Discovering the Inner Fire

Even as a baby, Sozin was unquestionably athletic. He could stand without help by the age of 6 months and he was walking by 9 months. That was extremely fast, so fast even Fire Lord Azulon was partially interested. But all of that was before Sozin learned about his Firebending, so Azulon lost interest in the child before he even saw Sozin.

At about the age of 10 months, when Sozin was running around easily, he also miraculously discovered his ability for Firebending. Sozin did not create his own fire, but he took fire from a candle in his house, not knowing what was going to happen once he made the fire bigger. So being an adventurer, Sozin did make the fire larger and unintentionally set his parent's curtains on fire.

Luckily, Sozin's father was nearby and smelled the smoke and rushed in. once he saw the smoke Sozin's father ran to grab Sozin, who was still Firebending the fire. Sozin was picked up and put outside. Sozin was locked outside, and was rather upset by that. As a result, Sozin got mad and the fire burned hotter inside the house, and Sozin did not even know what he was doing. Sozin's parents were not Firebenders, but they were still inside doing everything they could to try to contain the fire. Sozin was so mad that the walls of the house were starting to catch on fire.

The fire spread so fast Sozin's parents did not have time to even attempt to get at the door. When Sozin saw the smoke coming out the windows he backed away out of instincts. With the shock, the fire died down for a moment. Sozin however was still angry at his father, so the fire rose and kept burning.

The fire engulfed the house quickly but Sozin did not let up. Sozin did not realize that some one had been watching the entire scene. Prince Ozai was watching Sozin burn his house down, with his parents inside, and he wasn't doing a thing about it. Ozai stood in awe as he watched Sozin's house fall to the ground, obviously killing Sozin's parents. Only then did Ozai walk over to confront Sozin.

Ozai took Sozin by his shoulders gently and pulled him away from the burning hunk of wood that 1 hour prior was Sozin's house. Sozin looked up and the man that was looking at him and felt unsure. Sozin immediately pulled away from Ozai. Ozai tried to reach out at Sozin but Sozin backed away again. Only when Ozai created a small ball of fire did Sozin walk closer. Sozin reached out his hand to play with the fire but Ozai did not let him. Ozai was goading Sozin into the Royal Carriage and using Firebending to do it. The infant followed the fire as if he were being pulled in by a magnet.

"Get us back to the palace as quickly as you can" Ozai said once Sozin got in the carriage.

"Right away Prince Ozai," said the "driver" who was seated in the front of the carriage as they started moving.

"I think it is time my father truly met you young child" Ozai said to himself, as Sozin was busy playing with the fire in Ozai's hand.