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My friend Arabella Goose lived in forks Washington. Oh yeah, she lived with her dad and is 17. She's just moved their beaus she broke up with her bf in Arizona who was ugly mean, and abusive. But she was really sad because he was really nice and all and she missed her fends and had none here. Must of all she wanted a boyfriend because she get really horney and stuff.

Arabella had brown hair with highlights and had a nice body with boobs an curbs. She wasn't tall like a supermodle butt she was still hot. She likes guys a LOT. She wares clothes and a lot of makeup. She likes to be called Bella (Duh lol(

Today is her first day of school at my new high school. I was exited because I cold have friends and maybe a boyfriend. I woke up 4 cool, got out of my bed, took a shower used the bathroom, put on a cute pants and shirt and a ton of markup to hid my acne and stuff on my face, 8 oatmeal, drank orange juice, brushed my teeth, grabbed my iPod and turns on my fave music, and drove 2 school in my red truck.

(AN: I am introducing the main character now)

MY name is Countess Sinderz Misserry Seckzi Vampiressarella Lautner. I also live in Forks Washington end I used 2 live in Alaska but just moved back her ware I used 2 live. I Am tall and skinny and have big boobies and long dark purple hair. Sometimes I put my hair up in a messy updo and sometimes I just wear it down flat on my back. I have white skin(I am not racist! You'll see why!). If I had to describe me in one word it would be Drop-dead Gorgeous.

I used the batroom (get it cuz ima vampire) and took a shower and put on clothes actuality a leather bra and thong, red long dress with matching thigh-hi leather boots, leather gloves, black gothic choker, black lipstick, black, eyeliner, mascara, purple eyeshadow. I put my hair up all messy and curly but very pretty, gothic, and sexy at the same time. Ands put on a lather jacket and got my backpack and hoped on my Harley sped away too school.

When I got there to school I saw my old and Bellas old old friend Taylor (Taylor Launter is soo yummy! Mmmm…)

"Hi Tayler!" I said

"Hi SINderz call me Jacob now!" He sad. He locked hawt with huge mussels!

"Don't cal me Sinderz, cal me SIN! She said hugging him and touching his mussels when the bell rang "See you l8er'


In sex Ed class the teacher wax taking about STDs and stuff. Bella noticed tat the dude next 2 her was super-duper orgazmically smoking hot.

"Hey im Bella and im knew here. Wanna show me what you've learned about sex so far? She said flirting with him hornily.

Edward laughed. "Your funny! I'd live to do it with you sometime. Compare notes." He smiled at her deductively.

'BTWay, I'm Edward". )AN: Edward is soooo smexxaaayyy!)

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