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Life Goes On

"Did you know? Duncan had puppies with the dog next door and they are selling them." Catherine says.

Elena shrugs her shoulders, "No I didn't and I do not understand why I should care."

Catherine looks at Elena long and hard and realizes that her dear friend was and still is going down the drain. Her dreams and hopes vanished to nothingness and she still couldn't figure out how to help Elena. Another six months has past making Elsa 2 years old now, a child without her father and a child slowly losing her mother to insanity. Catherine sighs loudly, "What I meant is this… I think Elsa should have one of Duncan's puppies for free since he is my dog. What do you say?"

"If that's what you want, then go ahead and give her a free puppy that you will be taking care of. I know I will not do so."


"I'm kidding, Cathy. We would love a puppy, especially since Elsa is getting bigger now." Elena says rapidly getting up from the kitchen chair. "Would you like something to eat or drink?"

Catherine looks at Elena weirdly, I have been here for thirty minutes or more and she is now just offering me something to drink? I don't think I can do this anymore… a whole year of grieving over a guy that could care less about you or your daughter isn't worth the tears. "I met a guy."

"The world is coming to an end, right?" Elena turns to face Catherine, "You… actually… met… a… guy?" Elena doesn't say anything for a while, "we are not talking about the milkman, or the ice cream truck guy, or the post office man from down the block. You're actually going out with a good looking human being with a decent amount of salary to at least put a salad on your table, right?"

"Yes, John and I have being going out for a year now."

"Wait, what?" Elena glares at Catherine, "you've been going out with a guy when I have been suffering, what kind of friend are you? How the heck do you get off telling me that I don't need a guy when you off FUCKING one!"

Catherine yells back spittle spraying everywhere, "Did you just call me out? I have been a very good friend; I have stayed by your side for A WHOLE YEAR. When you needed a shoulder to cry on I lent you mine, when you were behind on your mortgage I gave you the money. When people called you out of your name I beat the shit back into them. When there was no money to get groceries and feed you and your daughter, who was there for you? YOU TELL ME ELENA, WHO? So tell me now, if I wasn't a good friend?"

"That's not fair… you never even looked at the opposite sex before. Didn't you tell me six months ago that all men are pigs? How could you look into my eyes and tell me that lie?"

"I did it give you hope and I'm sorry that never was as beautiful as you. So unlike you I was never given the chance to throw away any requests that came my way. You don't know how I envied your position, and now I kind of understand why Billy left. You are a BITCH!"

"If I'm a bitch, then you're a WHORE! I bet whatever his name is might be going out with you because he couldn't get a better woman like me. I bet he's just settling for you."

Catherine gulps some spit down, and tears roll down her face. "You know what? You are right I don't understand why I stood by you and I cannot begin to fathom why I loved you like a sister. Because you never once did anything for me… it was all about you and your life. That's why I didn't tell you for a year because I know you."

"Catherine… I … didn't… mean…"

"No you're right; I have been a horrible friend because I can't seem to get you out of this rut. I understand I might never get to experience what you had with Billy, but that doesn't mean that you to rub that in my face whenever I come. I came here not to talk about my dog or the puppy that I'm still willing to give to Elsa, but I wanted you to be my maid of honor…"

"I'm so…." Elena grabs the hands of Catherine in desperation.

"No, I can't… not anymore." Catherine stands taller and the air around her changes, "life goes on whether you or I want it to. I'm not the horrible friend, you are…"