Title: Five mission reports written in 100 words or less
Author: Shenandoah Risu
: PG-13
Content Flags: mention of adult subject matter
Spoilers: SGU Season 1, up to "Sabotage"
Word Count: 5x100
Summary: Just what it says on the lid.
Characters: Young, Greer, Scott, Chloe, Eli
Author's Notes: Written for the 100th prompt series at sg1_five_things.
Disclaimer: I don't own SGU. I wouldn't know what to do with it. Now, Young... Young I'd know what to do with... :-)
Thanks for reading! Feedback = Love. ;-)

Five mission reports written in 100 words or less

Everett Young

Wallace and Armstrong volunteered for the mission, Greer and Scott provided security. Survey of existing ruins. Team was stranded in underground tunnel network. S&R led by James unsuccessful. Secondary team returned in time for next FTL jump. James and Rush led follow-up S&R during the next stop. Greer was retrieved on the previous planet, as he was left behind by Scott after presumed dead in a tunnel collapse. Rest of primary team MIA. Shortly after drop out of FTL due to hyperdrive engine failure the primary team caught up with Destiny. All personnel present and accounted for at this time.

Ronald Greer

Provided security for Eli and Chloe during exploratory mission, led by Lt. Scott. I was forced to shoot at a giant spider and the ensuing ceiling collapse trapped us in an underground maze. While searching for an alternate way out I was caught in a structural collapse and left behind by the team, rightfully presumed dead. I dug myself out when I regained consciousness but missed the team at the gate and was stranded since I had no gate remote. I made camp at the gate, awaiting a rescue team. A successive S&R team led by Lt. James retrieved me.

Matthew Scott

Led a recon mission to a planet with ruins and underground network, with Chloe, Eli and Greer. Greer shot a sizeable spider about to jump Chloe, the tunnel entrance collapsed. The S&R team could not dig us out - Destiny had to leave us behind. We lost Greer in another collapse. Presuming him dead I urged the team back to the gate and on a trek via other gates to catch up with the ship. We just missed it. I did my best to comfort my civilian team until suddenly Destiny's gate became accessible again and we returned to the ship.

Chloe Armstrong

Good thing I read Dr. Jackson's mission reports! I got to be on an exploratory team to check on some old ruins when we were trapped in a tunnel and left behind by the Destiny. I found a map and a way out, but we still lost Greer. Eli led us through a string of gates, hoping to catch up with the Destiny, but we still missed the ship. Matt was great and kept me and Eli safe and in good spirits until suddenly Destiny's gate showed up on the remote and we returned home. And Greer was back, too!

Eli Wallace

So much for making like Dora the Explorer! I lost the kino in an underground maze, then we ALL got lost. There were HUGE spiders. We had to leave Greer behind when he was buried by falling debris. Destiny had already left so we jumped from gate to gate to catch up but we missed it. We waited for two days. Matt and Chloe had sex like the whole time. Talk about feeling like the third wheel! Thank goodness the Destiny came back into range and we gated home. Turns out Greer got back even before us! Yay! Vanessa rocks.