Chapter 12

What happens in a tent


OH MY GOD!I just saw Jenny's boobs! I had just finished changing clothes and Edward had let me know everyone was going hunting for the night so no one would be able to hear us if things got a bit heavy. Thank god for that! Anyway, I thought Jenny might have finished changing by then so I peeked into the tent. What I saw completely caught me off guard. Jenny standing in the tent; looking around. Her arms by her side; the small lamp in the tent reflecting off her skin. Her tall, lean, lightly tanned body. Her perfect breasts; firm and just the right size with little rosy nipples. I gasped at the sight and Jenny must have heard me because her arms flew to her chest just as I ducked out of sight. "Julian..? You can come in now." Oh man, this is so embarrasing. Now she's going to think I'm a perve. Even if she is my girlfriend. It also doesn't help that I am now aroused. Let's just hope she doesn't look down. I ducked into the tent and zipped it up. Still not looking at her, I apologised. "I am so sorry Jenny. I thought you had finished changing. I should of asked before I was about to come in. I didn't see much! Promise!" "Oh... It's ok Julian. You are my boyfriend. You were bound to see them eventually." Wow. She said that so casually. I looked up at her face but she was still blushing. So was I. I smiled at her to ease the tension and walked over to her. "You're so beautiful. Did you know that?" She smiled and all the nerves were gone. I reached up and undid the bow in her hair and watched her hair fall free around her shoulders. "There. Perfect." I opened my arms and she stepped into them for a hug. I kissed her on her forhead and nose before kissing her on the lips lightly. She looked up at me with her big green eyes and kissed me back. We kissed some more while I pulled her down onto our sleeping bags. I reached over and turned off the lamp quickly before kissing her again. This time more deeply.

I pushed Jenny onto her back slowly while slowly nudging her legs open with my knees so I was between them. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me closer so that I was on top of her. Our tongues danced together while we struggled to go without air. We broke apart panting and I started to kiss down her neck. Jenny ran her fingers through my hair while trying to catch her breath. I continued kissing down her neck and across her collarbones. She didn't stop me when I started kissing further down her chest, down to her stomach. I sat back on my knees and ran my hands over stomach and up the side of her body. "Is this ok?" She nodded and sat up. I paused with my hands on her thighs. "Take this off?" I nodded and lifted my arms as she took off my shirt. Tossing it aside, she climbed onto my lap and tangled her fingers in my hair and pulled my face to hers. My fingers went around her waist and dipped under her pajama singlet. I ran my hands over her silky skin slowly going higher and stopped just under her breasts. "It's ok Julian. You can touch me." I ran my hands up and onto her breasts. So soft and warm. Jenny; momentarily distracted by the new feeling, went back to kissing me full force. I massaged them with my hands; ran my thumbs over her raised nipples. She moaned and ground her hips on my lap which caused me to moan in return. I grapped her top and pulled it over her head and touched her again. Jenny tipped her head back thrusting her chest into my face. I latched onto one of her nipples with my mouth and sucked and teased it with my tongue. Jenny's fingers tugged harder on my hair but I barely noticed the pain. After a few more minutes Jenny climbed off my lap and laid down, pulling me with her. We lay on sides facing each other. Our bodies and hands touching each other; learning, exploring. Tongues dancing. Heavy breathing. Jenny pulled away and hitched a leg over my hip, rolling me onto my back, climbing on top. I was aroused and she could feel me between her thighs. Her hands on my chest for support, she rocked forward on her hips. We both moaned loudly at the feeling. I grabbed her hips and pulled her down harder while pushing up at the same time with every rock forward she did on me. Jenny got faster and faster and our breathing got louder as we started to become out of breath. A few minutes later Jenny tensed and scrunched her face up slightly while letting out a small scream. At the sight of this I felt my own release shoot through, into my pajama pants. Jenny shakily climbed off my lap and collapsed onto the sleeping bag next to me. "Wow..." "Yeah, Wow Jenny." We were both lost for words. Panting in the darkness of our tent. What an experience. No wonder my siblings couldn't keep their hands off each other. If we had this much fun doing simple foreplay, I couldn't imagine finally losing it. Jenny sat up and felt around for her pajama top. Once locating it, she put it back on, laid down and snuggled into my side. "Goodnight J." She said and kissed my cheek. "Goodnight Angel." So exhausted from travelling all day and what had just happened with Jenny, I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep almost instantly...