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God damn the plot bunnies! They came up to me while I was watching Elizabeth: The Golden Age and said "Hey Hollow Ichigo-Ichigo! Guess what~? You now have he sudden urge to do an IchigoXOC concerning the Royal Family…" …and they're right! ARGH! *bashes head on wall* Well…here it is…the start of Forbidden Royalty.

Chapter 1: The first glance…

Ichigo ran above Karakura, his shihakusho flapping in the harsh wind. Looks like a storm may be coming soon…he thought. Even though there were barely any clouds in the sky, the smell of rain was oddly lingering in the air. He looked up to see a rapidly moving cloud. Odd… he thought and began following it. As he ran, he could feel a familiar, yet annoying, chill in the air. I know who that belongs to… As he continued running, eventually, he saw a ton of Soul Reapers gathered not too far away, but the two in the front stood out. One with silver hair, a white haori flapping violently, and the other with a pink sash and some of the biggest boobs Ichigo had ever seen. "Hey! Rangiku, Toshiro!" They both turned to see him, but only Rangiku gave him a friendly wave back.

"Hey there, Ichigo! Come on over here!" she called. Ichigo Flash Stepped over and stood next to the lieutenant. "What are you doing here?"

"I should be asking that question." Toshiro said, fixing Ichigo with an unreadable stare. "And it's Captain Hitsugaya."

"No, I should be asking it; why are all these Soul Reapers here?" he asked, ignoring Toshiro's correction. Toshiro rolled his aqua green eyes.

"This doesn't concern you." He said.

"To hell it doesn't! You're forgetting here, this is where I live!" Ichigo argued. Rangiku stared at her captain as he sighed.

"Aww, c'mon Captain! Just tell him!" she whined.

"Fine. The Royal Family is passing through for a change." He replied.

Princess Kaiya walked on the moving cloud, surrounded by guards and servants. She looked down at the town below and sighed. "Princess, we are approaching Squad Ten now." Her personal servant and friend, Nika, said.

"I can already sense them Nika." She said and sighed again.

"Princess? Is something wrong?" she asked. Kaiya leaned and next to her friends ear.

"Nika, I'm tired of just walking around like this. I want to go do Soul Reaper work again." She whispered. Nika rolled her eyes.

"You know the King hates it when you do that. It's Soul Reapers work!" she complained.

"Yes, and I have Soul Reaper powers! I want to use my powers alongside them, not stand above them 24/7!"

"But Princess, you're royalty!" Kaiya rolled her eyes.

"I know…I just…"

"Prepare for the Princess!" one of the guards called out.

"I just want an adventure of my own…I want to get to know our subjects better…"she sighed.

Ichigo stared at the two Soul Reapers. "A princess?" he asked.

"The 15th princess, Princess Kaiya." Rangiku whispered. "It's only her. She travels alone most of the time." Ichigo gave him a confused stare.

"What for?"

"Mostly to show that they're still there. If you ask me, they're just showing off." He said. Rangiku shot him a warning look.

"Captain, you know you need to be careful here!" she gasped. "If they hear you…"

"Prepare for the Princess!" one of the guards called. All of the Soul Reapers bowed, except for Ichigo, a flustered look on his face.

"Wh-what?" He felt an elbow in his gut and he fell on his knees. "Ow!"

"You idiot, you might as well show some respect, since you're here." Toshiro hissed. Ichigo rolled his eyes and sighed, but stayed put. He felt the cloud start to pass them by, its shadow looming over them. He then felt the sudden urge to look up, and when he did, his eyes fixed on the figure before him.

She had long, flowing, pale red hair and soft red eyes as well. She was wearing a bright, long pink kimono, colored in bright, red, blue and green floral patterns. She had small flowers in her hair that almost made it look like a crown. And she was looking at him. Straight into his eyes with her red ones. He felt funny, like he was being drawn into them. The contact was brief however and as the cloud continued to move, she went with it. What…what was that? He wondered. All the other Soul Reapers began to follow the cloud.

"We're leaving Ichigo." Rangiku said, snapping the teen out of his thoughts. "We'll see ya around, ok?"

"And don't tell anyone she was here, got it?" Toshiro said. Ichigo rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, I know." He said. As they all left, he just stared in their direction. Was that…really a princess? He wondered.

Kaiya had walked by the Soul Reapers when she felt the urge to look at them, despite the fact she wasn't supposed to. When she did, she ended up staring directly into chocolate cream eyes. And he had been staring back. He had bright, orange hair and a large sword on his back. Kaiya had taken a moment to sense his spiritual pressure before they were forced to break eye contact. She tingled at the feel of how powerful it was…and yet, there was something else. "Princess? Is something the matter?" Nika asked, her brown eyes filled with worry.

"Did you…see that orange haired Soul Reaper?" she asked, still staring off into the distance. Nika stared at her, confused.

"You mean the one with the large sword?" she asked. Kaiya nodded slowly.

"Did you sense his spiritual pressure, Nika? Did you feel it?" she asked, almost hurriedly this time. Nika flustered a little before answering.

"Y-yes, it was defiantly strong, but…also different. It was hard to read it exactly." She stammered.

"I know! I really don't care how much he had…but the way it felt…mysterious and dangerous…I liked it." She turned and grabbed Nika's shoulders. "Nika, I have to meet him!" Nika shook her head.

"Princess Kaiya! You know how the King feels about the Royal Family in the Soul Society!" she said. Kaiya laughed. "Something funny?"

"Silly! He's a human, I felt it. He's a Substitute Soul Reaper! He's in the World of the Living!" she said, getting more excited every second.

"So what? Even worse! The King will never-"

"What Father doesn't know will never hurt him!" she said. Nika shook her head. "Nika…" she grabbed her friend's shoulder. "…I have to meet him. I want to speak to him, to be in that world. Only for a day, that's it!" Nika sighed.

"One day, that's it?" she asked. Kaiya nodded frantically. She let out a long sigh. "Fine…I'll cover for you. But one day only, got it?" Nika felt herself get squeezed tightly.

"Thank you, Nika! Thank you so much!" she said. As the cloud left the World of the Living behind, she stole one more glance at the direction where she had seen the Substitute Soul Reaper. I will be there…count on it Soul Reaper…she thought.

Chapter 1 end

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