Waluigi's Awesome Adventure

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Waluigi Waluigi Waluigi... I got Waluigi on my brain, and that's because he's the best character evr created. WALUIGI TIME!

Disclaimer: Waluigi belongs to Nintendo. Everything else belong to their owners.

"Hey, where's Waluigi?" Toadette asked as she was having hamburgers at the Sunshine Airport with Dry Bowser and Petey Piranha inside the airplane terminal.

Dry Bowser rolled his eyes as he held his burger with both of his skeletal hands, shaking his boney head. "Knowing him, doing something completely stupid."

"I wish we could do more stupid things together!" Petey Piranha exclaimed in Gilbert Gottfried's voice as he chucked his entire fourth burger and a truckload of french fries down his mouth, gulping it all down with a huge sip of his Diet Pepsi as Toadette applauded him.

However, the story was not about these three jokers. It was about Waluigi.

And it was that wah-nderful time again.

Waluigi Time.

Waluigi, the greatest human to have ever lived, or at least what likely constituted as a human anyway, has had a lot of awesome, undocumented adventures under his belt, but mostly everyone have never heard of them. And for good reason. Waluigi's adventures were so awesome that Waluigi personally kept them secret. This very reason is why it seems that Waluigi is only present in the kart races, sports, and parties. But in particular, they are more proof that Waluigi is too awesome for anyone to handle.

And that is what led Waluigi to yet another great adventure. Platforming or not, Waluigi was dead set on getting through any obstacles in the way, and he did so in such a fashion it would make even the most renowned adventurers jealous. As Waluigi went through the thick foliage of the tropical jungle located several miles on the southern part of the planet, Waluigi pushed back against the creatures that attacked him. Fighter Flies, Kritters, Cobrats, Piranha Plants... all of them were nothing compared to what Waluigi endured. With a punch, and a kick, and a whirl, and a switch, Waluigi managed to take care of all the foes in one tiny little bit.

Dusting his hands together with delicate relative ease, Waluigi slid down a dirty mud pit as he started running again, his extremely skinny body getting great exercise when he was suddenly snatched in the air by the vine of a hungry, yellow green colored venus fly trap, the other four tentacles frantically waving. Waluigi screamed as he struggled to break free, being swallowed inside of the venus fly trap, closing its mouth shut as its fifth vine plopped on the firm jungle ground.

All in all, Waluigi had an awesome adventure. Because he was that awesome. Although he wasn't just awesome.

He was Waluigi.