So, I should be working on two other stories I'm in the middle of writing but Haven is my new favorite show and writing a story about it was just an itch I had to scratch. When looking up CIP (the disorder that Nathan has) I found that while people who have it can't feel pain or temperature (actually, some can feel temperature but not all), they can feel sensation. Please review; it's my personal drug of choice. Oh, and I do not own Haven or the characters, bummer. Story takes place after episode three. Anyway, on with the show….-

Due to past experience, Nathan Wournos knew that phone calls in the dead of night never produced good news. It was something he'd learned as a kid since his father was an officer for the Haven Police Department. He could remember getting up and getting ready for school and there would be an empty chair at the kitchen table where his father usually sat. On those days, his mom always made pancakes, which was Nathan's favorite food. His father preferred eggs, pancakes were too sweet in the morning for him, so when Officer Wournos received an early call into work then Nathan was too jazzed about eating the seldom made food to worry about the call or his father's safety. His mother was a smart woman.

After she died, things changed. Nathan became a teenager and late night calls and his father's absence in the morning became a relief, a reprieve from the tension between the two. That old saying about how you could cut the tension in the room with a knife was only too true in the Wournos household. It also meant that Nathan might go an entire day without seeing his father because late night phone calls usually made for long work hours. Lack of supervision led to Nathan getting into plenty of trouble with his buddy, Duke Crocker, who went from best friend to worst enemy in the blink of an eye. Their falling out was one of the few times that his father had been right about something, or in this case someone.

"You stay away from that Crocker hooligan. He ain't worth spit and will only bring trouble and pain to anyone he's close too, mark my words," the Chief said.

It was true but what the Chief and everyone else seemed to ignore was that the same could be said about him as well. Like the Rev. said, Nathan was alone. He preferred it that way. There was something wrong with him, and not just the CIP and his inability to feel pain and temperature, but a numbness inside that threatened to swallow him whole.

Duke had hit the nail on the head with his "real boy" comments, implying that Nathan was not a real person because he couldn't feel. Nathan easily ignored the implication that he was also impotent because that was Duke for you, always aiming below the belt. Then Nathan caught the crazy bug going around and went after Duke, only proving how much the comments and his disorder affected him. Surprisingly, Duke hadn't given him too much grief over that but Nathan was pretty sure that it was because he wanted to stay on Audrey's good side. Speaking of Audrey...

"Hello?" Nathan said, expecting to hear the sound of his new partner's voice.

For some reason, the Chief had taken a real shine to Audrey Parker so Nathan wouldn't have been surprised if she had gotten a call before him. The Chief loved to undermine his son just as his son loved to goad and disrespect his old man.

"Nate, you better get over to Parker's. There's been a fire," he heard his father say in a gruff, clipped tone.

"What? What happened? Is she all right?" Nathan asked instantly rolling out of bed and searching for the jeans he'd left on the floor while undressing for bed.

He tried and failed to ignore the way his heart started to pound, feeling like it was going to burst from his chest. And why was he sweating all of a sudden?

"She's a bit banged up, crazy girl jumped out of a second floor window, if you can believe that," his father snorted but Nathan could just hear a hint of relief in the old man's voice. "Apartment building's a complete loss, though."

"How'd it start?" Nathan asked, juggling the phone so he could put on a shirt on.

"Not sure how it started yet, still working on getting the damn fire completely out and waiting on the fire inspector," his father answered.

"Everyone else got out all right?" Nathan grunted as he tried to unknot his shoe laces once he'd reached his living room fully clothed.

"Yeah, Audrey was the only one who had any trouble. We got lucky tonight," his father said.

Nathan silently agreed with his father and answered that he would be there in a few minutes, then hung up. Clipping his gun to his belt and slipping his badge into the pocket of the jacket he put on, Nathan quickly left the small house he rented and made sure to lock the door behind him. He got into the old pickup which was his most prized possession and sped out of his driveway, taking a sharp turn towards Audrey's new place. He knew she had just moved all of her stuff into the small apartment she decided to rent "for the time being since I don't know how long I'm going to be here. I'm just a loan," and that meant that all of her possessions were probably gone know. Shit. He hoped this fire turned out to be a weird case since Audrey loved weird cases and might not feel so bad about all her stuff burning up if she was preoccupied.

He sighed. Somehow, he doubted that a weird case would really make her feel better but he still didn't know his partner well enough to judge how she might react to this so it was a small but realistic hope. Shaking his head at himself, Nathan laid his foot down on the gas pedal. The sooner he could see Audrey face to face and assure himself that she was okay, the better.