" MiMi shouted. "Why?" Zim asked. "Oh sorry I didn't realize.." "Save it Zim," Tak said as she was fixing MiMi's arm.

"Why did he come?" Tallest Red asked. "I don't know," Tallest Purple said. (Tallest Red was talking about Gir) "Destory!" Tallest Purple ordered. "Press these buttons and you'd have 11 minutes to get to Planet Dirt before this one explodes!" Tallest Red said. "GOOD LUCK!" both Tallest shouted leaving.

"That wasn't nice!" Skoodge shouted. "I know!" Zim shouted. "SHUT UP!" Gir shouted. "Press the buttons already!" Tak shouted. "Wait what's that noise?" Zim asked. "NO! A Police Drone!" Tak shouted.

"Get your weapons out!" Zim shouted as all the Irkens did as Zim told them to. "MIMI ATTACK!" Tak ordered. As the Police Drone went to attack Tak MiMi plow drived it. "That was to easy," MiMi said

"Yes it would've been harder," Zim said agreeing. Just then 500 Police Drones started coming. "Wholly shit," Tak mumbled. "Why are they coming?" "WAIT! this time they aren't from Irk! they're human!" Zim shouted.

"SHIT! Our secret isn't a secret anymore!" Tak shouted. "NO they don't know we have human forms," Zim said. "WE ARE PREPARED TO TO AUTOPSYS ON YOU!" police man yelled. "MIMI ATTACK!" Tak ordered.

"Wholly crap what is that thing?" a (HUMAN) police man asked. "How did they know?" Tak asked as MiMi plow drived him. "DIB!" Zim shouted. "Oh god he saw the Tallest call us!" MiMi yelled.

"Deactivate it!" a police man shouted. "MIMI RETREAT!" Tak ordered. MiMi ran back to Tak without getting hurt. "Plasma Rifles ready!" "FIRE!" Zim shouted. "Oh crap they have state of thee art weaponry!" a police man shouted.

"Press the buttons!" Tak ordered. "Are you nuts! We would all die!" the female Irken shouted still firing. "It's the only way to keep our secret safe," Tak said. The female Irken nodded as she turned around telling everyone else the plan.

"Let's go Zim," Tak said hopping in Zim's Flight Cruiser with MiMi and Gir. Zim flew off of Planet Nothing with 4,00000 other Irkens following them to Planet Dirt.

Soon Planet Nothing blew up. "Well that should be the last of them," Tak said. "Should be?" Zim asked pointing their were still 4 left! "OH MY GOD!" MiMi shouted "How is that possible?" Tak asked.

"I have no idea!" Zim shouted. "We need to make it to Planet Dirt destory it and leave before the Police monkeys follow us to the Massive," Zim said. "I agee," Tak said. as they made thier way to Planet Dirt (Which was one of our planets we call Pluto)

"Planet Dirt 40 centimeters away," Tak said. "Good we should land right there!" Zim shouted. "Zim is that.." "Sizz Lorr?" Zim asked. "Don't worry he won't see us," Tak said.

as Zim landing his Flight Cruiser. "Gir move!" Zim shouted. "OKAY!" Gir shouted jumping down but falling. "God Gir your hopeless," Tak said. "I know I am," Gir said. MiMi jumped down. "Okay there is a building we need to find go in and make everything malfunction and it'll blow up got it?" Tak said.

"YES," all the other Irkens shouted that lived through the first explosion. "Okay let's move out!" Tak ordered as she Zim Gir and MiMi set off the right way they didn't tell the others were to go.

"Okay...Zim stop worrying Sizz Lorr won't find you," Tak said. "I'm not worrying...What were you saying?" Zim asked. "Okay the building is in 70 feet," Tak said. "Okay good the sooner we can get off these planet the better," Zim said.

"Okay don't tell me your still worrying," Tak said "I am not!" Zim said as the building came closer to view. "Don't worry it'll be fast and quite easy," MiMi said. "Yes thank you captain obvious,"

Zim said. "Yeah thank you for being mister boring," MiMi said. "Sush look how close we are now," Tak pointed out. "Yeah look at dat," MiMi said. "Wow that was fast," Zim said shocked. "Don't just reach out and grab the door knob!" Tak yelled. "WHY?" Zim yelled shocked. "It might have sensors on it," Tak said. "Gir open the door please," Zim ordered. "YES MY MASTER!" Gir shouted. as he opened the door. "Hm nothing happened well lets step in," Tak said leading the way. Once everyone was in Gir's head fell off.

"Okay it's down this hallway at the end we need to make a left," Tak said. "How do you know all of this?" Zim asked. "Because I worked on this planet so long I grew to know it inside and out," Tak answered. "Of course," Zim said. "Okay we're almost there just a few more feet," Tak said. "You've been saying that since.. Oh your right," Zin said as Tak opened a door in front of them.

"Wait where is Gir?" MiMi asked. Zim and Tak looked around. "GIR?" Zim called. "I don't know," he finally said. "Well let's just keep going I'm sure he'll catch up," Tak said. "Let's hope not," MiMi said following them in.

"Can you at least try to be nice?" Tak asked. "No," MiMi answered "I know," Tak said. "Okay can we just focus?" Zim asked. "Yeah sure," Tak said. "Dang it's harder to crack than before," she said.

"Wait you tried to blow up Planet Dirt before?" Zim asked. "Yeah but I got caught..And that's what I got in trouble for," Tak answered "Yes she's crazy," MiMi budded in. "MiMi get lost before I deactivate you." Tak said with a warning in her voice.

"KAY!" MiMI shouted running to the other side of the room. "Okay almost there," Tak said. "God hurry up I have a feeling something bads about to happen," Zim said. "Oh like what?" Tak asked.

Just then the wall blew down to reveal Sizz Lorr. "That..." Zim said. "Zim I knew I'd find you!" Sizz Lorr said. "Save it we're in the middle of blowing up Planet Dirt," Tak said. "Oh then I guess this is a bad time," Sizz Lorr said as he left.

"Okay why didn't he kidnap me again?" Zim asked just then Sizz Lorr appeared at the hole in the wall. "Because I don't feel like it!" he yelled as he left again. "Oh that's a good reason," Zim said. "Ya think?" Tak asked. "No not really," Zim answered.

"God somebody kill me," Tak mumbled. "That could be arranged," MiMi said. "I said get lost!" Tak yelled. "OKAY!" MiMi shouted jumping down from the stool and walking over to the wall.

"Why is the wall oozing green slim?" MiMi asked. "I don't know ask the wall!" Tak yelled. "I doubt it would answer," MiMi said. "Are you almost done?" Zim asked. "Yeah now we need to get off before the timer runs out," Tak said. as she started running down the hallway

Zim and MiMi followed her. "There's my Flight Cruiser," Zim said. "Great we can get off the planet sooner than expected," Tak said. Zim hopped in his flight cruiser and let Tak Gir and MiMi in.

"Gir where were you!" Zim yelled. "I WAS MAKING MASHED POTATOES!" Gir answered. "Right," Zim said as the took off. "Okay the planet will explode in 3 point 7 seconds," Tak said.

"Okay that'll give us enough time to make it out of the blast zone," Zim said. "Yeah okay just keep flying," Tak said. Soon they were on there way back to Earth. "Should we tell the tallest about you know who?" MiMi asked.

"I guess we have to," Zim said checking his fuel supply. "Alright we'll be down in Earth soon," Zim said. "YAYS! Wanna taco?" Gir asked showing his master a taco. "Yes Gir I would like the taco," Zim said taking the taco and taking a bite out of it.

"Mm. not bad," he mumbled. Tak shook her head "What comes around goes around," "Wanna Taco?" Gir asked Tak. "Sure," Gir handed her a taco. Tak took a bite out of it. "Yeah Ziim's right it isn't bad," she said.

"Okay we're re-entering Earth's gravitation pool what ever it's called," Zim said not really caring. "Yes thank you," MiMi said. "Shut up MiMi," Tak said. "Awe," MiMi whined. "Awe don't be sad! Wanna taco!" Gir asked.

"NO!" MiMi yelled. "God do you have to yell so loud?" (So what do you think of my new story so far? lol I made sure to add comedy and seriousness as well I hope you will enjoy it until the end!)

Zim asked. "Whoops," MiMi said sarcastically. "Don't make me deactivate you," Tak warned. "OKAY! I won't be sarcastic," MiMi said.

Soon Zim was flying toward his house. As they landed inside the roof. Zim hopped out first. "GIR! get out!" Zim yelled. Gir jumped down but tripped and fell down into the little pit. "YAYS!," he yelled

"Oh god somebody help me," Zim moaned "So I bet Planet Dirt blew up by now," Tak said walking along the plat form. "Yes it probably did," Zim agreed. As they all made their way to the living room.

"Gir you left the TV on!" Zim shouted. "Oh yeah," Gir said. "Awe it's not that bad," MiMi said. "Really?" Zim asked. "I don't know really," MiMi answered. "Zim the garbage can was never cleaned out," Tak said backing away from the couch.

"GIR! You forgot to clean out the garbage can!" Zim shouted. "Oh yeah! I dropped it and forgot!" Gir shouted. "NO CHIZZ!" Zim shouted. Just then there was a knock on the door Gir skipped over and answered it.

"HEY DIB!" Gir shouted. "Um. hi," Dib said to the robot. "DIB! what are you doing here?" Zim asked. "Zim I came right after school to ask why you weren't there," Dib answered.

"Um," Zim said thinking of a excuse. "I know you were to busy doing Tak that you forgot! or something," Dib assumed. "NO! I WOULD DO NO SUCH THING!" Zim shouted "I was just really busy with things and couldn't make it," he finally said.

"Yeah busy with Tak!" Dib shouted. ""God shut up I know why your sister hates you're voice," MiMi said jumping on the couch. "Awe," Dib whined. "NO! I WAS NOT BUSY WITH TAK!" Zim shouted.

"Actually you helped her blow up Planet Dirt," MiMi said. That's when Tak and Zim stared at her they looked pissed. "Was I not supossed to say that?" MiMi asked. they both nodded. "Whoops!" MiMi said.

"You what? I mean what is Planet Dirt?" Dib asked. "A Planet filled with dirt garbage if you will and I had to clean it!" Tak shouted. "Oh okay then," Dib said. "Ugh," Tak moaned sitting down on the couch.

"What's wrong with her?" Dib asked. "You know I really don't know," Zim answered. "Her Squeedlyspooch hurts morons," MiMi said. "Oh," Dib said. "What's that?" he asked. "None of your bees wax," Zim said.

Zim sat down next to Tak. "How long has your squeedlyspooch been hurting?" he asked. "Since last week almost," Tak answered. "But if it hurts this bad how were you able to beat up Dib and those cops?" Zim asked.

"I worked through the pain...It was hard and it makes it hurt more," Tak answered. Then the unexpected happened Tak put her head on Zim's lap with her left hand on his knee and the other on the couch.

"Awe it's okay Tak," Zim said rubbing her back. "I KNEW IT!" Dib shouted. "SHUT UP DIB AND GO GET KILLED!" Tak shouted at the top of her lungs. "Owe!" she moaned doubling over in pain.

"Wait is she okay?" Dib asked acutally caring. "Just leave!" Zim shouted. "OKAY!" Dib yelled running out closing the door and running down the street to his house.

"Tak are you ok?" Zim asked. "No...I can't take the pain! Just make it go away!" She pleaded near tears. Zim was shocked he never expected Tak to be in so much pain that she couldn't handle it .

"Okay would rubbing your stomach where the squeedly's at out of the question?" Zim asked. "You can do that," Tak answered as she rolled onto her back. "Okay," Zim said. as he began rubbing the area where the squeedlyspooch was.

"Mm," she moaned. "What's wrong? does it hurt?" Zim asked pausing for a moment. "No it feels good," Tak answered. Oh okay," Zim said as he resumed rubbing the area where the ssqueedly way located.

"It's okay if it hurts to squeeze Gir's hand," Zin said to Tak. "GIR! GET OVER HERE!" Zim shouted. Gir skipped over. "What is it?" he asked. "Take Tak's hand and let her squeeze it," Zim answered.

"YES MY LORD!" Gir said as he took Tak's hand. she began squeezing it. "Ouch she squeezes hard," Gir said.

"Yeah she's in pain that's why Gir," Zim said as he continued to rub her stomach where the squeedly was. Tak was breathing deeply and sweating some showing she was in severe pain.

"Tak are you okay?" Zim asked. "It just really hurts now," she answered. "Oh be right back!" Zim shouted slowly putting her head on the couch and leaving. Soon Zim came back with a heating pad.

"Tak I used this when I was in pain," Zim said walking over to her pluging it in and setting it on her stomach. "Mmm. the heat feels so good," Tak moaned-said

"I knew it would I just can't stand to see you suffer so badly," Zim said with a small smile. "Your so kind," Tak said with a small smile. "Awe well I'm glad," Zim said. Tak giggled. "So got any ginger ale?" she asked. "Yes I do why want some?" Zim asked. "Nah just asking," Tak said.

"OWE!" she moaned. "What's wrong?" Zim asked."It just really hurts," Tak answered. "Awe I know it does," Zim said. Just then there was a knock on the door. "MiMi answer it," Tak ordered.

"Okay fine!" MiMi said opening the door revealing Dib again. "What are you doing here?" MiMi asked "ZIM I see your still fondling Tak," Dib said. "SHUT UP DIB!" Zim shouted "Why are you here anywyay?" he asked

"I'm here uh I really don't know I got bored and decided to come back," Dib said. "Do I have to punch you in places where boys should never be punched?" Tak asked. "That's not necessary," Dib said.

"Oh really?" Tak asked "Yes really I won't say anything that sophisticated again," Dib said. "Great," Tak said. "Hey Dib why is your head so big?" Zim asked. "Hey! it's big because I'm smart!" Dib said.

"REALLY!" Zim asked laughing. "H-hey!" Dib yelled. "Oh go cry to your momma," MiMi said climbing on a couch. "MiMi watch my stomach," Tak said. "Blah blah I don't give a shit!" MiMi shouted.

"Owe owe," Gir said as Tak continued to squeeze his hand tightly. "What's up with her?" Dib asked. "The sight of you makes me critically ill," Tak said joking.

"Hey that's not nice," Dib said. "Oh I don't care," Tak said. "Why don't you just leave," Zim said. "Why! So you can make out with Tak?" Dib asked. "WHAT! NO! JUST LEAVE!" Zim shouted.

"Awe I'm sorry did I touch a nerve?" Dib asked grinning evilly. Zim blushed some. "Just leave before I rip your spleen out or something!" he shouted. "Awe I see you blushing!" Dib said. "Don't make me get up off this couch," Tak warned.

"Uh ok I'm leaving now!" Dib said quickly opening the door and running down the street. Zim watched until Dib was out of sight then he turned his attention to Tak. "How you feeling?" he asked.

Tak looked into Zim's eyes. "I-I'm ok," she said. Zim smiled. "I'm glad," But he was confused he never felt this way before was he in 'love' with Tak? "So why are you still staring at me?" Tak asked.

Then the unexpected happened Zim leaned in and kissed Tak on the lips. Soon there was another knock on the door. "Da! Who could that be?" Zim asked acting like he never touched lips with Tak.

Tak sighed. "Go check then," Zim got to his feet and walked over to the door and answered it. "Who are you!" he asked to a male irken with black eyes and a black outfit.

"What?" the irken asked. "I ASKED WHO ARE YOU!" Zim said again. "My name is Maroon I'm Tak's brother," Maroon said. "Maroon?" Zim asked. Just then Tak sat up on the couch.

"Maroon? you made it back?" Tak asked. "Yeah it was hard," he admitted. Just then the tallest called. "Hello my tallest," Zim said. "Is Maroon there?" Tallest Red asked. "Ye...OUCH my squeedlyspooch!" Zim moaned falling to the ground in pain. "Zim?" Tallest Purple asked.

"Hey Maroon," Tallest Red said seeing a cat in the corner with black eyes. That's when Maroon changed back to his irken form. "Hey," he said. "I see you made it away from Sexcourtia." Tallest Purple said.

"Wait a minute Sex-Courtia?" Tak asked. "Long story," Maroon said to his younger sister. "It's like nothing happened down here!" Zim yelled. "Sorry!" Gir yelled back. "Zim get to your feet," Tak said.

That's when Zim got to his feet. "Ouch," he moaned. "Maroon you can't be on earth," Tallest Red said. That's when Maroon played with one of his antenna's "Why can't he be?" Tak asked.

"Well remember what happened last time?" Tallest Purple asked. Maroon blushed some. "I said I was sorry about that!" he yelled. "Yeah sorry about kissing up Lyn," Tallest Purple said.

"Wait! Lyn?" Zim asked. "Yes Lyn should be there..." Just then there was another knock on the door. Tak got up and answered it. "Tak?" "Lyn?" "Lyn!" Zim said hugging her. "I never thought I'd see you again!"

"Thanks but could you let me go?" Lyn asked she looked exactly like Tak but her outfit was white. "Sorry," Zim said. Lyn giggled. "Hello Lynette," Tallest Purple said. "Dad?" Lyn asked.

"Yes hello," Tallest Purple said. "I thought you said you would never talk to me again after what I said," Lyn said. "Listen to me Lyn your one of my daughters and I love you," Tallest Purple said.

"Thanks," Lyn said. "So why are you here?" Zim asked. "I decided to visit one of my former friends," Lyn explained. "WHO WANTS TACOS!" Gir asked. "Awe hello Gir," Lyn said. "HI!" Gir yelled.

Lyn laughed. "Hey Maroon," she said. "Hello Lyn," Maroon said. Lyn walked over to him and hugged him. "I missed you," she said. "Awe I know you did," Maroon said as he rubbed Lyn's back.

"Ewe," Tak mumbled. "Sis, it'll take you awhile to understand love," Maroon said. Tak crossed her arms. "Yeah ok," that's when Zim played with on of his antenna's "Zim? what's wrong?" Lyn asked.

"I just need to be alone," Zim said walking down into the lab. "Zim wait!" Lyn said following him. Soon Lyn saw Zim sitting in the chair with his hands on his stomach. "Hey," she said.

"Hey," Zim said back. "What's wrong?" Lyn asked. "I think I'm in love," Zim mumbled. "Awe with who?" Lyn asked. Zim closed his eyes for a moment.. then reopened them. "With Tak," he mumbled.

"With Tak? wait how are you sure?" Lyn asked. "Well we've short of kissed twice...she's been in pain latley and well I've been helping her," Zim answered. "Awe it sounds wonderful," Lyn said. "Yeah maybe," Zim said.

Lyn sensed his distress. "What's wrong?" she asked. "I don't feel so good," Zim said. "Awe just calm down," Lyn said. "K-K," Zim said. "Let's go back upstairs," Lyn said."Kay sure," Zim answered. Back upstairs in the living room Lyn and Zim sat on the couch.

"Hey where'd you guys go?" Maroon asked. "Just in the lab," Lyn answered. "Ok," Maroon said. "The tallest left huh?" Zim asked. "Yep," Tak said. "Maroon where's your SIR?" Tak asked.

"Oh Mittens? she's around some where..." Maroon said. "Mittens? what is she a cat?" Tak asked. "Yeah but in her SIR form her arms are Christmas colors and she has lil dimonds around her eyes and a crest on her head," Maroon said.

"She sounds fancy," Lyn said jokingly. "She also seems like someone elses SIR," Tak said. "Yeah that Irken died and lended me her SIR," Maroon said. "So you renamed it?" Lyn asked.

"Yeah," Maroon said. "Is Zim ok?" Tak asked. "I don't know he's just stressed." Lyn answered. Just then there was a knock on the door. Gir went to answer it. "HEY ITS DIB!" he yelled.

"Oh god," Tak mumbled. "WHAT? SO MANY IRKENS!" Dib yelled. "Shut up," Lyn said. "Lyn? I remember you!" Dib said. "Oh that's nice," Lyn said crossing her arms. "Whose that?" Dib asked pointing at Maroon.

"None of your bees wax," Tak said. "I'm Maroon Tak's older brother she also has one other sister Sinn," Maroon said. Tak shook her head. "Someone help me," she mumbled. Dib looks shocked. "Okay then..." he said.

"What's wrong with Zim?" Dib asked. "Nothing," Zim said. Lyn glanced over at Zim and noitced he was holding his stomach maybe his squeedly was hurting?.

"Um Zim you ok?" Lyn asked. "N...Yeah I'm fine," Zim answered not wanting Dib to get all gay again. "I know something's up with Zim!" Dib shouted. "GOD JUST SHUT UP!" Lyn shouted.

Dib looked shocked. "She isn't in the best of moods," Maroon said. Zim even giggled. "Not nice," Dib said. "Your voices are taunting me." Gaz said from behind Dib.

"GAZ! what are you doing here? get away!" Dib yelled. "Ok," Gaz said turning around and leaving. "She's creepy," Maroon said. "Yeah I know," Dib said agreeing. "But she is his younger sister," Lyn said.


"Wow that is so rad," Maroon said. "Hey where's Tak?" Lyn asked noticing Tak was no longer in the room. "I don't know she didn't say where she was going," Maroon said. "Maybe she went to the bathroom or somethng," Zim said.

"Maybe," Lyn said. "I'll go check uptairs," "Have fun," Zim said. Lyn said walking up the steps that magically appeared LMFAO! and toward the bathroom that also magically appeard. But Tak wasn't in there.

"Hmm..where else would she be?" Lyn wondered. "Oh," she said seeing another door that also magically appeared. When Lyn tried to open it it was locked. "Tak? you in there? why is the door locked?" she called-asked. "I'll be out soon!" Tak called. "KK," Lyn said.

Soon Tak opened the door like a full minute later. "Tak what took ya?" Lyn asked. "I was listening to music on my mp3," Tak replied.

"Why is the bed like all messy?" Lyn asked. "It was like that when I came in," Tak said. "Um no it wasn't I passed it before with the door unlocked and the bed looking nice," Lyn said.

"What were you doing in there?" she asked. "Nothing," Tak said clearly she was hiding something. "I sense your distress what's wrong?" Lyn asked. Tak clearly frogot her half sister's ability was to sense extreme emotional distress.

Tak sighed as she shuffled her feet. "Lyn if I tell you we need to be alone," Tak said. Lyn nodded. "Oh come on it's not like you were doing anything that private," Lyn said. "Actually I was," Tak said.

Lyn sensed her worry. "Okay don't worry we can talk in here," she said leading Tak back into the room closing and locking the door. "Ok now tell me," she said once she sat her half sister on the bed.

"Lynette you have to promise not to tell anyone," Tak said. "Ok Takiah! Just tell me I swear I won't tell a single Irken," Lyn said. "Well when you and Dib where talking I got bored and decided to listen to music so I went up here and laid on the bed... and I kind of sort of..."

"Just say it Tak your my half sister I know everything about girls just say it," Lyn said with a warm smile. "Of course you do...I sort of m.. I can't," she finally said. "Awe why? what's so bad about it?" Lyn asked.

"I don't know...I just don't feel like I should've done it," Tak replied. "Please tell me...for my birthday?" Lyn asked. "Oh god I forgot next weeks your b-day happy birthday...Oh do I have to?" Tak asked.

"If it really bothers you and you can't tell me it's fine. But just to be honest you'll feel better once you've told someone," Lyn replied. Tak thought. "Ok I masturbated is that bad?" Tal said-asked kind of fast.

First Lyn's reaction was surprised then shock then understanding. "No Tak it's not bad! It helps your body actually," she said Tak smiled with tears in her eyes. "Awe why are you crying?" Lyn asked.

"I don't much stress then it's all gone I don't understand this at all!" Tak replied sounding worried. "Takiah don't worry! It's all normal! Your body and mind are relaxed and all the stress and worry you've been feeling before you done it seems to go away," Lyn said hugging her half sister.

Then there was a knock on the door. "Hey Zim wants to know why your in his room," Maroon said. "Just tell him we were chatting and listening to music," Lyn said back. "Sure thing," Maroon said as he left.

"Like I promised I won't tell anyone." Lyn said as she got Tak to her feet. "Clothes on or clothes off?" Lyn asked. "What?...Oh off," Tak said clearly getting embarrassed. "Why does it matter?" she asked. "I don't know I think off is better.. Now let's go just act normal," Lyn said as she opened the door her and Tak walked back downstairs.

"Hey guys Zim's making us smoothies," Maroon said once he seen the girls. "That's nice," Tak said. "Awe can you try being nice for once?" Maroon asked. "Nope," Tak replied smirking. "Ok then," Maroon said.

Just then Zim walked back in. "There you are! Why on earth were you in my room!" he yelled-asked. "ZIM! Maroon told you! we were just chatting and listening to music!" Lyn shouted back.

"Oh...just checkin' wanna smoothie?" he asked handing Lyn one. "Kool thanks," she said. "Tak?" Zim asked. "Sure," she said taking the smoothie. "So where's Gir?" Lyn asked.

"He's making cupcakes," Zim replied. "Oh...okay then," Tak said. "Hey Tak why do you look so flustered?" Maroon asked. "No reason.." Tak said. Lyn sensed her distress. "I think it's better to leave her alone," she said quickly.

"What why? I only asked her one question," Maroon said. "Just do it," Lyn said in a demanding voice it sounded like if he didn't listen he'd be rode kill. "Okay I will," Maroon said walking away seriously horrified.

"Thanks Lyn," Tak said. "Anything for my only half sister," Lyn said with a warm smile as she took another sip of her smoothie. Tak did the same. "So who wants a cupcake?" Gir asked walking back into the room.

"I do Gir," Lyn said. "OK! Here you go!" Gir said handing her a cupcake. "What about you Tak?" he asked. Tak glanced around the room noitcing everyone had a cupcake. "Sure," "KK!" Gir yelled handing her one.

"Awe isn't he just so cute?" Lyn asked. "Yeah," Tak agreed. Lyn glanced at her she sensed her discomfort. "Tak what's wrong?" she asked-whispered. "I-I'm not sure," Tak replied. Lyn smiled sweetly at her. "Okay you sure?" she asked.

"Yeah for now," Tak replied. "What's wrong with Tak? she's acting like she did something bad in Zim's room," Maroon said sarcastically. But Tak didn't see that comment to be sarcastic but rude. Lyn sensed her anger. "Maroon go fuck yourself and leave your sister alone," she said.

"WHOA! What up with the foul words?" Maroon asked. "Your being a total dick now..Just shut up!" Lyn shouted. "OKAY!" Maroon shouted. Tak loved how her half sister was helping her she was greatful to have a half sister like Lyn but she just needed to get the guilt away from her.

"Lyn?" "What's up?" Lyn asked. Tak sighed. "I feel guilty about the whole M-thing any advice?" she asked. "Well I'd say don't worry about it and remember masturbation is normal for every sex and speices," she said with honesty in her voice.

Tak smiled happily. "Thanks Lyn," she said. "Your welcome," Lyn replied as she took another sip of her smoothie. Tak did the same. "So whose up for a bag of...What ever the fuck this is!" Zim asked.

"That's Cheese Curls dumb ass!" Gir shouted. 'GIR SHUT UP AND GO TO FUCKING HELL!" Zim screamed at the top of his lungs. "HMM!" Gr whined. everyone in the room laughed. "I'll have some," Tak said feeling better about the whole M- situation after her half sister gave her some good advice.

Zim gave Tak a bowel same with Lyn filled with Cheese Curls. "So why are we having so much treats?" Lyn asked curious. "I don't know," Maroon said. But Lyn could sense he was lying. "Tell me the truth," she said.

"FOR YOUR 12TH BIRTHDAY!" Maroon shouted. "OH YAY!" Lyn shouted. "Yes!" Tak shouted. "CREAM CHEESE!" Gir shouted. everyone in the room stared at the robot awkwardly. "What?" he asked.

'Nothing Gir," Zim said eating another Cheese Curl. "Gir your are epically funny," Lyn said laughing. "Thanks!" Gir said happily he was clearly excited for her birthday in another week. "So whose excited?" Zim asked. (PLEASE SIGN THE INVADER ZIM PETITION TO GET NEW EPISODES! NEW CHARCTERS AND OLD ONES RETURNING? AWESOME-NESS! PLEASE SIGN IT FOR GIR, ZIM, MIMI, TAK, LYN, AND MAROON! IF YOU WANT NEW EPISODES YOU WOULD! P.S I SEND YA THE LINK AFTER YOU PM ME)

"We all are dumb shit!" Maroon yelled. 'GO TO HELL AND GET RAPED!" Zim yelled. "WHAT!" Maroon cried. both girls laughed. "Sorry," both boys said. "Yeah ok," Lyn said. "Tak you seem a little worried you ok?" Maroon asked.

"DIDN'T I SAY LEAVE HER THE FUCK ALONE!" Lyn shouted-asked. "SORRY!" Maroon yelled. "WHO WANTS DIET BLOOD!" Gir asked. 'GIR SHUT UP!" everyone yelled. "HMM!" Gir whined for the second time that night.

Tak laughed. "So who wants to eat some...what ever the fuck these are!" Zim asked. "THOSE ARE PRETZELS DUMB SHIT!" Gir shouted. "GIR SHUT UP AND GET LAID!" Zim shouted "AWE COME ON!" Gir shouted.

"Oh stop with the foul words," Lyn said. "Yeah your guys are disgusting," Tak said. "Sure blah blah," Zim said. "WHAT!" Lyn asked full of rage. "DON'T HURT ME! I mean sorry," Zim said. "Sure," Lyn said rolling her eyes.

"So pretzel's?" Zim asked. "Sure," Maroon said. "Over here!" both girls yelled. "Suure," Zim said walking over. "Zim you can let go of my hand now," Tak said. "Oh sorry," Zim said blushing some as he walked away.

"Awe he does like you," Lyn said with a smile. "Shut up," Tak said feeling embarrassed. "Sorry sis," Lyn said. "Yeah you better be sorry," Tak said. MiMi jumped on a near by chair but fell off. "COME ON!" she yelled.

"God shut up!" Gir yelled. "Gir what type of drugs are you on?" Zim asked. "CRACK! LOTS AND LOTS OF MIND ALTURING CRACK!" Gir shouted. Zim looked at the robot awkwardly. "Um...ok then," "Hey Lyn what's that in your pocket?" Maroon asked. "What this? oh it's just a glitter pen," Lyn said. "Oh it's pretty," Maroon said. "Yeah nice," Lyn said. "Hey Tak you ok?" Lyn asked. "How many times do I have to say it? I'm fine!" Tak yelled. "ALRIGHT!" Lyn yelled. Maroon eyed the girls. "Ahem," Zim said. "Whoops," Maroon said. "God when did you turn into my mother?" Zim asked.

"What?" Maroon asked. "NEVERMIND SHEESH!" Zim shouted. Just then there was a knock on the door Zim walked over and answered it. "Hey Zim I.." "What are you doing?" Dib asked. "SHUT UP AND GO AWAY!" Zim shouted slamming the door in Dib's face.

"REAL MATURE ZIM!" Dib shouted from behind the door. "I'M NOT SMALL I'M FUN SIZED!" Zim shouted. 'WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH BEING MATURE!" Dib shouted-asked. 'I HAVE NO CLUE!" Zim yelled.

Invader Zim: Tak Return's And Some Lies To Be Told….