Season 5
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Characters-Yugi, Mana, Yami, Bakura, Ryou, Joey, Tristan, Tea, 7 Priests, Shadaa, Zorc, Egypt's residence, Seto, Kisara, and Bobassa.
*flicker buzz flicker*
Ryou ran for his life. Mana had left his house, and suddenly, a very familiar voice filled his head.
Ryou: *pant pant*
He fell onto the ground.
Bakura: Where do you think you're going?
Ryou: Oh no! This can't be happening! Not ag-gain!
He ran for his life and entered a church.
Ryou: I should be safe in here...
(A/N Yeah Ryou. Safe in a catholic church when this entire show is about Egyptian religion. Are you catholic?)
He went to the front of the church. Suddenly the candles flickered on.
time skip
Mana was waiting in front of Ryou's door. Suddenly, a white haired someone went up the stairs of the apartment building.
Mana: Ryou?
Bakura: Not anymore...
Mana gasped as the man flinged her into the room. He laughed phychopathic like and pounced on her. She looked at him in fear.
Bakura: I'm surprised he never did this before. Just be glad this is his body...
He ripped his belt off. Before he could do anything else, Mana kicked him in the spot where the sun don't shine.
Bakura: Argh!
Mana ran out. She made it to her apartment and locked her door. Ryou's look-a-like tried to rape her!
Mana: Hey guys! I'm coming too! I'm sitting by you Yugi!
Yugi: Yeah! And Tristan is sitting by Joey! Tea, I don't know where your sitting.
Mana: Ok, let's go!
They went off the plane. As Tea bought a gift, Mana saw Malik.
Mana: Malik!
Malik: Mana? Oh hey guys!
As Mana glomped her friend, Ishizu smiled.
time skip
Yami held up the three Egyptian god cards. Suddenly, he was sucked up into a glowing light. Mana gasped as her soul was sucked in too. She and Yugi fell down to the ground. Bakura and Ryou left the body and followed.
Joey: Yug!
Tristan shook Mana.
Tristan: She's not breathing!
Yugi: The pharaoh, he's gone. Mana went with him!
Tea: But why?
Shadda: because she is part of the past.
Tristan: Who are you?
Yugi: Hey, you're Shadda, I met you in Pegasus's castle!
Tristan: Oh yeah, I remember, you saved me and Duke.
Joey: Where did Yami and Mana go!
Shadda: Into the ancient past...
in the ancient past
Mana woke up to find herself in a vase. She looked out and saw ancient Egypt. She saw the palace and walked in.
Mana: Yami!
She ran over, but was stopped by Mahaddo.
Mahaddo: Mana! Do not act like that to the pharaoh!
Yami: Let her go.
Mana ran over to Yami and hugged her friend.
Yami: What is it?
Mana: where are we?
Yami: Egypt apparently.
with Akefia
He trudged after the guards. The boy's sad face was looking at the floor when two lights struck him.
Bakura: I could have picked a better time...
A clatter filled the palace as Bakura rode in.
Mana: That's the guy who tried to rape me Yami!
Bakura: Ha! And you escaped.
next change
As priest Seto sealed away Diabound, Bakura choked.
Bakura: What the-!
Ryou: Where, where am I? Mana? Why are you tan? And you Yugi... Argh!
Suddenly, Ryou doubled over and the tablet broke, Bakura took over.
Bakura: That twerp is in here too?
Mana: Ryou...
Bakura called back Diabound and charged forward. He grabbed Mana by the hair and went up his horse, holding Mana in one arm.
Bakura: Goodbye! I'm taking this girl for myself! HAHAHAHA!
Yami: MANA NO!
Mana: YAMI!
Yami tried to follow but was held back. Mahaddo shook his head as Mana cried.
time skip
Bakura smirked as he bit into a fig. He spat out the seed.
Bakura: I'm coming for you pharaoh, very soon...
Mana: *muffled* mmm! Mm!
Bakura: oh shush!
He walked over and lifted her chin. 'Ryou has good taste.' Bakura thought.
Bakura leaned in and kissed her. She tensed. When he pulled away, he smirked at her shocked expression.
Bakura: I guess I took Ryou's girlfriend's first kiss.
Mana just stared at him in horror. She fainted.
Bakura: Finally, nighty night princess.
Mahaddo gasped in horror as Bakura held out Mana by the scruff of her dress.
Bakura: Hmm... Diabound, take her out...
Once outside, the guards saw her and gasped. Suddenly the horseman fleed to the hills at the sight of her.
time skip
Mana and Atem look up in horror as Mahaddo forms on the tablet.
Atem: No...
Mana: Bakura did this. But why is he so strong and cruel?
A tear fell down Mana's eye for the master she barely knew. When Isis came, Mana hugged her and explained what happened.
Isis: It's not your fault, you were being held against your will.
Mana: I have to be strong, I have to.
Mana pulled out her wand.
Mana: It's time to duel!
Everyone watched in horror as Yami fell into the dark abyss.
Tristan: Bakura you bastard!
As he punched Bakura, his expression changed, so did his voice.
Ryou: Tristan, why did you punch me?
Mana: Ryou?
Ryou looked over to her happily, and was about to walk over when he yelled in pain.
Tea: What's happening?
Bakura: You have spirit kid.
He lifted Tristan by the neck and inserted a part of his soul in his mind.
Mana: Ugh, magic is way too easy.
She flipped a poor fish in the air. Then she made it do the caramelldansen. Suddenly the fish wouldn't move.
Mana: Hey! Move you stupid fish! I'll eat you!
Then it hit her in the face.
Mana: owowowowowowowow...
Yugi: Mana?
Mana: oh, hey guys!
Yugi: Mana, did I ever tell you you look like the DMG?
Mana: Yeah, and I am.
Joey: Nyeh?
DMG helped Mahaddo out of danger.
Mahaddo: You were always my top student.
Mana smiled and tried to remember anything from her past life.
She slid down the pillar and joined Yami.
Akefia: What's happening to me?
Everyone looked in horror as Akefia began to glow.
Akefia: Why isn't anyone helping me?
The glow engulfed him, and suddenly he was on the floor coughing. Mana ran over.
Mahaddo: No! Mana he might still be dangerous!
Mana picked him up and healed him. He opened his eyes. They were... were...
Mana: Ryou?
Ryou: Mana, where am I? Why am I hurting so bad?
Bakura: I don't need that vessal anymore anyways.
Mana growled as she pulled Ryou away.
Mana sighed in relief as the war ended. She smiled at Ryou, who was soot covered and panting. His White Mage disappeared.
Mana: it's over.
Atem: it is, it's amazing.
Joey: Hey! You can't just chuck an eye at someone and leave!
Seto spun around and towered over Joey. Joey and Seto glared at eachother. Seto grabbed Joey by the collar of his shirt and kissed him. Mana smiled and walked to the entrance. Somebody was walking down.
Atem: It's Bakura!
Joey: I hope it's the good one!
Ryou: Hello everyone. Where are we? I had the strangest dream, we were... Ugh.
Mana caught him before he could fall to his untimely death.
Mana: Ryou?
Ryou: I need some food!
Joey: So do I. You don't see me passing out!
Mana: Joey, grab his legs will you?
Mana: Malik, what do we do now?
Malik: The ancient ceremony...
on the boat
Mana walked past Yugi's room. Tea was sobbing at the door. Mana scoffed and went into Ryou's room. He was stuffing his face with food.
Mana: Do you ever stop eating?
Ryou: No.
Mana laughed as some spaghetti fell on his shirt. His hair had chocolate in it.
Mana: Tea is taking this pretty hard.
Ryou wiped his shirt and hair.
Ryou: Well, she was in love with the pharaoh.
Mana scoffed again and plopped down on the bed. Ryou landed beside her.
Ryou: I'm gonna miss him...
Mana: Who?
Ryou: Other than you, Bakura was my only friend.
Mana: Oh.
As Yugi defeated all the gods, Mana grabbed Ryou's hands and they danced around in circles.
Both: He did it he did it he's better than the pharaoh!
Mana: Sorry bro!
As Atem entered the portal he looked around. Mana wasn't there.
Mana: I'm right here Atem. You wait for us in the afterlife, ok?
He smiled and gave them a thumbs up before going in.
Everybody ran out as the millennium items fell.
As the plane landed, they walked out. Rebecca and Yugi hugged as Tea glared at her. Serenity was hugged by Joey. Mana and Ryou look at their friends and was about to leave when Yugi asked them to join them. They all left, walking into the sunset.
2 months later
Mana: Yugi! Right here!
Yugi and the gang came to where Mana and Ryou were waiting.
Yugi: So when are you planning to ask her Bakura?
Ryou: uh...
Joey: Come on! You two were made for eachother!
Mana: Like you and Seto?
Joey blushed. They walked on. Yugi paused as his friends walked ahead.
Yugi: Yami, I know you never left us, you're watching over us, are you?
Tristan: Yugi!
As Yugi ran after his friends, a spirit watched as his aibou ran.
Atem: I'll always watch, aibou...
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