Common Folk Chocolate

By: Spellcraft Writings

Brother what have I done?

The college student, Takahashi Misaki, couldn't help thinking as the cold hands of his lover wrapped him into a crushing embrace. Despite his preventive attempts to escape the attentions of his lover, he always ended up digging his own grave.

The author's torso molded against the familiar shape of the youth's back, currently trying to shift away from his grasp.

"Misaki, I love you." Usagi whispered softly with a rich, seductive voice. The tips of his ears turned rosy as his expression mutated from embarrassment to rage in a matter of seconds.

"What are you saying?" He complained loudly as the author closed his eyes, listening to the habituated reactions of the shy teenager.

Regardless of his embarrassment, Misaki tried to overlook the prevailing signs of affection. A part of him was still recovering from the shock of what could have been a tragedy. Destiny's sick joke of losing people dear to him in the same manner was too much to assimilate.

The careless man had let his emotions take the best of him and resorting to run away of unpleasant things had almost cost him his life. The endless suffering they left behind was something Misaki didn't want to experience ever again.

Usagi opened his eyes as he felt the teen's back tense after the rampage faded out.

"I'm going to cook dinner." Was his only remark as he walked away from the man, pulling out from his arms with a simple brush of his hand. The author noticed the rigid steps of his lover and the rushing pace as he made his way to the kitchen.

The teen pretended to ignore the piercing indigo stare on the back of his head, focusing on the task of getting the ingredients out of the fridge when he opened the appliance. He tied his apron behind his back in an automatic gesture, followed by the sound of the water falling over the sink.

Usagi was conscious of every movement Misaki made, his build expressing a deep concern for something poorly concealed under his mask of indifference. He knew the teen and voicing his feelings was a more trying task that people gave him credit for.

The author went into the kitchen, keeping enough distance from his cherished cook as he roamed through the cabinet in search of a mug. The teen gave a small flinch as Usagi's lighter clicked to life, listening to the sound of the coffee maker pouring a fresh batch into the carafe.

Perhaps the strain in his chest was making him focus on all that could make the somber feeling go away. He never noticed the running water still falling on the sink or how his eyes centered on nothing, busy with his own thoughts.

The author took his cigarette away from his mouth, his slender fingers touching his lips for a moment before he approached the quiet youngster from behind. His warm breath brushed the teen's slender neck as he closed the running water.

Misaki finally broke from his trance as he felt the pressure of Usagi's body on his back, the buttons of the vest caressing his backbone. The teen's eyebrow gave a modest flinch, once again having to remind the man to keep his distance whenever he was cooking.

"Usagi-san…" Misaki began as he turned his face slightly.

Usagi's face had been closer than he anticipated, his breath brushing his own lips and his sharp eyes freezing him on the spot.

"W-what are you doing?" He stuttered as his view turned sideways, unable to sustain the knifelike look.

Through the corner of his eye Misaki noticed the author raising his hand in direction of his face, his eyelids unintentionally closing. A familiar sense of anticipation crawled to his belly, his heartbeat responding to the signals coming from his lover's actions. Usagi's hand brushed his cheek while his thick thumb rubbed his moist lip on the process.

He waited for what seemed like an eternity, his chest raising and falling quickly in expectation. No hold or caressed followed their usual dance and the teen opened his eyes as he faced the author.

No lust or desire brimmed from Usagi's look as both stares came into contact; instead, the teen face a look filled with concern.

"Usagi-san…" Misaki began as he tried to ask what seemed to be the matter when he felt something slip from his opposite cheek.

The teen's expression brimmed with surprise and confusion after touching his face, tears escaping from his eyes without warning.

Usagi remained still as he watched his lover rub his face clean, his shock catching after a brief pause and quickly apologizing for the situation.

"Misaki?" he called for him as the student kept rubbing the tears away without success. His forearms obscured the view of his visage as he kept apologizing, rumbling any sort of explanation for the sudden outburst.

The writer's arms automatically brought his lover close to his chest, his hand pulling the teen's head toward his middle, dropping his smoke into the sink. His lips kissed the auburn hair while drawing the smell of shampoo.

Misaki found himself surrounded by the scent of cigarettes and cologne. His tears obscured the delicate silk of Usagi's vest as the man comforted him. He refused to admit he cared more than he claimed for the author as the current circumstances prove him the adverse. Perhaps the unforeseen events had trigged a memory the young one kept locked deep inside him.

The teen tried to pull away, determined to stop his shameful behavior. A deep breath settled his pulse and retrieved his focus after the tears finally stopped. The back of his palm wiped the moisture from his skin as the bottom of his eyes turned red and swollen.

Usagi's hands remained on Misaki's back while his felt to the side, his gaze following the same route.

"I'm sorry Usagi-san, it's really nothing. I'm fine. Please don't worry about me." The young man requested in a soft tone with a brim of exhaustion. He hated the part of himself that exposed too much of his person. Perhaps that trait explained how he always got in trouble with certain characters that constantly used it against his favor.

The author remained quiet during the scenario, a usual response that followed his moments of contemplation. A part of him understood that Misaki suppressed his feelings to the point he became unaware of them. The reaction trigged a feeling of devotion, motivating the author to pull the teen's chin toward the front and clashing his lips with his.

The teen contained his breath as he was taken by surprise, his eyes still open during the entire lapse of the brief kiss.

Usagi used his limited window of advantage to rest his forehead against his lover's and voice his feelings before confronting the teenager's outbursts of embarrassment.

"I'm not planning of letting go of you, even after death." Usagi whispered as his piercing gaze delivered his message. "Not ever."

"What are you saying?" Misaki blurted with sincere anger in his eyes as his nails pressed the skin of his palms. "Do you really believe I'll be happy if you are gone? Idiot!"

The author blinked in bewilderment after listening to Misaki's statement. The teen's blows of sincerity never ceased to surprise him.

The young man also noticed his abrupt testimony and kicked himself internally, too late to take back his words now. He remained still, waiting for his lover's reaction after his careless statements.

"It's very cute when you can't admit your real feelings." The gentleman declared as he camouflaged his lips with his elegant fingers, a smirk poorly concealed and his eyelids closed in pure delight.

Misaki was truly embarrassed and it seemed his already rosy blush extended to his neck while glaring at the older man.

"Shut up! There's nothing funny about this!" he screamed, making the author end the proximate distance between them.

"It's fine, just take it out on me." Usagi muttered as his eyes disappeared under his ashen bangs and his lips claimed the teenager possessively.

Misaki closed his eyes as he felt himself been taken by the author, the firms hands capturing his slim waist and his backside pressed against the kitchen counter. A gasp escaped from his mouth as they briefly parted for air only to have his lower lip nibbled, the aggressiveness making a delicious shiver ride throughout his backbone.

"Usagi-san…" The youth grasped the edge of the countertop while his neck was ravage by his lover, unable to suppress the desire escaping his lips as he tried to recover his control.

The author used his skillful fingers to unbutton the teen's shirt as his kisses descended the route of his skin. He exposed Misaki's shoulder and collarbone after pulling down the fabric with ease.

His tongue unconsciously licked his lips as his eagerness increased. The teen felt Usagi's hair brush his chin and his scent bathed him in yearning. His knees felt weak as his body responded to the ministrations it was receiving. He cursed his own hormones and libido that allowed such events to develop.

"Ah!" Misaki moaned as he felt the eldest apply pressure on his hipbones. His jeans felt tight as his anatomy responded, followed by a low groan of the author who finished unbuttoning the teen's shirt.

The student was so lost in his own pleasure that he never noticed the moment Usagi undid the zipper on his jeans. The writer kneeled against the wood floor while his hot breath hit Misaki with full force making the teen open his eyes in surprise.

"Wait! Usagi-san!" He complained loudly only to choke with his own cry after a wave of pleasure shot through his entire form.

Misaki's fingers quickly found their place over the writer's silky hair as this one enjoyed the delicious sounds of his lover's reactions. The eldest opened his eyes slowly, watching as the teenager's face flushed in a red color. His wood shade gaze remained shut in embarrassment while one of his hands pulled Usagi's hair dimly. Hot pants escaped from his open lips as his breathing increased. Heavenly drops of sweat traveled though the frame of his stomach reaching his navel.

The teen's eyes opened just dimly, a few tears escaping from the corner of his lashes in fervor. The eldest stopped the ravaging banquet followed by Misaki's legs giving up his own weight. His back brushed against the wooden cabinets as he carefully slipped into the author's arms, tasting himself as Usagi met him at the same eye level, both seated over the floor.

The writer admired a few seconds of his lover's reaction exhibited on his face. The swollen lips, the flush on his cheeks, and the mouthwatering motions of his hasty breathing was so gratifying.

"I love you." Usagi brushed each word against Misaki's smooth lips.

I love you. The teen whispered inside his thoughts as he drowned in the sapphire orbs, his body surrendered to his lover as they made their way to the bedroom.

The mattress plunged under their weight as the eldest push him down without breaking the connection of their lips. Their mouths molded against each other, leaving an impression of thrill in their agitated breathing.

"Ahhh!" The youngest trembled making his back bend involuntarily. Usagi's hand drew a straight line over the soft skin of his lover, reaching the exposed member in the process and drinking the exquisite wails coming from Misaki's mouth.

"Misaki." The man hummed pleased with the reactions of the teen as he relaxed in his embrace.

The bridge of his nose wrinkled, eyes shut, trying to suppress the blissful feeling coming between his legs. His lover's skillful palms pumped him mercilessly, bringing a pearly substance from his tip. His climax coming far too quickly and his legs tensed at the familiar anticipation.

"Usagi-san! W-wait!" He begged between their kiss only to have his words meet with deaf ears. The author gave a deep and feral grunt as his teeth sank over Misaki's neck without warning. The teen opened his eyes as his body crushed against his lover's hips, semen filling his clothes as waves of pleasure hit him violently. His hands flew toward the eldest back, his nails sinking over the clothing as the colors escaped from his vision.

The writer relaxed his breathing as his teeth released the delicate skin he was ravaging. It took a moment for Misaki to stop his uncontrolled shaking once his body was filled with exhaustion. The cold hands of his lover searched for his, slowly surrendering the grasp of his vest. The same cool lips rested over the student's as his wrists eased over the mattress.

Usagi undid the knot of his tie and pulled it with one hand as he straightened his back while gazing at the tempting creature under him. His quick fingers loosen the buttons of his vest and shirt, impatient to feel the blessed skin against his and his own pleasure tightening against the fabric of his dress pants.

The student's eyes fell on the hurried actions of the eldest who dropped the expensive articles of clothing over the floor. The marked stomach was tensed and his toned shoulders supported his impressive build, using the teen's wrists as foundations.

Misaki felt a sudden urge to draw over each delicate line of the writer's muscles but he was a prisoner under his grasp. The man's firm leg rubbed against the sensible middle of his partner making the youngest hiss as desire crawled anew.

Perhaps the instinct was contagious as Misaki's need grew with each new caress. Strength returned to his body and using that to his advantage he pulled the author against him, the eldest unexpectedly releasing him as their builds exchanged places.

Misaki's previous attempts to take domain clashed miserably with his own embarrassment. Without a way to explain the unfamiliar actions, he let himself be guided by his impulse before the awkwardness caught with his brain.

The author's eyes were opened in bewilderment as the teen filled his neck and chest in clumsy kisses. The revelation was so astonishing that it took him a moment to realize his shy and imperious lover was doing something so out of character. His need kept growing even more but his body remained frozen on the mattress, cautious that any action from his part would break the scenario he found himself in.

Misaki felt the eldest rest his hands easily on the back of his thighs as he nibbled on the cool skin of his neck. The tip of his own tongue licked the edge of Usagi's pulse bringing a vivid gasp from the eldest as his head flew upwards and his jaw tensed.

So far his own instinct had pointed him in the most basic responses. Of course it was time for him to recover his senses, unable to look at the writer to the eye as he buried his burning face over his chest debating with himself.

Usagi's vast hands grasped Misaki's backside making the teen shiver in return. The jeans were slipped from their place as well as his underwear, conscious that regardless of their current position he was never in full control.

Anger boiled inside the teen at the hasty realization, his ego stumped with each nibble he received of the supposedly submitted eldest.

If he had been more decisive and firm about his own feelings then maybe he would have stopped Usagi from storming away from his father and made the man face his problems.

His fingers flew to the back of Usagi's head and pulled the hair with enough strength to make him face his own hungry lips. The sting made the writer moan quietly as he was devoured and forced to submission by the naked man on top of him. An exciting sensation crawled into his senses as strength was applied to his arms, forced down into the mattress while his lips were mercilessly scarfed down.

"Misaki!" He called for him but the teenager didn't seem to listen.

His hard member brushed against Usagi's backside and took note of the only fabric still attached to him. Compulsive fingers flew to the edge of the zipper, cerulean eyes growing in surprise as he was exposed to the cold air.

Physically stronger than his lover the writer pushed him into a sitting position while Misaki's arms rested against his neck; the possessive actions full of dripping emotions with every kiss.

"Uh!" Misaki moaned as he felt the hard member rub against his rear.

The author didn't need to use any other hint as he placed his index and middle finger inside the hot tongue of the aroused youth. His own lips focused on the skin of Misaki's torso and shoulders while his fingers enjoyed the blissful ministration of that sensual mouth.

The wet digits left the youth's mouth before his entrance was invaded by the familiar sensation of two long intrusions.

"Usagi-san!" Misaki yelled between the pain and pleasure, grasping the broad shoulders in search for support as his mind lost his remaining sanity. A pressure point was pressed with every intrusion making him jerk widely. The front part of his pleasure rubbed against the author's member and their bodies bathed in a wet mess of sweat.

"Can't wait anymore." Usagi growled between each gasp of his savage breathing.

Pulling his fingers out and taking Misaki's hips he turned the teenager facedown against the mattress, lifting the delicious and expectant tunnel he invaded with careful precision.

The room was filled with moans and the harsh bounce of the bed, legs tensed and cramped with every hit while the youth's face rested over the soft sheets. He didn't want to imagine what sort of expression he was making, his line of vision focused at the frowned look of his lover on top of him. His shut-eyes, frowned brows, and clenched teeth built a sensual and erotic image he couldn't take his eyes away from.

Misaki managed to turn his own body and bring his lover into his entrance, using his legs to pull those firm hips into his backside.

Usagi's tongue and lips kissed the sensible part of his neck while his hands supported his massive weight. The missionary position managed to reach a deeper angle of Misaki's insides.

The author understood what was making the teen act so forward as his eyes looked at him intently, the corner of those lashes soaked in tears. His cold hands followed the touch of the teen's face as he pulled his lips in a passionate kiss. Their breaths touched as they parted just a few inches from each other, their gaze never interrupted as they relished each other's pleasure.

"Misaki." The author called in a husky tone as he felt his climax approach.

The teen's nails clawed into Usagi's shoulders as his toes tensed, feeling those hips brush against his backside.

"Oh!" He groaned as his member was pumped again, his wit long forgotten as he doused himself in the pleasure from every corner of his body.

The teen's eyes open in shock letting his lover's essence fill him entirely as a final groan escaped his chest. Massive waves of comfort hit them as they synched their heartbeats and let their vision wash them in white light.

After several minutes of pleasure their pulse began to settle down and nothing but exhaustion filled their moist bodies and tensed muscles.

Usagi released him slowly, facing the spent teen as he embraced him gently. His whole face gleamed with happiness as his hand pulled away the wet tips of his hair.

"I promise I won't let you go, ever." He whispered while brushing Misaki's hair and resting his hand on the side of the blushed face. It didn't matter how many times they made love, he never failed to bring that burning glow into his cheeks.

"How can you say such embarrassing lines so easily?" He mumbled while avoiding the gaze between the sheets as the author reward him with a casual smirk on the corner of his lips.

The teen was becoming sleepy before his stomach growled soundly, accompanied by Usagi's soft laugh. He pulled him closer by the waist while removing the auburn hair from his ear, lips brushing softly with each word. "You know Misaki, after eating I think we should try the couch next."

"You pervert!" The teen yelled after his eyes opened in shock, pressing his forehead against Usagi's chest to avoid showing his scarlet complexion.

The author kissed the top of his head while the youngest struggled with his own emotions. Just when he though some of his problems had been solved, there was always a way to find his own doom.

"I love you." Usagi whispered after guessing his companion's thoughts.

A sensual smirk adorned his face as he developed some plan to inspire Misaki to take command once more in their lovemaking. A new phase of their relationship opening endless possibilities to the author's creative muse.

Junjou Romantica is the property of Shungiku Nakamura, and is not Spellcraft Writings' intellectual property. This is for entertainment purposes only. No financial gain was made from this nor will any be sought.