AN: storyline is mine but unfortunately, these wonderful characters belong to L.J Smith and Stephanie Meyer! This is my first fanfic, so please be nice :)

chapter 1
the move


It was a cloudy Saturday afternoon and my mum and I had just arrived in the town of Forks, my new home to be since my mum decided to move in with her new boyfriend which she met in an online chat room. I already missed my old friends and big city life. Los Angeles had been my home for as long as I can remember. Looking out at all the green and brown passing me, I could already tell that my life here would be very different to what I was used to. No more going to the mall after school, sneaking out to parties down the road or last minute trips to the movies. Anything fun here was about an hours drive away. My name is Jenny Thornton, I'm 16yrs old and I've just gone from city chick to small town, country bumpkin in less than 24hrs. GREAT!

ALICE POV (two weeks prior)

I was lying on my bed flicking through my new Vogue magazine when I had the vision. My new best friend would be moving to Forks and I was super excited! She had amazing taste in clothes, she was outgoing and smart and most of all, she would be the one to tame my brothers heart and open his eyes to the world around him.

Julian Cullen, the forks bad boy. Notorious for perfect grades without trying, breaking girls hearts with his good looks and being unattainable. He'd rather be by himself or with his family than have real friends.

Julian is different to the rest of our family though, we are all vampires but he is a shadow man. He's the only one in our family who ages and he has grown a lot since we first adopted him into our family 13 years ago. He was an adorable 3yr old with deep blue eyes framed with black lashes, dark eyebrows with thick super blond hair which was so blond that it was white and we couldn't resist taking him in after the other shadow men threw him out into the human world and left him for dead. When they carved his name in the rune stave they didn't expect a baby to appear. They also didn't expect him to grow.

So now, here we are, 9 vampires, a werewolf and a shadow man, all living happily together (well in the same area as Renesmee and Jacob Black who are now married and are living on the Reservation with their children) and about to have our family extended again! Don't you just love a happy ending?


"Aaaahhhh...I've finally finished." I flopped backwards on my bed and studied my new room which was now all set up in our new house. all my clothes were now unpacked and put away, a vanity with a mirror which was full of my cosmetics and perfume stood to the right of my room and a small bookshelf stood to the left of my bed it was actually a pretty nice room, big, with cream colored carpet, white walls which would match any color I decided to deck it out my bed with. A gorgeous wooden bed frame, dark, with a beautiful floral design on the posts stood against one wall with a gorgeous white flowing mosquito net surrounding it. A princess' bed was what I referred beds like this to when I was younger. I had always wanted one and now I had one. Yay me! I had one more day of rest and relaxation before I started school here so I knew exactly what I would be doing tomorrow- SHOPPING! Even if it meant having to drive an hour.

Unlike my old private school- this one didn't have school uniforms! HELL YEAH! So ill need to buy something sexy but not slutty, smart but not prudish, stylish but not too much. Gotta make a good impression! Wish I had someone who could come along with me. Maybe ill meet someone tomorrow...


Looks like I'm heading to the mall tomorrow! I can't wait!