Finally! A Chapter! Sorry for the long wait! I'm making this an AU story, by the way. Read the update before this chapter for more information. I know this chapter isn't very long, but atleast it's something. (:

Before leaving for China, Optimus sent out a message into space to any surviving Cybertronians. Particularly meant only for Autobots, Decepticons would be able to get this message also. Optimus really had no other choice because he needed to get in touch with any living Autobot to fight the Decepticons and protect Earth. After sending this message, Optimus, Ironhide, Sideswipe, and Ratchet set off to China.

Living on a military base and working with the United States government made it easy to quickly get to China. Ironhide immediately wanted to begin searching for the wretched Decepticons and Optimus didn't stop him. The reports of Decepticon sightings were around North Beijing, but being such the large city that it was, the Autobots had to split up.

After a few hours, the Autobots had taken down three Decepticons. None had any information about the main base though. This brought disappointment to the Autobots.

Jackii was brought to an enormous room at the Decepticon base, but laying on a table in the middle of that room was what captured her attention. There on a medical table undoubtedly built for a gigantic being lay the unmoving yet still menacing body of Megatron.

Jackii tried to back away, but was easily shoved towards Megatron.

Hellraiser grabbed Jackii by her head and literally dragged her to the table, which up close, was almost taller than Jackii herself.

"Okay, Autobot scum, heal him. Now!" Megatron's sparkmate demanded and unlocked the stasis cuffs around Jackii's wrists.

As the cuffs fell to the floor, Jackii shook her head and tried to back away again, but was met with a loaded cannon to her back from Starscream.

"I'm waiting," Hellraiser glared.

Jackii gulped and sighed and walked back to the table.

But there was a problem.

Hellraiser clicked her metal tongue against the roof her mouth impatiently and questioned, "Well? What's the matter? I know you're the one that can heal. Now fix him!"

Jackii shook her head and as Hellraiser raised her own cannons at Jackii, Jackii gave a grin.

"The problem is...I'm too short to reach his spark chamber..." Jackii gave a tiny, quiet laugh which ignited snickering from Starscream and a smirk from Barricade, who Jackii just now happened to notice was also in the room. This caused Hellraiser to frown deeply. Growing even more impatient, Hellraiser moved a metal crate in front of Jackii and glared even harder at her.

Jackii's laughter and the Decepticons' snickering ended abruptly. Jackii sighed shakily and stepped onto the box, 'I guess I don't really have a choice, do I...?'

She hovered her hands over Megatron's opened chestplate and above his spark chamber. Her hands begin to emit the bright blue they always did when she used the power of the Allspark.

Though the Decepticons knew she was one with the Allspark and the powers she possessed, every one of them became greatly surprised as they watched with their own eyes in awe as Megatron's spark began to reignite.

Having brought Jazz back, Jackii already knew what she had to do, though it wasn't any easier than before. It took about fifteen minutes but Jackii knew she was almost done. Using her power this time, she discovered she could see the energon run through Megatron's body, but only when she was healing him. She saw the energon began to flow through his metallic veins and spread throughout his body.

Just as she was about to pull away, Megatron's crimson optics sprung open, looked at her right in her own glowing, bright blue optics, and wrapped his clawed hand around her tiny throat.

"...H-h-help..." was all she could manage to choke out.