'What are you doing' Blaise asks

'Nothing, just typing' I say putting on my best innocent grin

'About?' she asks quizzically

'Ummm...you?' I say truthfully

'But you don't own me or the Night World' she says cheerfully

'So' I pout

'You have to tell the people that' She says

'Never, never, never, never. And you can't make me' I stick my tongue out at her. *a little kids version of cussing lol*

'Really?' she walks over to the computer and holds a finger over the power button, grinning like a maniac.

'Ok maybe you can. Fine. I DON'T OWN NIGHT WORLD. You happy?' I shout just so she will leave me alone. 'But i might one day'

'No you won't. You will never own Night World' she laughs meanly as I silently hug my Night World books sobbing uncontrollably.