How a weird day starts

Raven stared out at the clock through half-lidded eyes. 4:30. That's what time it was. She raised out of bed and began her normal routine of dressing, brushing teeth, meditating.. the things people do everyday. She left her room and began walking toward the kitchen. She reached the door but stopped as she heard the scrape and clatter of someone using the assorted pans and pots in the kitchen.

Robin is up at 5:00 on the dot, Cyborg's recharging processor switches off after 7 hours which should be roughly around 5:13, Starfire takes at least an hour to get ready to "Great the day", and Beast Boy..

During her musings Raven had slowly made her way through the door to discover the green boy in question making his infamous tofu eggs.

"Um.. Beast Boy?"

Beast Boy snapped his attention around to Raven, surprised by her sudden appearence. "Oh, Hey Rae. What's up?" He said grinning from ear to ear.

Raven offered Beast Boy her usual combination of a glare and deadpan "First of all, It's Raven, and second... your up early?" The second seemed more of a question as to how, why, or in what universe.

Beast Boy animatedly nodded his head at her statement. "I know right? Its like I'm just super energized. I guess its just cause its like the first day of spring so winters over and I don't have this uber-big urge to hibernate." he ended more as just a statement of facts without showing much interest in the why. "You want breakfast? I got tofu eggs and tofu bacon with whole-wheat biscuits. Its GOOD." He sing-songed 'good' as he held the steaming tofu eggs in front of Ravens face failing at inticing any form of an appetite from her.

Raven meerly glared at Beast Boy hoping that her stare wouuld say enough. Apparently, Beast Boy understood, leaving Raven with only a passing "You don't know what your missing".

"You smell nice" and Raven froze. She could barely comprehend that she had even thought that much less had said it out loud. She quickly looked to Beast Boy who was intent on his Breakfast.

"Wuz at Rae?" Beast Boy questioned distractedly.

Pulling the hood of her cloak over her head Raven departed to the front of the living room to meditate. That however... proved to be very difficult.

Behind her Raven heard a clattering in the Kitchen.

"Um... Rae? Your dark thingy is messin' with the fridge."

Get it together Raven, it's just Beast Boy


You've got to calm down NOW




Reaching a state, Raven turned to view the damage. Check one imploded pillow, one broken sink, and one refrigerator imbeded in the wall, along with a side order of scared stiff Beast Boy. Raven fazed through the floor not waiting for the questions that were sure to follow.

Beast Boy turned to look as Raven disappeared toward her room.

"Dude...Was it somethin' I said?"

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