This is one of a series for spnquotefic where quotes from the episode are used as prompts for stories that do not have to have any connection to the episode itself. The quote for this is from 1.06 SKIN:DEAN: Look, it sucks, but in a job like this, you can't get close to people, period.
SAM: You're kind of anti-social, you know that?

Title: Ten Minute Interlude
Author: borgmama1of5
Summary: Dean picks up a girl while Sam waits
Spoilers: none, mid season 1
Wordcount: 450
Disclaimer: Not mine or there would be lots of happy interludes
Genre & pairing: Het-Dean/OFC (Sam POV)
Rating: R

She's clearly not wearing a bra.

Sam can tell and he's not even particularly looking, and he watches Dean descend into full-on charming horn-dog mode. So possibly Sam feels the tiniest bit of jealous admiration that his brother can be so blatantly obvious and girls still fall all over him - but Sam will only acknowledge Dean's amazing, unorthodox talent if a gun is held to his head, and maybe not even then if Dean would hear it.

With a satisfied smirk in Sam's direction, Dean heads off with his arm around the waist of the brunette with the alert nipples and second-skin jeans and Sam has another beer by himself. Then a third, because Dean will be a while and although Sam can feel the once-over he's getting from a couple different girls in the bar, he's just not into the casual hook-up. Never was, and certainly not now, after …

The cigarette smoke is getting to him. It's always puzzled him that his body has no problem with the smoke from the routine – sometimes not-routine – salt-and-burn but cigarette smoke makes his throat tight and his lungs hurt, so he decides to duck out for some air.

It's chilly, still too early for the weather to have registered that it's actually spring, and Sam figures he should stay away from the Impala for the moment. Instead he heads to the far side of the parking lot and into the alley.

He's in the shadow of the building next door when he realizes his mistake.

She is up against the back wall of the bar, long legs up around Dean's waist. Her jeans are puddled on the ground by Dean's feet and he is rocking into her with a smooth rhythm while his mouth works her neck, one hand inside her shirt while the other supports her ass.

Sam doesn't mean to spy but he is afraid that moving will make a noise that will draw attention. He looks away but can hear the discreet whimpers the girl is making, and then Sam can't stop the automatic turn of his head when he hears his brother's low groan. Not pain, he instantly corrects his gut reaction to Dean's noise.

The diffused glow from the alley light highlights the mirroring of the two arched necks as both heads are angled back in abandon.

For just a moment his brother is not the dangerously coiled hunter calculating on the fly how to handle a situation to minimize collateral damage. For just a moment Dean is a simply a guy fucking a girl for mutual pleasure, for a momentary connection to another human being.

Sam thinks his brother deserves more than that, but that Dean will never see it that way.