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Snake and Fox 10

It has been six months since the end of the chuunin exams. Naruto and Anko continued to do missions together and became revered as the Demon Snake Duo, earning s-rank status and flee on sight orders in the bingo books of all the enemy villages, though that's only Iwa and Ame since Konoha's other enemies began peace negotiations soon after Naruto and Anko decimated what was left of the Sound Village.

Locally, things are going great for the couple, as their reputations grew and they foiled a coup de tat attempt from Danzo, the vast majority of the village now supports and respects the two, Naruto is even unofficially pegged to be Tsunade's replacement when she steps down.

And so we find Anko walking through the crowded streets of the village. Though she is currently paying little attention to the smiles and greetings she is receiving, as she is too caught up replaying the news she just received over and over in her head.


Anko walked into Tsunade's office in the hokage tower. "Ah, Anko, feeling better are we? I was somewhat worried when Naruto left alone this morning cause he said you were feeling sick." The busty blonde stated as she saw who had entered her office.

"Actually that's why I'm here. See, I've been feeling sick for a few days now and you're the only one I trust to check me out." she replied.

"Oh, ok. Well I've got some time before my next meeting so I guess I can have a look now. What seems to be the problem?" she asked as she got up and walked over to the younger woman.

"Well I've been throwing up a lot and having some weird mood swings...well, weirder than usual." Tsunade raised an eyebrow and Anko sighed.

"I know, that's what I thought too, that's why I wanted you to be the one to check." She explained.

Tsunade nodded and did some hand signs, covering her hands in a pleasant green glow. She then passed the hands over Anko's body. Her hands stopped over the woman's abdomen and eventually the glow faded and she took her hands back.

"Well it looks like you were right. You're definitely pregnant, about two months I'd say."

Anko nodded and sat down in one of the chairs in front of the hokage desk. "And is everything ok with it?" she asked nervously.

Tsunade sighed, understanding the unasked question. "Well, it appears to be healthy and developing normally, though it has quite a large chakra supply for this stage in the pregnancy. But, the chakra is definitely human, not demon. And at this stage, there are no extra appendages." she said confidently, putting a comforting hand on Anko's shoulder.

"You're sure?" she asked worriedly, receiving another nod from Tsunade "Oh thank god." she said relieved, as she sat back in the chair and began to rub her abdomen where her baby is.

"Congratulations Anko. I can't wait to see the look on Naruto's face when you tell him." Tsunade declared with a bright smile on her face.


'What the hell is Naru-kun going to think? I mean, I know he's always wanted a family, and he is always saying how he wants to be with me forever, but he's still technically thirteen for fucks sake! Oh god what if he doesn't want it? What if he doesn't want me anymore cause he thinks I've ruined his life? What if he-' her panicked thoughts were cut off when she was struck from behind and knocked out.

"Good Kisame, now let's get out of here before someone gets brave." said one of her attackers while the other one, Kisame, slung her limp body over his shoulder.

"Ok Itachi, keep your cloak on." the bigger of the two replied jovially, before they both disappeared, leaving a street full of stunned and frightened villagers, stunned because of what happened, and frightened of what Naruto is going to do when he finds out.

"Someone tell the hokage!" a random onlooker yelled.

Naruto had a bad feeling when he arrived back at the village. He didn't bother stopping to check in with the guards, everyone knows who he is, so he just headed straight for the hokage tower, eager to report in and then check in on his love. He had been worried the entire time he was gone, Anko never refused a mission, especially a high profile assassination like this one was, so something must be very wrong with her. And since about an hour ago, he had had this unexplained feeling, as if something really bad was happening. The result of these collective worries was Naruto bursting into Tsunade's office without bothering to knock and apparently intruding on a meeting between the current and previous Hokages.

"Hey Baa-chan, Jii-san, Naruto Uzumaki reporting in, mission accomplished as planned. Crime lord is dead, land of waves is free and everyone is happy. So if you'll excuse me." he said as he turned to leave.

"Naruto wait! We have to tell you something." Tsunade yelled before he could reach the doorway.

Naruto stopped and turned to face them, "Can it wait Baa-chan? I wanna in check up on Anko-chan, she wasn't feeling too good this morning." Naruto whined, his childish antics clashing with his incredible power and reputation.

The Hokages shared a worried look, "Actually Naruto, it's about Anko." Sarutobi said solemnly.

Instantly Naruto was in front of him holding him up by the collar in a state of panic, "What? What is it? What happened to her? Where is she? I wanna see her now!" he cried desperately.

"NARUTO PUT HIM DOWN NOW!"Tsunade commanded. Naruto did and took a step back.

"Sorry Jii-san. But please tell me what's going on." he begged.

"It appears as though two hours ago, two missing nin infiltrated the village and kidnapped Anko. I'm sorry Naruto." Sarutobi said.

"What? Who? Why?" Naruto demanded, his panic quickly being replaced with anger, forcing his shroud to appear, demonizing his voice.

"They have been identified as Kisame Hoshigaki and Itachi Uchiha." Tsunade answered, more familiar with the blonde's pressure by now.

"Itachi? As in Sasuke-teme's brother that killed the clan? What the fuck would they want with my Anko-chan?" he roared, his surprise wuickly swallowed by rage.

Tsunade sighed, "Our sources say that they are both members of an organisation that seeks to collect the bijuu, my guess would be they took her to lure you into a trap." She said seriously.

"Fine. They want a bijuu, they're gonna damn well get one." Naruto stated darkly as he walked to the window and stepped onto the sill.

"Wait Naruto, you don't know where they went." Tsunade called.

Naruto looked back at her, "I can find my hime's chakra signature anywhere, it doesn't matter where they are, I'll find them, I'll kill them and I'll bring her home." He stated, his tone nothing but conviction and barely contained rage.

Sarutobi shivered at his voice, "Is there anything you want us to do?"

Naruto turned and looked off into the distance, "Just keep everyone out of my way." and he was gone before they could reply.

"I hope he'll be ok." Shizune said as she walked in, having overheard the commotion.

"There is nothing in this world that can harm Naruto. I just pray that Anko is ok, otherwise we're all fucked." Tsunade said darkly, staring out to where the young blonde had disappeared.

Itachi Uchiha was currently experiencing something that he had not felt for over a decade. Fear.

The plan had been simple, snatch the Kyuubi brat's girlfriend, lure him out of the village, capture him, take him back to the base and extract his bijuu. They would then dispose of the woman and everything would be great.

And for a while, it seemed like the plan was going to work, they had snatched the girl and began making their way to the area they had decided upon earlier. Unfortunately, it was at this point where everything started to turn to shit.

Out of nowhere, Kisame got hit with some weird chakra manipulation technique which cut off one of his arms and would have ripped him completely in half, if Itachi hadn't knocked him away after the initial attack. And now they were staring down a blonde haired man that, judging by the almost unbearable chakra pressure and the nine tails dancing behind him, had to be the Kyuubi's jinchuruki. And from the looks of things, he was pissed.

Kisame was seething. He had been going along with Itachi's plan and then all of a sudden he feels his arm being ripped off and his partner pushing him out of the way of the follow up attack that would have killed him.

"Itachi, take the girl, I'm gonna teach this little shit a fucking lesson." he roared as he tossed his load to the stoic Uchiha and pulled out his sword.

"Kisame you idiot! You can't take this guy alone, cant you feel his chakra? Let's get back to the base where we can all take him on, everyone should be waiting there for the extraction anyway." Itachi said in an uncharacteristically panicked voice.

His warning however, landed on deaf ears, as Kisame ignored him and tried to charge the blonde head on. 'Fuck! Oh well. At least I can use his distraction to get out of here.' The Uchiha thought as he turned and leapt off towards the Akatsuki's nearby base.

Kisame desperately swung his sword at the blonde haired hanyou, only to watch in disbelief as said blonde caught the sword with his hand like it was duller than an academy lecture. Kisame struggled to free his weapon, but couldn't even make it budge in the other man's grip.

"What the fu-" Kisame's curse was cut off when Naruto's free hand latched onto the shark-nin's throat, his claws digging into the blue flesh and drawing blood.

Had he been able to, Kisame may have begged for his life, or cursed the blonde or even asked for forgiveness, as it was however, the only sound that escaped his lips was a gurgled scream as his former prey ripped out his throat, wounding him fatally but leaving him to drown in his own blood rather than finishing him quickly. The last thing that the feared member of the legendary swordsman saw was his prized weapon, being ground to dust like a brittle leaf in the hands of the one who killed him, before the blonde left to pursue his former partner.

Itachi didn't even bat an eyelid as he felt his partner's chakra signature disappear completely, he just continued on his way, determined to reach his destination before his pursuer could catch up to him. 'Just a little more.' he thought to himself, relieved that he could finally see the cave that was acting as their current base of operations.

As he leapt through the opening to the cave he was met by all of the other members of the Akatsuki, even their rarely seen, purple eyed leader.

"Where is your partner?" a hunched over man asked impatiently.

"We kidnapped the nine tails jinchuruki's woman, but he caught up with us earlier than expected and quickly did away with Kisame. It appears as though he may have full access to the Kyuubi's power." he said fearfully, shocking many who had never heard such an emotion from the usually stoic Uchiha.

"This is an unexpected development no doubt, but he is still nothing compared to the might of a god. If and when the time comes, I shall defeat him myself." the mysterious leader said calmly.

Suddenly, a deafening roar was heard from just outside the cave and it was accompanied by chakra pressure greater than anything the members had felt prior, and it shook many of them to their cores.

"Sasori, Deidara, go welcome our guest, Itachi, lose the woman and back them up. Do not fail me." the leader commanded, to which three replies of "Hai leader-sama." were heard before Itachi dropped his burden into a corner of the cave, then followed the others as they leapt through the entrance to meet their opponent.

Moments later, the sounds of explosions and puppets fighting echoed through the small cave. After only half a minute there was a violent scream and the explosions stopped. Moments later the sound of wood being shattered was heard and the noise from the puppets fell silent also. Finally there was a panicked cry of "Amaterasu!", followed by two roars, one from the black fire, the other from its intended target, blowing the flames harmlessly away from him and back towards the one that summoned them. Soon the only sound that could be heard was the agonizing screams of the Uchiha as he was consumed by his own flames.

The remaining members of the once, ten strong, organisation, stood frozen as they listened to the horrifying last moments of one of their strongest members. The only thing that seemed to draw them out of their stupor, was when the perpetrator of their comrade's deaths strode into the cave, with nothing to show from the battle but a slightly charred coat with a few minor tears in it.

"Don't just stand there, let's get this son of a bitch!" the silver headed member cried, before picking up a three bladed scythe and charging the blonde.

Before he even landed his third step, he felt a searing pain in his chest and looked down to see his blonde enemy standing in front of him, with his right hand buried into the silver haired man's chest, clutching his heart tightly.

"Well fuck, you're a fast one ain't ya?" he laughed as the blonde narrowed his eyes and growled demonically. With a sudden twitch of his hand, Naruto crushed the man's heart before pulling his hand out, expecting him to fall down dead.

Instead, the man just laughed, "Fuck you blondie. Jashin-sama won't let me die that easily, not when there are sacrif-" the man's jovial voice was rendered silent when a hand made entirely of chakra engulfed his head and completely vapourised it, leaving the headless corpse to fall limply to the ground with a dull thud.

"Y-you k-killed Hidan." stuttered out a tall dark man with most of his face hidden by a mask. "You bastard, that was going to be my pleasure and mine alone!" he cried as he shed his cloak and several strange, masked creatures arose from his back.

Each of the creatures opened their mouths and launched a stream of either fire, water, lightning or concentrated wind. The result was a swirling vortex of elemental chakra that made its way towards the special jounin.

Just as it was about to hit, Naruto let out a mighty roar and his chakra output increased even more, enhancing his shroud and leaving him surrounded by a ten foot tall likeness of the Kyuubi made entirely of his blue chakra.

The newly powered up shield barely even flickered when the multi-element attack collided with it. After only a moment the attack died down and the masked nin was forced to recall his 'pets', as he had put almost all of his chakra into that attack in hopes of defeating the threat quickly. Unfortunately for him, this is not what occurred, in fact all that he managed to do was tire himself out and kick up a dust cloud that filled most of the cave.

Before the dust settled, there was a burst of blue light and a short cry of surprise and pain. When it was finally gone Naruto stood over the completely shredded corpse of the once 'immortal' Kakuzu.

Naruto turned his eyes to the four remaining members of the Akatsuki that stood before him. There was a freaky black and white guy with a plant on his head, a reasonably cute woman with light blue hair with a paper flower in it, a mysterious guy with an orange spiral mask and finally the one he figured had to be the leader, an orange haired man with way too many piercings and strange ringed eyes.

The one in the orange mask stepped forward, "You have truly grown strong Naruto-ku-" he was cut off when he found one of the blonde's hands sticking out of his stomach. All of the remaining members widened their eyes considerably, as if they thought such an event to be impossible. The masked nin himself didn't seem to be able to understand what was happening.

"Nobody calls me that but Anko-chan, and that sure as fuck isn't you, so die you masked bastard." Naruto said coldly before ripping the hand inside him upwards, tearing the man in half like a peiece of paper.

The leader stared at him with a renewed visage of indifference, but all of them had seen the flicker of fear that crossed his features at the easy defeat of his secret master. "Konan." he said blankly, without taking his eyes off the young man opposite him.

"H-hai, Pein-sama." the woman stuttered out before disappearing in a swirl of paper and reappearing holding Anko with a paper kunai to her throat, drawing a slight trickle of blood.

"Surrender now and we shall let the woman leave this place unharmed." Pein stated calmly.

Naruto gritted his teeth and narrowed his eyes, internally kicking himself for allowing that to happen. "Let her go now and I will make your deaths quick and painless." was Naruto's counter offer.

The freaky plant guy laughed, "You are in no position to be making demands foolish boy." he taunted, then added in a different voice, "Yes, I will enjoy feasting on your flesh after we are done with the extraction."

Naruto quirked an eyebrow at the ever increasingly creepy plant guy, "Where do they find freaks like you, is there a creepy henchman isle at the supermarket or something?" taunted a familiar voice that made Naruto's heart soar.

Anko had awoken when the 'paper bitch', as she had dubbed her, had picked her up. She cut a grin at Naruto letting him know that she was essentially ok, "Wow Naru-kun, judging by the body count and the fear I can taste rolling off these pussies, you've been having fun without me again haven't you?"

Naruto smirked, amazed that she could always manage to calm him down, even in the most dire of situations. "Sorry An-chan, but I made sure to leave the weirdest and cutest ones for you to handle, the others weren't much fun anyway."

Anko put on a fake pout and turned away from him, at least as much as she could with a kunai to her neck. "Oh so you think she's cute do you? Well maybe you can take her home to service you, cause I sure as hell won't be doing it for a while after you let me get kidnapped." She threatened.

Naruto's eyes widened considerably and he disappeared, instantly reappearing kneeling in front of Anko, latched onto her legs like a frightened child clinging to its mother. The combination of his incredible speed and infantile behaviour left the Akatsuki unsure if they should be afraid or amused by the strange man that had defeated seven of their members in under an hour.

Before they had more time to ponder the problem, they realised that the blonde had disappeared again, taking his lover with him. Before they could properly accept this development, freaky plant guy found himself unable to breathe or speak as a kunai was forcefully rammed through his neck, almost severing his head completely.

"You're right Naru-kun, these guys are no fun." Anko said as she retrieved her kunai from the recently deceased nin's throat.

Naruto shrugged, "Told ya, although, now that its two on two, how bout we play with these last ones for a while before we head home?" he proposed, draping himself over her shoulder and talking into her ear.

Anko's grin threatened to split her face if it grew any bigger, "Ok, I'll take the paper slut, you can have ginger nuts, piercings were never really my thing anyway."

"You fools do not know who you are dealing with! I am Pein! I am a god, you cannot defeat me!" the overly pierced leader yelled before summoning what appeared to be five other versions of himself.

Naruto fake shuddered, "So many gingers." he muttered as if scared, causing Anko to laugh loudly and rub him on the back in fake consoling motions.

"It's ok honey, just try not to focus on it alright?" she said soothingly.

Naruto took a deep breath and fake psyched himself up, "Ok, you can do this, they're just like any other opponent, they don't have cooties and even if they do, you're up to date with your shots." he then shook his head and got into his fighting stance, "Let's do this fire balls."

The Peins gave no reaction to the taunting, but nevertheless several of them did charge in.

Naruto quickly lost his smirk and returned to business mode as he began to fend off their assault.

He quickly discovered that each of them seemed to have a unique ability or specialty. Having discovered this, he quickly analysed what he could, about what each body could do and therefore how to best defeat each one. After this, it wasn't long before he was able to bring down two of the four that he was facing.

Once they were eliminated, the two that had previously stayed out of it became involved, one summoning strange monsters and the other launching missiles and grenades into the battleground.

Having found out their capabilities, Naruto immediately made several shadow clones that he sent after the two long range types, whilst he kept the two close range types busy.

Having usually relied on the other bodies to save them in close range fights, the two long distance specialists were soon overwhelmed and killed by Naruto's clones.

Realising that defeat was coming, one of the bodies tried to retreat while the other covered for it. Naruto quickly killed the distraction body and was soon on the trail of the final body that had fled out the entrance to the cave.

Anko was becoming frustrated in her battle against the paper wielding female. Whilst she was able to avoid most damage and even land a few solid hits on the Akatsuki member, the damage was quickly repaired. 'This is even worse than sparring Naru-kun with his damn healing. I'll have to step this up a notch.' she thought to herself.

She ended her assault and leapt back from her opponent, whilst flipping quickly through hand signs. "Let's see how you deal with this, paper bitch. Katon: Karyu Endan!" she cried, putting her hands to her mouth and spitting a huge stream of fire in the shape of a serpentine dragon.

Konan easily avoided the attack and started doing her own hand signs. "Fool, you don't think that everyone I've ever fought has tried using fire against me? I learnt years ago how to cancel the effects of fire jutsu using this technique. Ninpo: Kami Sh-" before she could finish her technique she felt incredible heat coming from behind her, she turned just in time to see Anko's dragon from earlier land a direct hit into her chest, knocking her to the ground and setting her entire body ablaze.

Anko watched in morbid curiosity as her opponent screamed and writhed in agony before falling silent, eventually leaving nothing but a pile of ashes and a scorch mark on the ground.

"That's what you get for trying to fuck with my family, bitch." Anko spat coldly as she turned away from her enemies remains to look around the cave. "Now where did Naru-kun run off to?"

Naruto had followed the final body to a smaller cave about a mile from the larger one they had left. Inside, he found not only the orange haired Pein he was chasing, but also a frail looking man with long purple hair, and the same eyes as the others, which lead to one conclusion.

"I take it then that you are the original?" Naruto asked the purple headed Pein.

"Indeed I am, my true name is Nagato, leader of the Akatsuki and the one true god." the scrawny man said confidently.

"Look I really didn't come here to talk, so..." before he finished he vanished then reemerged behind the final orange Pein, who soon feel to the ground, his head having been torn off and crushed.

Nagato gasped in shock and tried to turn and run, only to be caught and held off the ground by his throat, Naruto's clawed hand cutting off his air and blood supply enough to make him dizzy, but still conscious.

"Y-you c-cant k-kill m-me, I-I'm a g-g-god." he choked out spitefully.

Naruto chuckled darkly, "You're no god, you're barely even human. And now you're nothing." Naruto declared coldly as he activated his shroud and incinerated the 'god' till there was nothing left but a smoking pile on the floor.

"Hey, that's how I ended my fight too." Anko said as she appeared next to her lover.

Naruto immediately pulled her into a tight embrace and kissed her passionately. "Oh thank god you're ok An-hime, I could hardly breathe when they told me you had been taken. I wouldn't be able to live if I lost you."

"Come on Naru-kun, we're ok now, that's all that matters. Now let's go home." Naruto nodded and picked her up bridal style, causing her to giggle in surprise. Naruto stared at her wide eyed.

"What?" she asked.

"Did...did you just giggle?" he asked trying to suppress his own laughter at her flushed expression.

It quickly changed to a glare however as she smacked him on the head, "Hey I'm pregnant, I'm allowed to do whatever the hell I feel like." she declared angrily.

Naruto nearly dropped her as he stumbled in shock at her revelation. "You're pregnant?" he asked disbelievingly.

"That's right." she replied, somewhat sheepishly.

"Like with a baby?"

"No with a fucking dining table, of course it's a baby you jackass!" she yelled irritably.

He was silent for a few moments with a serious expression on his face, which began to make all of Anko's previous concerns come back tenfold.

They were soon dispelled however, as his face stretched into the widest, truest smile she'd ever seen on him. He carefully set her down and clutched onto her desperately.

"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much hime." he said as tears flowed freely down his cheeks.

Anko was blown away by his reaction, especially since she had never seen him shed a single tear, let alone the torrent that was flowing now. "What do you mean, Naru-kun?" she asked confused.

He pulled back slightly and looked into her eyes, "For giving me everything I've ever wanted and making me the happiest creature on this or any other planet. I love you my hebi-hime."

Hearing his answer, she too broke out into tears, and for the first time in her life they were tears of joy. "And I, you, my foxy-kun."

The End.

Katon: Karyu Endan = Fire Style: Fire Dragon Bullet

Ninpo: Kami Shīrudo = Ninja Art: Paper Shield (technique Konan tried to use)

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