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"Talk" 'Think' Words

"Demon" 'Oni' No idea

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"Pokemon" 'Pokemon thoughts' No idea… Flashback or dream maybe?

Ch.1 "Real Myths And Ghost Friends"

'…Am I like a ghost?' Four year old Uzumaki Naruto thought while walking through the streets of Konoha. Once and a while, he would get a hateful glare from people… But that was when people actually noticed the blond hair child. He noticed it started at the orphanage. The orphanage owner and workers would forget to feed him from time to time, and had to shout to remain them, only to get scold-though, also fed-and annoy the people… However, now, Naruto realized he seem to have a "lack" of a presence. Half the time, he would wait for hours in the store-the Hokage got him an apartment after the orphanage owner explained he couldn't keep caring for the blond as the orphanages were overflowing with orphans thanks to the Kyuubi attack four years ago and other problems in the ninja world-to check-out as the cashier would not notice him. And when the person did, if someone else came up, they would instantly forget about the child.

Naruto didn't understand why people hated him, but he felt a strange pain by being so alone. Sure, no one really hurt him and the Hokage acknowledges him some, but for some reason. He really didn't fit in with the people around him. He didn't know exactly what "love" was, but saw mother's giving it to their children. He didn't know what "comfort" is, but could guess it was something given to children with a home and parents. He just had an apartment. He knew his parents probably did love him, but died young thanks to being shinobi, yet that didn't dull the pain at all.

'Maybe I can find those nice tasting berries again today.' Naruto ran towards the woods near his apartment, pushing the negativity out of him. If he kept thinking of the past, how was he going to move forward? So, what if his childhood sucks? He will make the rest of his life happy.

"Agh… I… Need… To… Make… This… Hole… Bigger!" Naruto grunted, trying to get through the hole he made under the Konoha's walls before getting through and sighed in relief he wasn't stuck. It took him two days to dig that hole as he didn't want the Hokage to know he was leaving the village for about a year now and always going to a thick forest right next to Konoha full of all sorts of berries he found. He had been bringing some home to his apartment and trying to get them to grow in pots and some of his plant experiment has worked!

"Ah!" Naruto chimed, finding a bush full of round bluish berries Naruto found actually make a good healing agent. He was having a hard time learning to read, but since people hated him, he thought that if he could become a ninja that could heal people, then maybe people would stop hating him. Plus, if he became a much respected ninja, then people would pay more attention to him! 'Though these berries make my mouth dry,' Naruto thought, putting a bunch of the berries in a bag he brought while eating on. He always left some berries behind. He continued to collect berries of different shapes and colors before heading towards a spring he found with crystal clear and very tasty water.

"Huh?" Naruto blinked as he noticed it suddenly getting misty as he got closer to the spring and then saw it. "Wow…" Naruto was breathless as he stared at a glowing blue creature that kind of looked like a fox and wolf mixed together drinking from the spring. It had a soft looking body with a long flowing mane and huge compared to Naruto. However, Naruto flinched when the beast looked up and suddenly moved forward for Naruto to see it walking on water.

'No way! So cool!' Naruto thought before the creature was in better view, looking at him red eyes. The creature was blue with white belly on strange diamond spots on its back and legs. Its mane was purple as a crystal looking large horn was on its forehead and it seemed to have two white tails that flowed forward like the wind… Wait… Two tails? 'Oh, kami! It's a demon!' Naruto recoiled only to fall on his rear end and one of the blue round berries fell out of his bag and landed in the water. Naruto watched as the creature looked at the berry and then went up to it and picked it out of the water by its mouth. The creature ate the berry before looking back at Naruto.

"Cuuuuun!" Naruto gasped when a strong wind encircled the beast before it jumped gracefully over his head and disappeared with the mist."…Woah… That. Was. Totally. Cool!" Naruto shouted, looking at where the beast had went, not noticing a small whirlpool with glimpses of another place appearing behind him. "I wonder what it was… Huh?" Naruto turned around to see a purple vortex in the water as a vacuum came from the vortex. "AAAAIIIEEEE!" Naruto screamed as he was pulled into the vortex, nothing left behind but the canteen Naruto was going to use to get water from the spring.

"Ow!" Naruto handed hard on the ground only to blink to see where he was. "What is this place?" Naruto asked seeing he was on an island with some trees on it and grass, but instead of water around him, it was just air as other islands were around him, but he saw they were supported by natural spikes of stone like people see in cave.

"Roooooar!" Naruto fell on his butt again when he heard a roar similar to monster and shook in fear as a large gray and black serpent like dragonwith yellow spikes and horns with two over its mouth, spider/claw like wings, and it's red eyes with black whites looking at him.

"P-Please don't eat me!" Naruto cried, bowing only to blink when the monster picked him up with its horn covers for it mouth and put him up right.

"Ruuuoo." Naruto looked at the monster before realizing something.

"…You're eyes are like mine." Naruto said, shocked. "You're… all alone, too?" The monster nodded, flying around the island and stopped before a bubble and Naruto recognized the place the bubble. "Oh! That's the spring!... But, I don't see a lot of other bubbles." Naruto cocked his head before gasping in shock when the monster dragon flew at him. "Wait! Ack!" Naruto got knocked somewhat softly off his feet and tumbled to on the creatures head till he gripped himself on a spot slightly behind its head.

"Rooooaaaar!" The monster cried out while flying forward, knowing Naruto had a good grip.

"Wooooowww!" Naruto chimed, amazed he was riding on a flying monster! No other four year old could claim that without it being a lie!

Naruto then saw the monster brought him to a village verison of the forest with paths and such, and a lot more bubbles. He recognized all the bubble locations and then realized something.

"No way! That's my home! Have you been watching me this whole time?" Naruto asked.

"Ruuuooon." The monster nodded.

"Well, I haven't seen anyone else here, so I guess you are all alone here." The monster nodded again, a sad look in its eyes. "So, you watched life through these bubbles? And saw I was lonely, too?" Naruto flinched as he got off the dragon and onto one of the paths. The monster nodded again, hyperly flying around. "You want me to be your friend?"

"Rooooooar!" The monster let off a roar, except it seemed filled with joy. Naruto grinned at the monster, realizing maybe they were similar as the villagers often called him a monster.

"Okay!" Naruto chimed happily. 'I finally have a friend!' Sure, it wasn't human, but Naruto didn't care. Any friend now was better than being alone, especially one that was just as alone as he was.


The Sandaime Hokage, Sarutobi Hirezun was worried beyond belief. A week ago, Uzumaki Naruto disappeared from the village, yet no one noticed till two days ago. The ANBU found Naruto had left the village through a dug out hole and found just a canteen of his near a clear spring. That was where the trail end and no other trails were left behind.

'I hope Naruto is alright.' The Hokage thought, remembering the Hyuuga event days ago, right around when Naruto disappeared, hence why no one noticed the blond missing. Could the Kumo ninja trying to kidnap the Hyuuga heiress was actually a distraction to grab the Kyuubi container as it is possible Kumo discovered who Naruto's mother was.

"Ojii-san!" The Hokage snapped out of his thoughts, hearing a girl voice similar to Naruto's voice to see the door to his office opened before getting jumped by something. "Ojii-san! I made a friend!" The Hokage looked down to find Naruto on his lap, a beaming grin on the child's face, but he also noticed Naruto seemed lighter than before.

"Naruto! Where have you been? I have been looking all over!" Hiruzen went into father mode over the blond. He was very glad Naruto was alright, but wondered what happened.

"I know. I had my friend seen me back, but he gave me a gift so I can visit him anytime I want in the Distortion World." Naruto chimed as the Hokage noticed a strange yellow crystal within a metal cage around the child's neck like a choker.

"What are you talking about Naruto?" The Hokage asked with a raised eyebrow before realizing something when the blond shifted where the child was balancing on one of the Hokage's legs. "…Naruto… Why are you a girl?" The Hokage blushed, wondering what exactly happened to Uzumaki Naruto as he did the genjutsu release only to find no genjutsu being used on Naruto or him, or even a henge.

"It was the price of Giratina giving me some of its power." Naruto sighed, pouting at the lost of being unable to pee standing anymore. "Since Giratina is the guardian of the Distorted World right next to ours, he has to stay there, but he saw I was lonely, so brought me into his world to play with him! He's so cool! He's this giant dragon! Oh, before I saw Giratina, I saw the cool blue beast at this spring and it was walking on water! Giratina says it is a Suicune!" Naruto chimed before the Hokage ruffled his-or now her hair which grew out a little and began to pale some as if it was turning white some which the Hokage was glad for as Naruto looked too much like his…..her father who had many enemies.

"Naruto, that's quite an imagination you have." The Hokage grin as Naruto's eyes widen in horror.

"But, it's all true!" Naruto shouted, puffing out her cheeks. "Giratina pulled me to the Distortion World a couple of days which is why I have been missing!"

"Naruto, it could have been a genjutsu on you. An illusion. But, what were you doing in the woods outside of Konoha?" The Hokage sighed. He also guessed if Naruto was attacked by a ninja who used a genjutsu, the blond somehow to bend the genjutsu to his will and made it like a dream which he had escape both reality and the ninja.

"I was collecting these berries I found and trying to get them to grow in pots at my apartment." Naruto frowned, looking down. "So… I can't go back there?"

"No, no. You can still go, but I rather you go through the gate now as if something happens to you and you go missing again, we will know faster." The Hokage chimed at Naruto. "But, I want to see these plants you have been growing. You must be very dedicated to those plants to try and get them to grow." The Hokage didn't noticed Naruto's crestfallen look.

'Why doesn't he believe me?' Naruto thought after leaving the Hokage's Office and had gone into the wood area where she found her berries, sadden at the Hokage wouldn't believe her, saying that a ninja must have kidnapped her and she was suffering under a genjutsu and got hit by a jutsu that messed up for becoming a girl. Even though the ninja didn't want her to go, she found that forest made it easy for her to think. 'But, I became a girl as by getting the powers Giratina, my body slightly distorted itself in the process, much like how the Distortion World is like. Bending and twisting knowledge.' The four year old thought, her thoughts more mature sounding than before. Giratina also taught the blond how to read-as the dragon got pretty bored in the lonely world-and such, though, since knowledge was twisted there, Naruto unknowingly gave herself a mature mind, yet still child like.


"Ack!" Naruto jumped at the sound of thunder before it began to pour down rain. "Oh, man!" Naruto cried out, running into the woods to hopefully use it as a cave or big tree with root hole to seek shelter, but found an old, abandoned building that was several stories high and looked like a creepy mansion. Naruto, however, just ran right in when another bolt of lightning flashed in the sky and made more thunder.

"Brrr!" Naruto shivered as she was cold from getting wet. 'At least this place doesn't have leaks.' Naruto thought, looking around to find the place covered in dust and abandoned. 'Great… No lights…' Naruto sighed, flipping a light switch on the wall only to frown in it didn't come on. Naruto didn't like dark place thanks to the Third Hokage getting back at him by dressing up like a ghost, making the blond-though she wouldn't admit it-afraid of ghosts.

"Huh?" Naruto noticed a light coming out from underneath a door and walked towards it. 'Maybe someone else is here?' Naruto thought, opening the door for her mouth to water. "Wow!" Naruto chimed finding a lit room with a large table full of dishes on silver dishes and platters and the room looked elegant and well cleaned. "But, where is the person who made this meal? I just can't dig…" Naruto paled as the plates and such began floating and moving around in the air. "G-G-G-GHOSTS!" Naruto screamed in horror, now glad being a girl as she can really scream like one. Naruto dodged the chairs and plates as they began to go around the room like as if in a storm and ran for the door.

"Oh, no!" Naruto cried when the door slam shut and while trying to stop running, tripped on her own feet. "Ack! This is going to-" Naruto blinked as she went through the door, stopping halfway as her rear was on the dinner room side and her front was on the other side of the door. "-hurt?" Naruto looked at her stomach and paled. "I got to get out of this! This is too weird!" Naruto shouted, struggling as several creatures looked at her legs which were kicking in shock and confusion.

"Haunter?" Naruto blinked as a strange purple mass with scary eyes and two disembodied hands was scratching its head, very confused. "Haunter Haunt Haunter?" The floating mass pointed at Naruto.

"How I ended like this? I don't know, but help me!" Naruto shouted in anger as the creature grabbed Naruto's hands for Naruto to feel something grab his feet. "OW!" Naruto shouted as tears of pain filled his eyes as whatever had his feet was pulling her back while the mass creature was pulling her the other way. "Let go! ACK!" Naruto was pulled through the door and tumbled back into the dining room which was back to the state before everything was moving.

"Snorunt-runt-runt!" Naruto glared at a black little creature that looked to be living in its own little tent thanks to the yellow covering on it. Naruto blinked as she noticed more creatures next to the small laughing creature.

"Are you alright?" Though, anyone else would hear a creature repeating a word, Naruto understood the creatures. The one that asked the question was another mass creature, but looked like a purple ball with gas coming off it.

"Yeah… But, I guess you are the ones who frighten me!" Naruto growled while pouting. "That wasn't funny! Pretending to be ghosts!"

"But, some of us are ghosts. Ghost-type Pokemon to be precise," A large purple monster looking creature that looked to be the disembodied hand creature's cousin chimed. "But, you also can go around like a ghost? Are you sure you are not a ghost, too?"

"I'm alive!" Naruto glared at the "ghosts." "I just don't know how I went through wood like that! I… Wait… Could it be Giratina's power?" Naruto pondered as the "ghosts" cocked their heads.

"What are you doing?" All the creatures looked up to see a black figure come out of the ceiling. It looked like a human in a cloak, but had no legs, beaming white eyes with bluish whites, and a strange red stones around its neck and flowing white hair.

"Darkrai!" The creatures panicked.

"Darkrai?" Naruto looked at the creature as it landed for thin black spikes to come out of its body like legs. Naruto felt a strange feeling coming off the creature.

"I told you all to not come in contact with humans, not even to pull pranks." The creature scolded the "ghosts." "Humans have lost their connection with our kind and it is better this way as the humans would see us weapons."

"What are you talking about?" The creature known as Darkrai noticed Naruto. "Why would people use you guys as weapons? Personally, I think some of you are kind of too cute to use as such." Naruto picked up the creature that was laughing earlier and petting it.

"Oh! A little to the left… Heaven…." The creature melted to Naruto's petting, enjoying it.

"You are not afraid of us?" Darkrai asked, narrowing its eyes at Naruto.

"No. You guys ain't real ghosts. Real ghosts are white and really scary." Naruto shivered as the entire creature sweated. "Plus, you guys help me while I was stuck, so you can't be bad guys." Naruto said as Darkrai came up to her.

"…What does the word 'friend' means to you?" Darkrai asked, serious as Naruto blinked before sighing.

"A friend is the most precious thing to me. A person who understands and cares about me, but most of all sees my existence…" Naruto smiled. 'Just like Giratina…' Naruto blinked when Darkrai got close to her, looking at her.

"I know you. You are that child I seen around this human village where everyone hates you." Naruto flinched as Darkrai let out a sigh. "You are misunderstood for some reason by people and hardly anyone announces you… If you promise to not harm the Pokemon that live in my territory, I guess you can feel free to come here whenever you like."

"Pokemon?" Naruto asked, cocking her head.

"That is what the creatures and I are." Darkrai lifted up, floating again. "I collected up a long time ago a good bit of information of Pokemon in the library of this mansion. Long ago, humans and Pokemon lived in harmony and then something happened and humans forgotten about us after a horrible tragedy. Even though I rather that way, some people might find the 'friends' they need like you with Pokemon." Darkrai's eyes soften on Naruto before Naruto realized something.

"Wait… Is a Suicune a Pokemon?" Naruto's random question made all the Pokemon sweat.

"Yes. It's called a Legendary Pokemon like myself as it is really rare for people to see a Darkrai or Suicune." Naruto grinned one of her big idea grins.

"Hey, is it alright if I move into this place?" Now the Pokemon looked at her with suspicious looks. "Someone is bound to find this place, so it I live here, then no one can knock it down or something like that. Plus, my apartment is becoming too small with all the berry plants I have, so I might as well start a garden here as I think the berries I found is what Pokemon eat as a Suicune ate one of these blue berries that dropped out of my bag when it surprised me by walking forward. Also, if I live here, then no one will be suspicious of me constantly going in and out of Konoha and the Hokage won't have to worry and I can be here every day!" Naruto chimed as Darkrai, as well as the other Pokemon, blinked at her with shock. "Don't worry, I'll keep the place close to the same it is, but make sure there is no leaky roof and the floors are safe to walk on as the Hokage already has enough back problems due to age." Naruto sighed, remembering hearing pops from the Hokage's back when he got out of his seat earlier.

Darkrai chuckled, understanding the blond completely. "Sure… Why not as you are probably going to be the first Pokemon using ninja."

"Not 'use!'" Naruto puffed out her cheeks. "I think the correct term is 'partner up!'"

"Indeed. That is true." Darkrai sighed. Maybe, just maybe with Naruto's help, humans could finally come in harmony with Pokemon again.

"Hey! I'm Snorunt! A Snorunt!" Naruto sweated at the Snorunt, wondering why it had the same name as what it was. "Let's be friends as I like you!"

"Sure!" Naruto chimed with a smile. She finally found that point in her life where everything turned for the better and she hoped it stayed that way.


"Hey, Ojii-san, can I move into this old house I found in the woods outside of Konoha?" Hiruzen gave Naruto a raised eyebrow as Naruto was standing before him… With a two foot height looking doll on top of the blond turning white head of Naruto's and the doll looked like a something trying to keep warm with a strange tent like blanket.

"Snorunt, snorunt!" Hiruzen blinked as he just saw the doll moved, raising one of its round hands as if it was saying hi. And, it also talked as well.

"…Why is that, Naruto?" Hiruzen kept staring at the doll which actually blew a raspberry at him which made the Hokage sure it was not a doll. At least a normal doll that is.

"It's near the berry bushes I been trying to grow at home and my apartment is getting overcrowded with my work." The Hokage sweated, remembering seeing what Naruto meant as it looked like a jungle of bushes when he went looking for Naruto when the child went missing. "Plus, since my home is outside the village, then I might get away from the glares and such of the villagers and relax some." Hiruzen sighed at this. He was glad none of the citizens tried to hurt or take advantage of Naruto, but the fact people kept denying Naruto's existence and glaring at the boy turned girl was just as bad as hurting her physically. "Plus, I made a lot of friends in the place I found. Meet Snorunt. She got stuck here last year when she got lost during a snowstorm here and got left by the other Snorunt while they were staying with the cold weather."

"Sno snorunt runt runt!" The thing called Snorunt that Naruto pointed at chimed, eye smiling at Hiruzen.

"Snorunt? Are you imaging things again, Naruto?" The Hokage sighed as a vein popped up on the Snorunt forehead.

"Snorunt!" The Hokage was surprised by a chilly wind coming from the Snorunt when it took a deep breath and blew out cold air with some snowflakes in it, covering the Hokage's face with some snow. "Snorunt! Snorunt!" The Snorunt danced on Naruto's head.

"Hey, don't use Powder Snow on Ojii-san, Snorunt. He happens to be the Hokage and you need to respect him a little." Naruto scolded the Snorunt as Hiruzen wiped the snow off his face and stared at the creature in disbelief. "Snorunt lives at the place I want to move into with other Pokemon."

"Pokemon?" Hiruzen asked, wondering what other strange powers the "Snorunt" had.

"Yeah, they are creatures with powers and live all around us, but humans pay no attention to them and they hide from humans. I saw the legendary Suicune at the spring again! It's a super-rare Pokemon and really powerful!" Naruto chimed, happy to spot the blue beast again, showing she wasn't imaging things.

"…So, the one about taking you into another world?" The Hokage became serious.

"Giratina, the ghost-dragon Pokemon," Naruto chimed, having read about her friend in one of the many books Darkrai has. "It lives in the world reverse to our own thanks to reflections. It is the only Pokemon to live there and is the guardian of that place. Don't worry, Giratina is actually pretty kind." Naruto grinned, happy that the Hokage finally believed her.

"I see… Naruto, I don't want you to tell anyone about this Giratina." The Hokage sighed, having a feeling Danzou would jump at the chance to learning about and taking advantage of this mysterious "Pokemon."

"Why? Even though he gave me the power to go into the Distortion World whenever I want, hardly anyone can get there as Giratina is the only one who used to be able to make the portals to get to that world and it also has to be done with a reflective surface." Hiruzen sweated, wondering if Giratina managed to also increase Naruto's vocabulary as Naruto couldn't even pronounce "surface" properly before.

"Still, don't tell people about this Pokemon. People may try to get you to show them this powerful being and lead to a lot of problems." 'Like Danzou.' Hiruzen mentally added at the end. Naruto remembered how Darkrai said a similar thing and nodded in agreement.

"But, do I also have to do the same about Snorunt?" Naruto asked, pouted while taking Snorunt off her head and hugging it. Her eyes watering to do the Puppy Dog eyes which was one of the few weaknesses of the Hokage.

"No. You don't have to worry about your little friend there like the… bigger one. Just promise me that you won't talk about the really powerful one from the other world, and you can keep bringing the smaller ones like Snorunt into Konoha." Hiruzen sighed, not wanting Naruto to be separated from her new little friend. He knew the two person ninja council that is his advisors and past teammates were going to grill him about it as well as the war hawk Danzou, but Naruto deserved the little friends. If humans were going to reject Naruto, then at least it seems these Pokemon would accept Naruto and the Hokage was glad with just that. Also, he wondered how if this would help Naruto with training on becoming a ninja. Not everyone has a little doll looking creature that can make a mini-blizzard, you know.

"Yatta!" Naruto cheered as did the Snorunt as the Hokage smiled at the joy on Naruto. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, Ojii-san!" Naruto chimed, bowing to the Hokage.

"Hai, hai. Now, do you need help moving into your new home?" Hiruzen asked, seeing the potential that this could help Naruto a lot.

"Nope! I'll have my friends help me out as they tried to scare me as a prank by making me think the place was haunted!" Naruto snorted as the Hokage raised an eyebrow, wondering how the Pokemon did that. "But, see you later, Ojii-san!" Naruto chimed, waving while leaving the Hokage.

"… I just hope this doesn't come to back and bite me in the rear end later." The Hokage sighed before getting back to his paperwork. He didn't realize how deep Konoha was gonna be within the Pokemon world even before Naruto became a Gennin.

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