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WARNING: If you haven't watched Breakaway Parts One and Two yet, there are spoilers in this story. So please save yourself and don't read if you don't want to be ruined.

First Moments

The first time Eli saw Clare, it wasn't when he was driving his hearse out of the parking lot at the end of the day. It happened to be just seven hours earlier in the cool morning.

He was sitting at one of the picnic tables that rest outside of Degrassi's campus and underneath the large, manicured trees. He had arrived early, leaving his hearse Morty safely in the parking lot at a prime spot: in the far back, where people never went because the cameras were still able to see you (most likely because people had already been busted with pot at some point at that location. And now the cameras were the consequence).

He enjoyed getting to school early in the morning when the sun was still low and the darkness still lingered with the trees overhead. He would be able to watch as the other students would enter the building in their society-bound cliques. People-watching was his favorite past-time. He could study their mannerisms, watch how the entered and left. Did they bounce around like the preppy and conformed valley girls on TV? Or maybe they pretended to be all macho as they constantly threw their arms in the air like apes.

People were creatures that were rarely often studied by their own kind. Eli realized this at a young age when he and his Grandfather, who happened to own the family mortuary, would sit on the bench near the local grocery story and just watch silently. With all of this practice, Eli had become an acute observer.

He continued sitting on the bench with his palms flat on the table top feeling its rough and grooved surface when he took a turn to look up at the sky. Though many people wouldn't believe so when first looking at him, he loved the sun. It wasn't fake or something dreamt up to sell. It was just a pure being of sorts. He enjoyed the way it just meshed perfectly with the clear blue backdrop behind it. They were meant for each other.

He was still looking up at the morning overhead from his shadowed spot underneath the trees when something caught the corner of his eye. Turning his head to get a better look, he saw a girl walking slower than slow on the grey concrete sidewalk up to Degrassi.

With a bright plaid t-shirt, jeans, and a large black bag (that must be holding her school crap, Eli decided) hung over her delicate shoulder, she would've just looked like any other normal teen. Except she had a antique hardcover book in her hands and by any real standards of teenage normalcy, that wasn't right. Accompanied with her short, curly and messy hair and pale skin, she caught the sunlight just right so she radiated. Eli felt his breath hitch slightly and that was when he really became inquisitive.

It wasn't usual for people to be at school before he was. At least, that's what was true for all of the other schools he had been at. So he wasn't expecting it now. But, here she was, an early riser and holding a thick book between her fingers with the pages open.

He continued to study her as she read. Somehow, she had managed to perfect the art of multitasking at its finest: walking and reading. She didn't need a visual of the area in front of her because somehow this act must have become habit. He watched as she brought a hand up to her lips in order to still them as all of a sudden her shoulders raised for a sharp intake of breath and she snapped the book shut. So hard that he heard the pages meet from across the road.

She stood with her head tilted to the left and one hand on her lips to still whatever emotion she wasn't ready to let go of, yet. Her other hand still clutching the book intently. She stood still like that for a minute like she was studying something with the utmost concern. But what, Eli couldn't figure out. She then quickly let go of the thought because with a light shake of her head. Feverishly, she turned towards Degrassi and bounded up the steps in a hurried fashion. Whipping through the doors as she did a light jog to wherever she was going. Most likely her locker.

Curious, Eli stayed there at the bench replaying that moment in his mind. Ten minutes later, everyone began showing up for class and he was still hooked on her.

Tapping a pale finger on the rough surface of the wooden table, Eli was still playing that moment when another outcast, Adam he later learned, came up and sat with him attempting to make conversation. He was an outcast just like him. Eli shot him a smile and they walked into Degrassi together just moments before the first bell.

He had made a friend without really realizing what he was really doing. His thoughts were too consumed with the girl he wished he could study more closely…

The first time Clare noticed Eli, she was walking through the hallway on the way to lunch. She honestly wouldn't have noticed him if it hadn't been for Alli, who was chatting animatedly next to her. Meanwhile Clare only offered a few slight nods and "uh-huh" to fill whatever gap in the conversation that Alli had left for Clare to fill. Her mind was busy elsewhere as concocted different formulas for studying, homework schedules, and other studious entertaining that could occupy her mind while her gaze was intent on the academic schedule that was no more than a foot away from her 20/20 eyes.

"Who's 'Gloom and Doom' over there?" Clare received a sharp jab to her arm as Alli pointed over to a boy leaning against the lockers talking to Adam, who Clare had met in her math class earlier that day. They had gotten along quite well, seeing as Adam was the only other "normal" human being in math who would actually pay attention instead of honing in on the gossip that was already spilling throughout Degrassi's corridors.

Clare's eyes moved from Adam to the darkly-clothed boy beside him. He had his head down, so Clare only caught the dark, midnight black hair that somehow managed to look styled even though he probably had only finger-combed it that morning. He was thin, and wasn't necessarily buff like some of the other guys. But he surely was no Wesley.

In appearance, he was unlike anyone Clare had ever met. He looked dark and sinister, but nothing seemed wrong. Nothing was written in his body posture that screamed, "I'm not okay."

And as such, Clare was intrigued. She tilted her head to the side in an attempt to study him for one moment longer. But soon enough, that moment quickly ended as Alli pulled her into the cafeteria with more ramblings about Dave's latest escapades for her attention.

She brought her head forward to attention and propelled her mind to stop lingering on his physical form. So to occupy herself, she began replaying the romantic moment between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth she had just read that morning.

When Eli Goldsworthy actually met Clare, he attempted to look suave as his heart raced underneath his skin and dark clothing. While his outside was calm and serene, his insides were aflame. He was a man of little words, but inside, his heart was screaming with pure lust and desire.

He had waited until everyone had scattered out of the hallways of Degrassi so he could go to the parking lot without having to be part of the commotion. He and Adam walked together as the waves of people left in a hurry. Adam turned to go to the bus stop as Eli headed into the lot.

"Ah, good ol' Morty."

He got in and started the engine. It purred like it always did when Eli entered it. He pressed his finger against the CD changer and hit it to a track he hadn't listened to in a long while. It was a cross between hard rock and metal. Regardless of whatever specific genre the music had been placed in, there was enough bass to keep Eli's fingers occupied with the beat.

He backed out and drove up to the front doors of Degrassi. He was about to pass them when all of a sudden he saw the girl from this morning walking with a tan-skinned girl who was most likely her friend. He slowed down to get a good look at her and he turned down the stereo (only slightly) so he could grasp his thoughts together more.

Her hair still caught the sunlight and the lips she had so intently pressed to still that morning were charming against her pale skin. She was holding something metallic because it kept catching the light and twinkling. But it as too small for Eli to grasp the contours of its shape clearly in order to deduce what it really was.

He watched as they crossed the street and made their way to wherever they were going. He was about to reach the stereo volume knob when he heard a crunch. He was kind of surprised that he did, the music was still kind of loud and all. But after working in the family mortuary for the past few summers, his ears had become attuned to the little noises that one rarely heard unless they were alone. Ergo, making them more sensitive.

He heard a gasp as he stopped the car and opened the door, letting the music follow him outside of the hearse. He walked two steps over to where the glasses lay and brought them up. Under a one second inspection, he held them out to the girl who had occupied his thoughts for the past seven hours.

He looked up at her with his piercing green eyes. "I think they're dead." Clare, meanwhile, had only managed to silently watch him since he kind of came out of nowhere. She met his eyes and her heart faltered.

"It's okay, I, uh," she stuttered. Dang it, Clare, pull it together. "Don't need them anymore. Got- laser surgery." Of all times for Clare to lose her words, it had to be now. Crap.

She watched him as he studied her, his eyes focusing intently on her eyes.

"You've pretty eyes."

He was telling the truth. Never had he seen someone with as clear set of eyes like he had. And they were blue. Pure like the water. Pure like the sky that so beautifully lit up that morning.

She blushed. Her eyes now making contact with the concrete ground.

"Thanks. I'll, uh, see you around?" She looked up with pure hope filling her perfect blue eyes that Eli had to still his heart for a second in order to get out a reply.

"Guess you will."

Before Eli lost his cool, he quickly got into his hearse and put the petal to the metal. His fingers slid down the steering wheel from sweat.

When Eli's car was on the road again, Clare's heart melted as she delicately smiled and watched him drive off.

Though they didn't know it, both of them were consumed with thoughts of the other. And it wouldn't be until English that they would truly sort out their emotions.