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Chapter 22: Really? That's what happened?

Rose POV

The next morning was blissful. I woke up to Dimitri still asleep and couldn't help the smile on my face. Last night was perfect. It was sweet and wonderful at the same time. I know now that there's no going back to before, when he would constantly tell me of how 'we couldn't be together' and 'this is wrong'. Nothing I could say would really capture how amazing it was. It didn't matter where you did it, but who you were with. I loved him. O how much I loved him.

He's so cute when he's asleep. His face is smoothed out of all the worry lines and or 'guardian lines'. I gently stroked his cheek as he stirred slightly. He opened his eyes and a smile graced his face as he looked at me.

" good morning" he said pulling me to his chest. I rested my chin on his chest looking up at him

" good morning to you too. Do I not get a good morning kiss?" I asked smiling at him

He chuckled and titled my face to his. He leaned toward my lips but changed direction and kissed me on the cheek, as he laid back down on the pillow a small smile on his lips.

" like your kiss?" He teased his whole face glowing. I shook my head, but couldn't help smile at him.

" yeah, but I like this better" I said as I leaned up and placed my lips on his. His hand instantly pulled me closed so I was on top of him. He ran his hand through my hair and flipped us over. He smirked at my expression as he kissed me again. His hand trailing down my leg leaving a flaming path as he hitched my right leg of his hip. I groaned as I felt him between my thigh already hard. But before we could take this any further his phone rang.

" Ignore it" I said as I flipped us back over and giving him a passionate kiss. " definitely ignored" he mumbled as he sucked on my neck causing me to moan. 2 minutes later his phone beeped indicating a message as my phone began to ring. ( Let's pretend she has one. Abe brought it for her) I sighed as I reached for my phone on the floor. It was Lissa.

" Hello" I said into the phone trying to sound tired

" Don't even try it. I thought you were coming over yesterday?" She asked hurt. But I could tell she was joking.

" Lis, I completely forgot. I'm so sorry. I just got... caught up..." I trailed off smiling as I caught Dimitri's eye. He winked at me smiling. O my god. The things this man does to me. And he's mine. All mine.

" Hmm-mm, do these activities include Dimitri?" She taunted and I could practically see the amused glint in her eyes for my happiness

" uh, um..." I really had no answer

She laughed a genuine "Lissa" Laugh " I'm just kidding Rose, I'm happy for you I am. But you and Dimitri need to come over to the Infirmary" She said as her laughing died down.

I was instantly more Alert getting off the bed " Why. Lis, did someone get hurt? Are you alright?" I fired off questions as I started looking around for my shirt.

She seemed to realize how it sounded " o no, no. I'm sorry Rose there's nothing bad happening or happened. We just wanna tell you how you got turned into a baby" she said trying to convince me nothing was wrong

Oh, well don't I feel stupid " oh. OK then we'll be by soon" I said going to go sit back on the bed

" you better Rosemarie. No more love making" she said and started giggling like a school girl at her comment

My mouth dropped open " Lissa" I chided not believing she said that where people could hear

I could just picture her rolling her eyes " Alright rose. No less than 45 minutes. Or I'll get your parents over there" She joked but I knew she would do it

" okay lis, see you in a few" I said

" see ya" she said and hung up

I shook my head at Lissa. You just gotta love her. I flopped back onto the bed staring up at Dimitri my hands propped up under my chin.

" Is everything alright?" Dimitri asked worriedly

I chuckled "yeah, everyone just wants us to come down to the infirmary to find out the reason why I got turned into a baby" I said nonchalantly

He studied my face " what's wrong with that?" he asked sitting up into a sitting position. I followed suite and shrugged my shoulders. It's amazing how well this man knows me.

He looked me in the eye his dark brown eyes searching me " Roza" He said as he continued to stare at me. I know what that means. 'your lying. Tell me what's wrong' face. I sighed taking his hand in mine.

" it's just that. Every time we try to do something we get interrupted. I know this sounds selfish, but I just want you to myself. And us to do this all the time, like normal couples. I know this is forbidden and all. I just can't wait until we can announce this. Well partly, mostly everyone's opinion I care about already knows" I said as I finished my little speech and looked at him.

He brought his right hand up and gently stroked my cheek. " I know how you feel. Soon. Soon enough we will Roza. I can't wait either. And I can't wait for you to meet my family, they can't wait to meet you. I know they'll love you, just as I do" he said giving me a smile that made my inside melt.

I just recalled what he said ' they can't wait to meet you' " they already know about me?" I asked puzzled

He chuckled, I love when he's like this " of course they do, my youngest sister Viktoria is the most anxious, and wants to meet the women that's captured my heart" he said smiling talking about his family

I smiled at what he said gazing up at him " you captured my hear too" I said leaning my head against his

A few moments passed when with us just enjoying each other embrace when he pulled back to look at me " we better get going" he said as he stood up off the bed

" why, please just a few more minutes. I'm not done with you yet" I pouted staring at him. He walked over to me and kissed my pouted out lip. As his nosed trialed down my heck, I held back a groan.

" me either. But if we don't hurry how am I suppose to help you shower?" he whispered huskily before nibbling on my ear and pulling back to walk into the bathroom.

I groaned, hmm my god I love him when he's all like that. I quickly walked to the shower as my brain registered what was going on and to stop being a idiot. I smirked as I walked into the shower hearing the water already running.





Sometime later after the greatest shower I ever had, we were both cleaned and dressed. We kept stopping to kiss before we left the room, so that took time. But finally we arrived at the Infirmary an hour and 5 minutes later. And I couldn't help but blush as everyone turned to look at us.

" well, I'm surprised you can still walk" Christian smirked at me, I glared at him as Lissa thumped him on the back of the head. Giving me an apologetic smile.

" Little dhampir, nice of you to finally join us" He smiled at me with his ' Adrian' smile

" OK, OK enough if that. We all know Rose has a very interesting personal life, that's not your business. That's not the reason were here" Lissa said getting down to business. From the bond I could tell she was mad at them already, and they were really annoying her. Wow, what did they do. It takes a lot to get Lis, angry.

" Alright, so yeah. What happened?" I asked looking from my parents to Dr. Oldenzki and back to my parents again.

They didn't answer still engrossed in their conversation. Most likely about me. I was about to say something again when Dimitri placed a hand on my shoulder signaling me to wait. I sighed and silently waited.

About 2 minutes later they turned to me, while my farther smirked at me.

" Oh, when did you get here kiz?" he asked an amused glint in his eyes

I glared at him, causing him to chuckle while my mom shook her head at both of us.

" don't give me that look. I invented that look little girl" he said glaring at me also

Luckily my wonderful mother decided to intervene " that's it. No more of that, it's getting on my nerves, you haven't even seen mine" She glared at us. I have to admit that's impressing, but mine is way scarier.

We both scoffed, while I rolled my eyes and my dad shook his head.

My mom turned completely around to us, placing her hands on her hips " something you wanna say?" she challenged, daring one of us to say something. Gosh, someone's a little ticked off. Damn, did I just said gosh? Lissa and Mia are starting to rub off on me.

Adrian being Adrian decided to have a death wish " um yeah. If you 3 are done with the little 'family reunion', can we please move on. We all know you guys like glaring at each other" Adrian said with a bored tone.

Almost everyone in the room just starred at him as if he really wants a death wish. Obviously he dies. I mean him is daughter and even I know when to stop and not cross the line.

The room was quiet. I looked to my farther and saw he was struggling with not blowing his lid off. He was currently giving a death glare to Adrian who was now cowered behind Lissa and Mia. My mom glared at Adrian, as Abe wrapped his arms around her waist. So far I know of only 2 people who Abe won't " blow up on" and that my mom and me. Well... maybe sometimes.

Abe sighed as he buried his face in my mom's hair. He whispered something in her ear causing her to giggle, a small smile on her face. Did, my mother just giggle like a school girl? Ew, I'm going to stop this before they do something else. That's gross on an whole other level. Yuck my parents doing.. ugh! Wrong mental image!, Wrong mental image!

" Alright enough of the PDA. If I can't do it, neither can you too. I don't have all day. Just tell me, cause personally I really could care less about how I turned into a damn baby again" I said, I was getting really agitated right know. And they weren't helping.

Dimitri sensed my change in attitude and pulled me to his chest kissing my cheek and releasing me. He held my hand and squeezed it. He dropped it back down, Dr. Oldenzki didn't know about us yet, and we didn't want to risk anything.

" Alright, if everyone's finished" Dr Oldenzki said looking at everyone " I thought you all like to know what I came up with" she said as she picked up her clip board from her desk and searched through the papers, until she got to the one she wanted.

" I did some re-search. Vasilisa, your a spirit user am I right?" She asked looking to Lissa

Lissa nodded, looking at me and back to Dr. Oldenzki. Question in her eyes. ' where's this going?' she asked from the bond. I shrugged. I honestly had no idea. For all I know she could say something stupid like I turned into a baby because I ate baby food and watched 'Dragon Tales'. Then played with a baby doll. Yeah not likely but whatever.

" before rose transformed, " god she makes it sounds like I turned into a robot or something " did you heal her?" She asked again

" Nooo" me and Lissa answered trailing off simultaneously. Adrian and Eddie rolled their eyes at us.

She looked thoughtful " Are you sure?" she asked

I saw Lissa thinking back. O wait she did! I had a run in with a 3 year old. They didn't want to take a nap and scratched me in the face leaving a long scratch on my right cheek. And that's why that's the last time I will ever go down to the elementary campus. Damn kids. And then the kid 'Damon' started crying that he was sorry and kissed my cheek. ' I make it better now' he said and laid down on my shoulder. His blue orbs staring into mine.

It was a Thursday and practice was canceled. All the guardian's had a mandatory meeting to attend. I thought me and Lissa could go and hang out in her dorm. After all, I've been busy lately. But no, my oh so lovable Russian decided I could use some "community service". And volunteered me to help out the little kids down in the elementary campus. I agreed. But only to make Dimitri see that I could do things without a problem. So I called Lissa and let her know.

But her being Lissa she was excited about the idea and said she would come with me. And we could still have our " Rose and Lissa time". We arrived at the primary section. Since the younger kids were eating dinner and getting ready for bed. They had enough guardians/ teachers. And said they could use some help down here. The Primary area consisted of infants starting at 2 ½ months to 3 years old. Awfully young to start school right? But, a lot of parents apparently thought like my mom did.

Anyway, all together it was about 36 of them. 10 infants ranging from 3 months- 11 months. 12, 1 year olds. 6, 2 year olds. And 7, 3 year olds.

They were also being fed dinner. Lissa wanted to feed the little infants and 1 year olds so she went there. Ms. Lovely ( yes that really is her name) asked me to help out with a 3 year old. He was a trouble maker and was refusing to do anything but play with blocks. His name was Damon Salvatore, Apparently they thought I could handle him. Well, the little tike couldn't be that bad could he. Even if he did throw a block at Ms. Lovely. And Stan. Well the Stan one I can believe. Better than me. I threw a book.

A/N: I know. The disclaimer for Damon Salvatore. I don't own him. I just thought it would be cute and funny to put him in here.

Ms. Lovely took me to the play area and showed me Damon. He was building what looks like to be a tower with the guards and everything around it. He even had blocks set around it for a "molt". He obliviously worked very hard on it and didn't want to stop until he was finished.

" oh, I remember when you were down here Rose" Ms. Lovely smiled at me. She was an older lady in her late 40's. Well that's not really old but you get the picture.

I just smiled at her. " alright, well I'll leave you to it. Bring him to the lunch area so he can eat his dinner" she said patting me on the shoulder walking away.

I walked over to Damon and kneed down to his height. He turned to me a smile on his face.

" Hi" he said and waved to me a block in his hand. I couldn't help but smile. He was just too adorable. How could he be that much trouble. Well, if he's like me then he could be.

" Hi. I'm Rose, what's you name?" I asked him a smile on my face. I sat all the way down on the floor sitting cris-cross applesauce. As I use to say.

" Damon" he said and turned back to his tower.

" hey Damon, can I help?" I asked him

He turned back around a smirk on his face " okay Rosie. You can build the tallest part since you bigger" he said standing up and handing me the blocks to make the tower taller.

I tried not to let it get to me that he called me Rosie.

We worked on the tower a couple of minutes. While Damon kept looking back to me making sure I was still here.

Another 5 minutes later, I broke the silence " Damon, how come you threw a block at Ms. Lovely" I asked him as he turned to look at me.

He shrugged and turned back around. OK I see how this is going to be.

" Damon" no answer

" Damon" still no answer

OK now he's getting on my nerves

" Damon" I said again. He turned around looking down at the floor.

"mm" he mumbled turning the block over in his hand. Avoiding my gaze.

" look at me" I said softly, letting him know I wasn't mad.

He lift his head up to me " I didn't mean to do it" he mumbled crossing his arms and kicked the block causing the whole tower to come falling down. He starred at the blocks on the floor and glared at it. Tears threatening to spill over.

" stupid blocks. I hate you" he said and kicked the blocks all over the floor. He continued this for another 2 minutes before dropping to the floor crying.

" Mm-yy tttoo-w-er" he wailed and continued to cry.

I walked over to him and picked him up. He got even angrier and started hitting me. His nails scratching me on my right cheek.

" ouch Damon" I said through my teeth placing him back on the floor. I felt my cheek and saw blood on my hand. I walked over to the sing wetting a paper towel and placing it on my cheek. I winced as it started to sting.

" Rosie" Damon said walking over to me patting my knee. I was sitting in one of the tiny chairs at the table. I looked at him. His blue eyes held sadness.

"yes?" I asked him

" I'm Sorry" he said tears spilling from his eyes " I didn't mean to" he wailed. I picked him up in my lap rocking him. Patting his back. He laid his head on my chest.

" shh, it's OK" I cooed.

Damon got his self together lifting his head up, looking me in the eye. " I'm really sorry" he nodded his head sniffing.

I lifted his chin up to me " it's OK but you have to control your temper OK?" I said to him

He pouted " but I was mad" he grumbled crossing his arms

" that's not an excuse" I said looking at him again. He huffed looking away. He then turned back around to me

" OK" he nodded again playing with my hands

I patted his head " that's my little man" I said ruffling his hair. He giggled swatting my hand away.

" that's what my momma says" he said laying his head back down on my chest. I patted his back.

" come on, let's clean the blocks up and get you something to eat" I said as I sat him down and took his hand. He scowled but reluctantly followed me.

" Rosie, will you help me build nother tower?" Damon asked me his eyes going big, a smile on his face. I shook my head. How could I say no?

I ruffled his hair " sure buddy, tomorrow okay?" I said smiling at his expression

" yay!" he jumped around me. I chuckled .

We cleaned up the mess. I picked him up sitting him on my hip as we walked down the hall. He smiled to himself laying his head on my shoulder.

I shook my head as I came back from the memory. That little boy is something else. We ended making another tower bigger and taller than the last one. When I'm not to busy I go down there and play with him. He really is too cute. Not to mention he is the only one who can call me Rosie.

" Hello! Earth to Rose!" Adrian all but yelled in my face waving a hand in my face. I blinked and smacked his hand away.

" what?" I asked as everyone starred at me.

" Rose, we've been calling you for the past 5 minutes" Lissa said concern in her voice " you okay?"

" yeah, just thinking about Damon" I said smiling at Lissa. She smiled also.

" yeah, he's so cute" Lissa said

Christian looked at her " who's Damon?" he asked jealously clear in his voice. Me and Lissa rolled our eyes. Dimitri already knew about Damon and thought her was adorable.

"Chill Fire-boy. Unless your afraid of a 3 year old, and are afraid Lissa is going to dump you for him" I said rolling my eyes. Again.

He had a stupid look on his face. I shook my head. OK enough of this. I'm not going to spend my entire day in the Infirmary if there's nothing wrong with me.

" long story short?..." I asked looking at Dr. Oldenzki waiting for an answer

My parents along with Dimitri shot me a look. As to say stop being rude. I shrugged, no need to beat around the bush.

" Ahh, yes I'll make this quick. I have to be somewhere" she said

" alright. So when Vasilisa healed you, you were holding an infant right?" she asked looking at us

Me and Lissa nodded.

" my guess is that when Vasilisa healed you. She by accident healed the baby and you together. Causing you to become a baby" She said. See I wasn't so off about my 1st theory.

"huh?" Almost everyone in the room asked.

" that makes no sense" My father said with my mother nodding along

She sighed, oh. Who knew Dr. Oldenzki has attitude? " Lissa accidentally healed the baby, which then healed Rose. It took a day for the process to happen, so when the striogi bit rose. His blood went into her system and stopped the process. Leaving her into a baby for a while" she finished

Everyone seemed to slowly nod their head, digesting the information. It was Dimitri who broke the silence.

" But, that doesn't explain why she started growing back over again until she's her current age" Dimitri responded as he looked to Dr. Oldenzki

She nodded seeming to have already saw this coming " Since Rose wasn't "healed" again while she was still a baby, her body continued to age until it stopped at her current age" She replied looking at the clock on the wall.

" but why was her aging go rapidly fast" My mother asked. Always gotta have answers.

" their was still some of the spirit in her, from when she was healed. The striogi slowed it down, but didn't stop it. Her body reacted by her growing rapidly" She said again

Before anybody could say anything she spoke again.

" I have a patient I must attend to. If you have anymore question, I'll answer them on my break in another hour" She said nodding to us and walking out the door

Adrian smirked " ha-ha I would be annoyed with you all too, with all of this going on" Adrian chuckled

Note to self: Check if the Darkness is getting to Adrian. This is the 2nd time he did something ' un-Adrian Like'.. Well then again this is Adrian were talking about.

" did she just bull-" I started but my mother cut me off

" Rosemarie, watch your mouth" She scolded me, her tone disappointing

I rolled my eyes at her. Dimitri shook his head at my language. O come on!

" I think what Rose is trying to say is. Is that all?" Eddie retorted looking at us

Well, that's not actually what I was going for. But I think he got it.

" I guess it is..." Christian trailed off


" Alright, well if you all are done being all awkward, I have to go. Come by my room later little dhampir" Adrian winked at me and left out the door.

Christian nodded too. " I have to turn in a assignment that was due yesterday...now" Christian said after kissing Lissa on the cheek and walking out the door.

I shrugged " come on Lis, I gotta tell you something. See you guys later" I told everyone as me Lissa made out way out of the infirmary.





Some time later, me, Lissa, and Dimitri were in the Elementary Campus again. They needed some help, since 5 of the teachers had to fill in again. They asked Dimitri to fill in, I had to go since it was my training time. I didn't mind though, I haven't seen Damon since before I turned into a kid again. And Lissa, just loved kids so she wanted to tag along.

" Rosie!" Damon shouted as he threw his block down a smile on his face

I chuckled " hey little man" I said smiling as I ruffled his hair. He giggled.

" where have yous been?" he questioned crossing his arms

" I've just been a little busy buddy" I told him picking him up into my arms " but I'm here now. Wanna play blocks?" I asked knowing he was going to say yes

" yay! Block. Block. Blocks!" he shouted in glee getting down, and taking me by the hand to the block station.

Lissa and Dimitri Chuckled at him. As Lissa went with the infants again, and Dimitri with the toddlers.




It was about 8pm (mori time) when I got back to my room. Lissa went back to her dorm and said something about a nice long bubble bath and some solitaire on the computer. I shook my head. That game is weird. And I usually end up quitting before I even get 2 cars matched up. Dimitri was with me and said he could stay for a while since he had a shift in the morning.

I changed into my pajamas as Dimitri took his shoes over and laid on my bed. His hand behind his head. I crawled in and snuggled closer to him breathing in his scent. He wrapped his arms around me, pulling me closer.

" I love you" he said kissing my forehead, tracing light circles on my back

I smiled looking up at him " as much as I love you?" I asked him bringing my hand up to stroke his cheek

He shook his head " Do you know how much I love you" he said taking my hand in his and kissing each of my knuckles

" if it's as much as how much I love you, then yes I do" I told him enjoying the feeling of being with him

He sighed and wrapped the covers around us. A comfortable silence surrounding us. " Goodnight Roza, may sweet dreams be with you" he said kissing my forehead.

I couldn't help but yawn, causing him to smile " night comrade" I said as I closed my eyes a smile on my face.

Awe, now didn't you just Love that?

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