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Audrey never did end up moving out of Nathan's house.

It wasn't something she and Nathan planned or really even talked much about (at first anyway). There just never seemed to be enough time in the day to look for a new place to live between her job and being with Nathan, who always had something else better planned whenever she brought it up. She caught on pretty quickly that he didn't want her to go anywhere and honestly, Audrey didn't really want to leave. So she stayed and kept her mouth shut about it.

Their first date took place a couple of days after they apprehended the Gaynes. Nathan went all out and made reservations at a restaurant outside of Haven (to minimize the chance of being stared at or interrupted). He was nervous as hell and having to wear a jacket with a tie wasn't helping any with the way his hands were sweating. Then, Audrey opened the bedroom door and stepped out in a simple skirt and soft sweater set and all of his apprehension just evaporated. They smiled at each other and she held onto his arm for balance while she stepped into the low heel shoes that she had left out in the living room earlier that day. Nathan felt his chest swell at the simple yet telling action and wondered if that would be one of the many quirks that Audrey had that he would get to experience every day for as long as she would have him. He did make a face when she straightened up his tie but he let her play with the knot and smooth down the small piece of fabric without any verbal protest.

"Don't you clean up nice," she grinned once she was finished.

Nathan just smiled and covered her hand that laid flat against his chest with his own before pulling it up to his mouth and kissing the back of it. Eyebrows raised, Audrey rolled her eyes but her cheeks were starting to turn that fascinating shade of pink that he noticed seemed to happen when someone interrupted them during an intimate moment, like the Chief at the station a few days ago, or when he did something that made her feel vulnerable. He figured out that while her mouth and body language might say one thing, her blush told him something else and that was what he paid attention to. A blush meant that he had done something right, something she secretly loved and would rather poke her own eyes out than admit.

Dinner went off without a hitch. The restaurant was intimate and dimly lit. The food was great, the wine excellent and the conversation flowed without any of those horrible awkward pauses that first dates sometimes were full of. Of course, Nathan figured that since he and Audrey lived and worked together, they already knew each other better than any other couple on their first date would. By the time the check had arrived, they were in the middle of a friendly yet heated debate over the strangest person they'd ever arrested (Nathan had clearly won that argument but Audrey never gave up on anything easily) .

The ride home was quiet and they held hands the entire time. A peaceful silence had settled over them and while both knew it wouldn't last given their occupations and where they lived, they enjoyed it while they could.

Once they reached Nathan's house and left the truck, Audrey paused just outside of the front door as Nathan quickly unlocked it. He held the door open for her but Audrey leaned against the door frame instead and smirked at him.

"Don't I get a kiss goodnight?" she asked.

"Out here?" Nathan asked, then jerked his head towards the neighbor's house where he could see a face trying and failing to hide behind a half closed curtain. "You do realize the whole neighborhood is watching. The phone lines around town are really going to be buzzing tonight."

"Well then, I for one do not want to disappoint. I mean, we might as well give them something to talk about," Audrey said as she took a step away from the doorframe and into Nathan's personal space.

"Who knew that my partner was an exhibitionist. Huh," Nathan said before Audrey cut him off by placing her hands on his shoulders and lifting herself up on her tip toes to kiss him.

Even though Audrey had started the kiss, Nathan quickly took control of it. He wrapped his arms around her and with one hand cupping the back of her head he kissed her until he felt her nails dig into his shoulders. Lifting his head back up he took a large breath of air to try to calm himself down but stopped once he looked down into Audrey's face. Her blue eyes were dark, her skin flushed and her lips parted as she tried to catch her breath as well. Nathan could feel her breasts brush against him as her chest rose and fell and he lifted his hand to smooth down her wind ruffled hair.

"I think I'm done being a gentleman," Nathan said, gently pushing Audrey backwards into the house.

Her hands tightened against his shoulders as she let him lead her inside, "It's about goddamned time, Wournos.

Audrey woke up before Nathan the next morning. She slowly pried her eyes open and tried to roll over but Nathan had his arms wrapped securely around her waist. She could feel his bare chest against her back, actually she could feel his bare everything and snuggled back against him. It wasn't like they had to be anywhere that day and Audrey wanted to enjoy the silence of the morning with Nathan's warmth wrapped around her like a blanket and his breath on her shoulder making goose bumps appear up and down her arm.

"What time is it?" Nathan's deep voice asked, thick with sleep.

"Clock's on your side," Audrey said with a shrug.

She felt Nathan shift slightly and then wiggle back into place, "It's only seven, too early."

Sighing, she mumbled her agreement and turned her body so that she was facing Nathan. He loosened his hold on her to give her a little space and ran his hand up and down her back which instantly made her eyes drop. She sighed again as she moved closer to him, abandoning her pillow for his. She felt his lips rest against her forehead and she slid one arm around his waist, pulling him against her until their bodies were pressed together. It wasn't long until they were both fast asleep again and hours later Audrey would wake up to Nathan kissing a trail down her body, creating more goose bumps. Neither would leave the house that day.

A couple of months later the Chief slapped a sheet of paper face down onto Audrey's desk and grumbled that he would need it back by the end of the day. Confused, she glanced across the office at Nathan who looked up from the report he was writing and he shrugged his reply. Turning the paper over, she narrowed her eyes as she read it.

"Permanent Change of Address," she read out loud.

Nathan just stared at her so she continued, "Your dad already filled it out for me. He put down your address."

"Makes sense," Nathan said.

Audrey rolled her eyes. She hated when he did his 'man of few words' routine. It usually just meant that he was uncomfortable and wasn't sure how to move around a verbal minefield without it blowing up in his face.

"I think that he's trying to make a point about us living together. You know, making it official or something," Audrey said, frowning down at the paper in question.

Nathan just stared at her. She rolled her eyes again.

"Well, is it official? Do we live together?" Audrey asked.

"Yes," Nathan answered, expression still guarded.

"Okay then," Audrey said, picking up a pen and signing the bottom of the paper.

She stood up, grabbed the paper and made her way over to his desk. Giving him a look of exasperation she caressed his cheek with her empty hand and bent down to give him a quick peck on the lips.

"I hope this isn't how you propose someday," she said and grinned as she walked away from him and out of the office, feeling his shocked stare against her back.

Audrey nodded to herself as she walked towards the Chief's office. Moving to Haven was definitely the best decision that Audrey had ever made. Next to moving in with Nathan, of course.