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Chapter 19: Kyoshi's Surprise

Whilst they ate, Sokka and Katara were engaged in a very serious conversation about what the surprise might be. Zuko and Mai were huddled closely together feeding each other different desserts whilst Ursa looked at them with loving awe, for she missed those moments with Ozai when he was loving and kind to her and Zuko. Toph and Teo were sitting next to each other arguing which Earth Kingdom city was better and Aang just sat there with Momo on his lap deep within his thoughts. They were getting closer and closer to finding the Airbenders every day. This made Aang laugh to himself quietly, for if they found them, the Avatar cycle wouldn't break and there would still be Airbenders to teach the future Avatars.

The group then heard some footsteps and some muffled female voices. The door opened and Ty Lee peered through the gap of the door and flinched back when she saw the whole group staring at her. She peered back at them blushing, even though it was very hard to notice her blush, for she was wearing her Kyoshi Warrior makeup. She turned around and said something to the girls which sounded like "C'mon girls, let's get this show on the road" which was probably something she used to say when she was in the circus. The door then opened wide enough and the girls walked through gracefully. The door then closed, every Kyoshi member was there except Suki.

"where's Suki" asked Sokka, feeling very lonely without her.

"oh my, sorry…" she opened the door "I present to you, Suki!" as she said that Suki walked through, wearing her Kyoshi Warrior makeup and uniform. Sokka's mouth dropped to the ground and started drooling at his beautiful girlfriend. Suki blushed and took a deep breath.

"I really missed this uniform. I forgot how heavy it is" one of the Warriors tapped her on the shoulder and whispered something in her ear. "oh right, yeah" she blushed and all the warriors took their places. They then took out their fans and swords and performed a synchronized dance-type movement demonstrating the different techniques that the warriors had learnt. Sokka stared up at Suki in awe, as she moved with perfect grace and balance. When they had finished, the group clapped and whistled so loudly, that the Elephant Koi and possibly the Unagi could hear them. The Kyoshi Warriors blushed and looked away when Sokka jumped up and grabbed Suki into a very tight hug and kiss. Once they had stopped kissing, the Warriors left the group so that they could finish their feast.

The group decided that they would stay on Kyoshi Island for a few days before finally leaving for the Southern Air Temple.