Author's Note: I watched The Big Bang tonight on my own TV instead of a seedy back-alley website for the first time. That's right, kiddies. Doctor Who is finally caught up in the States. And to celebrate, I wrote out a fic from an idea I've played with for the past couple weeks. Short little diddy, but I'm sure you'll like it... if you haven't thought of it first. :)

Disclaimer: I don't own Doctor Who but Matt Smith sure as hell owns my heart.


He put his hand on her head. "Live well. Love Rory," he whispered. He placed a soft kiss on her forehead. "Bye bye, Pond."

Amy woke up and couldn't shake the feeling that something incredibly important was missing. It's like that feeling when your mind tells you in the morning to "bring a pen", you ignore it, and later on in the day you find yourself in desperate need of a pen. Always follow your gut intuition. The things that shouldn't have shocked her do, such as the fact that she has parents. Or that she is getting married to Rory Williams. It was all scratching at the back of her head, like there was a piece to a puzzle missing. She went with the hustle and bustle of the day, thinking she was just having an off day or maybe a small case of cold feet..

After the ceremony, it slowly dawned on her what that puzzle piece was: The Doctor. The moment she saw him, her heart flew up in her chest. He was here. He was that big something. He has always been that big something. She felt relief like she never felt before. She just saved possibly the most important living life form in all of the galaxy… possibly galaxies.

Yet there was still that feeling that there was something else not quite right. She teased the Doctor about "kissing the bride" and having a "snog in the shrubbery", but there was always some truth behind a joke, right? She was almost ashamed at the thought that slithered over her consciousness that she and the Doctor looked more like a married couple than her and Rory. What, with his fitted three-piece tuxedo, complete with tails, scarf, and top hat, how could he not? She shook these feelings away and hid her thoughts through teases and jokes. Thankfully neither the Doctor nor Rory take her too seriously.


He really shouldn't have. It was almost an accident.


He knew that she could hear him, so shouldn't that have been enough? No, he reasons, that extra precautionary step needed to be taken; to not would have been selfish and unwise. Another secret he will have burdened on his shoulders.

Even the smallest of touches would have completed a psychic link from a Time Lord his age but he couldn't resist giving his Amelia Pond one last chaste kiss. He had confidence in Amy but there was that small trace of doubt that she would not remember him. He has learned over time to be prepared for disappointment.

He's glad she remembered him. He is not only gratefully but eternally in her debt. And how does he repay her? By planting a thought in her head since she was seven years old to love Rory.
What hurts the most was that even if she is partially ignorant to her own heart, he is painfully aware of his own. Even after all his precautions, she still suggests twice in one day that they kiss. He can't believe that some of her feelings would still transfer over… well, he hopes only some. He should have figured that Amy Pond would be different.

The girl who didn't make sense. How could he resist?