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Unexpected Visit

Kiyomaro's POV

The mamodo battle is already over. All the book owners are ready to face their new lives. Now, how am I supposed to start my own? It's so boring without Zatch in here. Sure, he's annoying, but I miss him. He's like my own little brother; he's my best friend. After all the challenges we've been through, Zatch helped me grow as a person. Without him, I probably would be bored throughout my entire middle school, like...I am...right now.

This sucks, it's summer and I haven't done anything fun yet. I should have gone to camp with my friends, instead of agonizing over Zatch the entire summer.

"Kiyomaro, there's someone here for you," mother called.

Who could it be? Probably Suzy, she has been visiting every week anyway. But it couldn't be; she's on the summer trip with the gang. I went downstairs and to my surprise, it's Megumi.

"Hi Kiyomaro-kun. How've you been?" cheerfully greeted Megumi. "Oh, everything's great." I lied. "Come in."

Third person POV:

"So, what have you been up to lately?" Megumi asked.

"Not much...really. How about you?" Kiyomaro replied.

"Well, I've been busy with my career lately, recording songs, shooting music videos, and stuff. I'm so glad I can finally spend time with you." she said, with a smile on her face.

Kiyomaro blushed at her words and looked at Megumi. "I'm glad that you're here too. So, what do you wanna do together?"

Megumi noticed Kiyomaro stuttering. "I just want to hang out with you and see how everything is going. Is there any place you want us to go? I can see you're tired staying inside your house. Besides, the weather's great outside."

So, the two decided to walk to the park near the river.

Kiyomaro's POV

I'm glad Megumi came here to visit me, not much of our allies had been keeping contact ever since the battle ended. This is the first time I've talked this much with Megumi, without making some strategies for the upcoming battles. I never realized how fun she is to be with. Not to mention her gorgeous looks, her brown eyes, her cheerful smile, her lustrous hair flying softly as the wind breeze...all of her; everything about her is great. If I only I could be... What am I talking about? Sure, I've always had a crush on her ever since the mamodo battle. But our relationship never grew to be more than friends, we can't; we have to focus on the battle. Getting into a relationship during the battle may be risky. However, the battle's over. And she looked even prettier than ever. Well, she's still here with me anyway. So I guess I should just enjoy the time we're together.

Megumi's POV

It's so nice to finally be free from work, at least temporarily. I don't really know what to do now that Tia's gone. Kiyomaro is the only one I've got now. Come to think of it, this is the first time we've been alone like this. Zatch and Tia are usually with us when we hang out. I'm surprise how comfortable I am with Kiyomaro like this. He's so cute. He even got a little taller since I last saw him. I wonder what he thinks of me, he always blushes when I'm around him. I like being around him, I want to be with him.