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One month.

One whole month had passed after that event.

Had it really been that long?

Ariadne could still feel the snow biting her lips, the elevator's explosion heat her skin, and the sudden burst of cold water that enveloped her body every time her head hit the pillow. She would never forget the intense fear that had stolen her breath away when Fischer was shot. The pounding of her heart filling her ears when she had fallen off the building in limbo.

And she missed it.

She missed having that incredible sense of... Power, in the field. Shifting everything to her likening, being, in a sense, a God.

Ariadne remembered what Arthur had said at the start: "He said you'd come back."

And she wanted to. Even after all the events that had taken place, almost going into limbo forever, she wanted to go back to that place. That place where, quite literally, dreams were made.

Ariadne sighed and looked up from the blueprint she had been designing for class. Slowly, she reached into her desk, and felt around for a moment, searching for something. She pulled out the golden chess piece and for a moment, just took in the simple design.

"An elegant solution for keeping track of reality." She remembered talking to Arthur again.

Arthur. How was he doing? Ariadne remembered when they had all exited the plane, relief flooding through them, and she remembered how Arthur had tentatively approached her, handing her his cell number. "I'll... Be around if want, y'know, to talk and stuff," And she remembered how her heart had given the slightest of all flutters and how she had given him a small smile, something that had been sorely missed after their experience and accepted the slip of paper.

She hadn't called him yet.

But maybe...

Just maybe...

Arthur could possibly still have the key to entering dreams.

He wouldn't deny her one last go, right?

Ariadne reached for her purse now, searching the contents of it until she produced the number. She lifted the phone from her desk and dialled the number.

It rang once, twice. The third ring was cut short and she heard the familiar tone replace the noise: "Hello?"

Ariadne felt her heart stop for a moment as she recognized the voice. "Hey Arthur," she said after regaining her composure. "It's Ariadne."

"Oh wow!" She noted the sudden change in the tone of his voice, from slightly irritated to greeting an old friend. Had they been friends? Was it alright to consider yourselves friends after weeks of planning and carrying out the most incredible 'Inception' they had ever done? "I was thinking you may have lost my number," she could picture him grinning slightly now, probably relieved that she hadn't in fact forgotten about him.

"Nah, just found it now," Ariadne suddenly wondered if this was even worth it anymore. She could always just hang up and forget about this. She could go back... To her incredibly dull life of trying to meet deadlines, study for exams, and continue to fall deeper into the hole of her monotonous life. No. She would go through with this. But she would need a plan to rope Arthur into helping her. "So, I was wondering... Do you want to meet up for lunch sometime?"

Ariadne had picked the coffee house for a reason. It was one that reminded her of the one that she had visited so often in Cobb's dreams to train her. She liked the quaint look of it anyway, and it did serve very good tea. A perfect place for a date.

Arthur grinned at her as they sat down. It was slightly nervous looking, but a grin nonetheless. "So, what have you been up to?"

Ariadne shrugged. "Not much really, just bored out of mind," she needed to play her cards well if she wanted to get to the field again.

Arthur lifted an eyebrow. "Oh really?"

"Yeah, that's why I called you. I was bored," Ariadne wondered silently to herself how Arthur had managed that eyebrow thing of his.

"I didn't know I was that good company," his slight smile this time made her blush. 'Don't concentrate on that right now'

"Trust me, you can be pretty interesting," Ariadne smiled as she looked down into her cup of coffee.

"Quick, give me a kiss!"

"Well, you never really got to know the regular me during our time together... Just work-me really," he added sugar to his tea. "So your information might be flawed."

Ariadne quickly gives him a kiss and then looks around. "They're still looking at us,"

She continued smiling as she watched him sip his tea. "Well, I guess now would be a good time to catch up on the real you then, wouldn't it?"

"Yeah, it was worth a shot."

Arthur nodded. "I guess so,"

"So, what have you been up to?"

He seemed startled for a moment, and then quickly composed himself. "Oh, this and that,"

Ariadne tried to replicate his eyebrow from before. "That's not very helpful, Arthur. How am I supposed to catch up with you if I don't even know what you're doing right now?" She leaned in closer. "It wouldn't have anything to do with dreams again, would it?"

Arthur looked away. "So that's what this was about,"

"What? Arthur, no-"

"I know that you like the field, Ariadne," he shook his head as he stood up. "If you don't watch yourself, this could turn into an obsession. Take me word on this: forget about the dreams, please."

Ariadne tried to grab his arm as Arthur began to leave. "I swear, that's not why I-'' But he shook her off.

She looked down in embarrassment, realizing the trick that Arthur had pulled. A smile secretly played over her lips.

"Arthur!" She called to no avail as he got into his car. As he drove past, she caught the look of hurt on his face; it caused a twang of guilt in her heart as she realized that he had really wanted to connect again, maybe even on a deeper level than before.

Well, if they had been friends then, they probably weren't now.

"Excuse me?" the waiter came up behind her. "Miss, are you done?"

"Oh, um, yeah..." Ariadne fumbled with her purse, and pulled out her wallet along with her chess piece. It fell to floor with a slight clink, and she quickly scrambled to get it.

"Something important to you?" the blonde-haired waiter asked, motioning towards her totem as she gave him a few bills.

"Oh, um" she shrugged. "It was... Now it's just useless really." She grabbed her coat and threw it on again; the chilly fall weather was starting to get to her now.

"Are you sure?"

Ariadne felt her long brown hair whip at her face as she turned around to face the waiter.

He smiled, grabbing the glasses from her now empty table. "I could help you, you know."

"...Help me with what exactly?" Ariadne felt her suspicions increase as the man just continued to smile. It was becoming rather eerie now.

"I know a way to get you to the field."


No way.

He had been listening in on her and Arthur's conversation earlier.

He knew what the field was.

And he had a way of getting there.

But was being truthful about this?

"How do I know if I can trust you?"

The man simply shrugged. "You can't. That's up for you to decide, isn't it?" He turned around. "Well, if you're not interested-"

"Wait!" Ariadne honestly couldn't believe that she was doing this. "How- how can you get me there?"

"My shift ends at four," he grinned. "Come see me here, I'll show you then."


He turned to leave again, and just as he was about to go inside again Ariadne spoke up again. "What's your name?"

"Damien," he flashed a set of his perfect white teeth and slipped inside.

Ariadne ran from the cafe as fast as her feet could possibly go. Thoughts flew through hermind- a million a minute it seemed.

Who was this man? Would he really be able to bring her back to her separate reality? Was she able to trust him?

"Why is it so important to dream?"

She missed the warped world of the field.

"Because, in my dreams we are together."

The only question was: was she ready to dive back in?

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