This is the outtake I wrote for Fics For Nashville. Enjoy!

Pen Name: Jenny0719
Rating: M
Pairing: Edward/Bella
Title: The Man Who Can't Be Moved Outtake
Fandom: Twilight

A/N: Set place in the future of The Man Who Can't Be Moved from Edward's spoiled French Mastiff, Samson's, point of view, because people apparently would love to know what goes through Samson's mind during these chapters and what he really thinks of Bella and her relationship with Edward. The fic can be found on under my penname, for those who are curious about the few small details left out in this outtake. For those reading TMWCBM and are screaming at their laptop because I didn't specify where Edward and Bella are relocating to, all I can say is "patience". Also the events in the outtake will NOT effect the storyline.

Thanks to Stratan for beta'ing this and giving me an idea of what I wanted to do in this outtake and talking me down when I started putting myself under too much pressure. Thanks to everyone who supported Fics4Nash in some way or another. The generosity of fandom as a whole never ceases to amaze me.

-Samson POV-

Bella breezed past me and over to Edward, standing up on her toes to place a kiss on his cheek. I inched my way across the kitchen floor, whining and begging for this perfect being to cast me a single, cursory look. Even rumpled from sleep, she was the most beautiful human I'd ever seen. Her sleek brown hair framed her face in tangled waves and her wide brown eyes, still heavy with sleep, held so much affection and mirth. I loved the way that Edward could make her cheeks warm with a simple brush of his hand, and that this one girl—in a sea of millions at his fingertips—had finally made him happy. He was enamored with her intelligence and wit, just as much as he was with the graceful lines of her body and the feel of her lips against his skin.

Edward was no longer alone; instead, he'd found himself besotted at first glance and married a mere four months later.

And it was all because of me.

I knew from the second I saw her that Bella was meant for Edward. I'd felt an instant attraction to her—

Not in that way. Jesus, that's gross. Get your mind out of the fucking gutter, people.

So anyway, it was this sense of belonging, a kind of familial love that pulled me to her. I'd spent all day cooped up in that damn crate at Groomingdale's, devising a way to bring her to Edward, so I could stay with her always.

The plan had worked; I'd executed every detail flawlessly. I shot across the room and made her chase me through the store before finally allowing her to catch me and hook me to a tub. I licked her face each time she bent down to scrub my legs. I thought of steak and this one hot babe in the park and bones and felt saliva pool in my jowls, choosing the perfect moment to shake it loose so that it flew right in her face, along with the water that my fur was holding. I ran from her again, making sure that she slipped in the trail of water that was dripping off of me, and watched as she stormed her way back to the washroom from my trusty spot in the crate and quit her job.

I am a motherfucking genius, folks. Watch and learn.

From then, it had been a leap of faith. Fate had led me to her, and I had to hope that Gianna's friend, Angela, would mention something about Edward needing a new assistant and that Bella—the girl who radiated this cluelessness about Hollywood—would take the bait.

And in that second when I'd spotted her on the lawn at Edward's house in Malibu—that one magical, "holy shit she's here" second—I made sure that there would be no reason for her to walk away without a job. I used Edward's chivalry against both of them, knowing that if I jumped and drooled all over her in front of him, there would be no way in hell that he could let her go without doing something to make up for my "horrible behavior".

Because he was this British-born pussy magnet who could never dream of using a woman for any purpose, whatsoever. Being a gentleman had been ingrained into the bastard's brain; whether it was from birth, genetics, or anything else, I didn't fucking know, but it made his ability to get laid skyrocket. It didn't matter that everyone in the country thought that he was this manwhore, as soon as he fixed that crooked smile on you and spoke one word in that English accented voice of his, you were guaranteed to drop your panties and beg him to fuck you right there. Forget about actually knowing him, anyone who knew how innately kind he was was even more desperate to have him.

The problem with Edward? He was too moral to take advantage of it. It made for a pretty pissed off, sexually frustrated master at times.

But not anymore…

Just call me Samson Masen, matchmaker for hire. Has a nice ring, don't you think?

I shook my head, causing my collar to rattle. Wait, I got off track. Where was I?

Oh, right.

So, yeah, my little plan hadn't really worked out so well for me. All the times I'd jumped on Bella or knocked her on her ass and the gallons of spit and water I'd soaked her with had ruined any chance that I had for her to ever see me as anything other than a disgusting heap of fur.

I'd give anything just to have her stop and acknowledge me for once. Or rub my head like she did the day we had that earthquake. That was…

With I sigh, I gave up trying to get her attention and lay down, because that was probably never going to happen again.

Edward's face warmed, and I had to stifle a whine. He had no idea how much he owed me.

"Good morning," Edward said pleasantly, handing Bella a mug of coffee.

"Morning. You have a busy day today," she replied, grinning back. "A photo shoot, two magazine interviews, a meeting over at King Pictures, and a date with Ellen."

He smiled persuasively at her. "Can't you cancel everything so I can stay here with you?"

"No," she laughed.

"No?" He nuzzled her neck. "I don't particularly care for that answer, love. Anything I can do to convince you otherwise?"

"As your wife? Yes. As your agent? No." She weaseled out of his arms. "Now, go get ready so that you're not late. I don't want to get a phone call from some disgruntled photographer demanding to know where you are."

He rolled his eyes. "All right, but you need to take Samson to the groomer's for me."

My ears perked up. I got to spend the day with Bella?

"What?" Her eyes darted over to me, and I stood up, panting expectantly. "Why?"

"He has an appointment, that's why," Edward responded on a chuckle. "He's shedding everywhere."

I huffed indignantly. Like I could help that shit.

"Oh, but… the dog… in my car? Really?" she pouted.

"Take the Range Rover," he said simply.

"Why can't you just take him in the shower with you?"

If I could have scrunched my nose up any more than it already was, I would've. Edward's nakedness all up in my face. No fucking thanks.

I was starting to reconsider my stance on Bella's intelligence a little. Two male beings, trapped in a shower naked together does not a good time make.

Not to me, anyway.

"I don't have time. Nor do I want to leave a mess on the housekeeper." He slid his arms around her waist again. "Come on, baby, I'll make it up to you tonight," he wheedled.

She seemed to seriously be weighing her options here.

Oh, come on! I'm not that bad!

"Promise?" she finally asked with a sly smile.

He nodded and bent to kiss her. This was my cue to turn away.

I trotted out of the kitchen and into the living room, jumping up on the couch and making myself comfortable, even though I knew if Edward caught me, he'd have my ass. But with the sounds of Bella's laughter turning into moans, I really didn't give a shit. The man was cutting into my Bella time with his insatiable libido. I mean, I loved him fiercely, but damn, he was so… old. Shouldn't he be slowing down by now?

It was kind of creepy, if you asked me. Like Bella was slipping Viagra into his food or something.

Hmm. Some investigation may be in order.

I could hear the rustle of fabric as their clothes hit the floor and Bella's sharp intake of air as Edward sat her on the counter through the wall that separated the kitchen from the living room, followed by a simultaneous moan that had me cringing and burying my head under the throw pillow next to me.

At least it will be over soon, I thought gratefully.

Edward's grunts and Bella's groans got louder as the minutes ticked by, and I fervently wished that I had opposable thumbs so that I could shoot my brains out. While I was glad that Edward was, erm, satisfied, I was getting pretty tired of listening to it.

And to top it off, I realized I had to pee.

I whined and shifted so that my head was further against the couch and waited for them to… ah, finish up, a thought that had me shuddering, if I was being honest. I started mentally singing a song I'd heard on the radio earlier this morning, trying to drown out what was happening in the other room.

A string of curses ripping from Bella's mouth distracted me from my little jam session, and I instantly sat up and tried to shake the sound free from my brain.

God, she was noisy sometimes.

And then something dawned on me. I cocked my head to the side so I could hear better, even though I knew that I was going to need to pour some bleach in my ears just to burn out the memory.

But again, no opposable thumbs.

Damn it!

Maybe they were trying to have a baby. Maybe all this extra, ahem, fornication was just a way to try to up their chances, so to say.

A mini Bella running around the house would be excellent. Her incoherent babble would fill the house; her bell-like giggle would chime throughout the room. Edward and Bella would be wrapped around her finger—maybe I would, too.

Edward would make an awesome dad. He'd be devoted to her, patient with her, not to mention give the little brat whatever her heart desired.

I could already see her toddling around the room. She grinned at me, flashing me a few little teeth and some heart-melting dimples. She stared at me with those huge, brown eyes and fluttered her eyelashes sweetly as she reached up to tickle me. She stretched further and patted my head, and then climbed up on the couch with me.

Now, I was a little wary of the tiny creature crouching next to me.

A flash of mischief passed over her face, and she suddenly grabbed my tail and jerked—hard. I moved to get away, only to find she was now sitting next to me, her chubby little hand making its way to my ears.

I knew exactly where this was going.

I leapt off the couch and glanced back, thankful that the devilish little apparition had disappeared.

There would be no fucking kids on my watch. That dream could wait until I was a hard, cold lump in the ground. Torture was not my idea of bliss.

I raced into the kitchen, blindly making my way to where Edward was standing between Bella's thighs and knocked my head into his knees.

He reached down and stroked my ears. "Need to go out?" he murmured against Bella's neck.

Ah, fuck. I was too late.

But I did, in fact, need to go out, so I barked in response.

Edward hitched his pants back up around his hips and gave Bella a quick kiss before turning away. I made sure my eyes did not land on Bella's… area—because that was just wrong on so many levels—and followed him to the back door, darting past him and out into the yard so that I could take care of business.

Now that my reservoir was empty, I was beginning to get really excited about spending the day with Bella—the kind of excitement where you just can't help but sprint all over the yard. I wanted to feel the air rush into my lungs while I panted from the exertion and feel the blood push past my ears as my heart pounded against my chest.

So I did…

…And then I wished I didn't.

In my race to let loose some of this energy I had suddenly pent up inside me, I managed to knock over a couple of the chairs that sat on the deck off the back door and one of the huge, clay pots by the pool, spilling black soil everywhere.

I went to sniff at the soil, trying to figure a way to hide my blunder, when the back door opened. My head snapped up, and I froze as I saw Bella in her robe, fresh from the shower, holding the phone in her hand and scanning the yard for me.

Edward must be running late. That was the only explanation for her retrieval of me instead of his.


Her eyes narrowed as soon as she saw the upturned pot and she exhaled sharply. "You have got to be fucking kidding me. I do not have time for this, dog!"

She stomped back in the house, leaving the door wide open, and came right back out with the broom and dustpan. I backed away from the mess and let out this sort of pleading, pathetic sounding whine—even to my own ears—and then abruptly sat down as soon as she aimed a glower at me.

"Why can't you just watch where you're going? Is it necessary to run into everything?" she demanded as she swept the mess into a pile.

I growled lowly. I'm clumsy; she of all people should understand this.

Almost as if she knew what my growl had meant, her shoulders sagged and she shook her head. "I'm in a hurry, and I had to deal with some idiot photographer telling me that he's not inspired enough to shoot Edward today. He needs to reschedule. Right." She snorted. "Like that's so fucking easy in this business."

She might be bitching, but she was still pretty cute with the way she made fun of this photographer guy. When she wasn't paying attention, I snuck up next to her and licked her face.

Her hand shot up and wiped off the trail I'd left behind. "Nasty."

Maybe, I allowed.

I followed her back inside and lay down on my designated couch in their bedroom. I took a nap while she finished getting ready, because it fucking took her forever when Edward's schedule was full. She had to constantly field calls in between slapping on mascara and blow drying her hair.

I was out... I'm talking, paws in the air, snoring like a freight train out—you know, the kind that starts off soft and gradually grows the deeper asleep you are?—when Bella slapped my stomach and told me to come on. It took me a minute for my brain to catch up with the fact that my eyes were open, and I reluctantly hopped down and trailed behind her.

She had the Range Rover covered in beach towels. They were draped over the seats and spread out on every inch of tan carpet, like I was covered in toxic waste or something. If I could have seen colors clearly, I'd have bet that I was staring at the entire spectrum. Bright stripes and abstract patterns were everywhere. I don't think there was a towel of Edward's she'd left in the house. I was looking at towels I didn't even know he had.

Didn't say too much about her opinion of me.

I sighed again and hopped inside. She hated me, pure and simple, and only tolerated me because of Edward. It was miserable having these unrequited feelings for her. I'd continue to be inherently loyal to her—because I'm a fucking dog, and that's what we do—and figure out a way to… deal with it.

I put my head on the console and stared up at her glumly. She backed out of the driveway and pulled out on the street, rolling her eyes at the paparazzi that started tailing us, before finally stealing a glance over at me.

"Cheer up. It's not like I'm taking you to the vet to get your balls snipped."

I stood up in the seat and tried to figure out another way to lie down without suddenly feeling like my balls were in jeopardy of being cut off by some sneaky human with a scalpel. I finally settled on sitting up, opting to keep a close watch of where we were going so that no veterinarian could try to neu...

I gagged as a wave of fear-induced nausea washed over me.

See, I can't even think the "n" word without getting physically ill.

But at least she'd managed to distract me from the other subject at hand.

We didn't get very far before she started messing with the hands free phone on the SUV and calling that guy, Emmett, detailing her plans for the afternoon and giving him the address of the grooming shop so he could meet us there, so I decided that I'd spend the entire drive with my head plastered to the window.

Bella parked next to Emmett's Jeep and slid out of the SUV, waving at the photographers that had jumped out of their own vehicles to film her and then proceeded to ignore every question they threw at her.

And they were some stupid fucking questions. I had to wonder how much restraint was needed for her not to snark something back at them, because the moment the words, "Bella! What are you doing?" came out of one of the guy's mouths, I thought I might jump through the window and bite his ass for his stupidity.

She's parked in Groomingdale's parking lot with her husband's dog….

What did he think she was doing? Seemed pretty damn obvious to me.

And people think they're so much smarter than animals. What a fucking joke.

I thought about fighting against the inevitable and making Bella drag me into the shop by my new black leash, because I hated being poked and prodded, clipped and dried, but I didn't because it was pointless with Sasquatch behind me. He'd just pluck me up and sit me in a crate like I was nothing.

Emmett followed us to the desk and looked around, curling his lip up in distaste and running his hand over his crotch discreetly. Well, to someone not on eye level with his crotch it was discreet. For me, it was like a fucking spotlight had been cast on that specific part of his anatomy.

Lucky me.

"I hope you don't plan on staying here the whole time. I can feel my balls creeping up to hide in my stomach and protect their masculinity. From shit like that." He pointed to a black toy poodle with little pink bows in her ears.

What is it with these humans and the subject of testicles today?

"These dogs are fucking pussies," he continued. "And what the hell is with their owners wanting to paint their toenails and shit? They're animals. They don't give a rat's ass if their toenails match their bows."

I like this guy.

Bella whirled around and slapped his chest. "Shut the hell up, Emmett. The last thing I need is for you to offend any of these people with your loud mouth and have them running to the tabloids with some 'Bella Masen: Animal Hater' story. If you want to go, go. I'll call you when he's done."

He grumbled something under his breath and plopped down in one of the chairs against the wall, crossing his arms over his chest and looking like an extremely unhappy individual.

I guess that means he's staying.


As Bella signed me in at the front desk, a frazzled looking woman with long brown hair came tiptoeing through the door, holding on to the bells on the door so that her entrance was silent. I stared at her and felt this strange sense of foreboding in the pit of my stomach. The way her wild, ice blue eyes darted back and forth between Bella and Emmett had my hackles rising.

I growled deeply, crouching forward threateningly in a warning for this woman to back away, and was slapped in the head by Bella.

"Behave, or I'll make you into a throw rug, Sam." She never even looked behind us, just kept her eyes locked on mine.

Yeah? Try it and I'll make sure you step in shit again, Bella. Might even sit on your head and do it. How'd you like that?

It hadn't actually been intended for her in the first place, but that was beside the point. I was hungry and pissed off at Edward for leaving me at home all day without remembering to fill my food bowl back up in the morning, and my attempt at retaliation happened to land on the wrong person.

Sue me.

I turned my growl on her, making sure she knew I wasn't kidding around with this lady.

Bella's eyes widened fractionally. "What has gotten in to you?"

Crazy bitch. Six o'clock.

Bella glanced back at the girl behind the counter and laughed awkwardly. "Sorry. He's usually very well behaved. Must really not want a bath today."


The woman snuck back out of the door before anyone noticed her, which really pissed me off, because not a single one of these jokers had bothered to take note of their surroundings. But I didn't have time to dwell on it, because of course—with perfect timing—the girl behind the desk took my leash and led me to the crates in the back, and I was not about to fight with her. These places have muzzles and tranqs piled up on a shelf somewhere. I wasn't taking that risk.

Although, I wondered if any muzzle could actually fit around my head.

I stole glances at each crate's occupant, unimpressed with the all of the sissies in my presence, and suddenly scooted to a stop as I passed a gorgeous blonde sleeping on my left.

Helloooo, beautiful.

The retriever babe lifted her head and eyed me sleepily. Oh, all the things I could do to her….

The human chick yanked on my leash and brought me back to reality.

I glared up at her. Can't a guy gawk in peace?

She yanked on my leash again with an irritated snarl and started moving us toward the empty crate in the back.

Apparently not.

Emmett antagonized Bella the entire time I was in the crate waiting for my turn to get wussified, which was unbelievably funny. So funny, actually, that I found myself snorting with laughter with everything he was saying to her. Thanks to the big, burly guy out in the waiting area, I didn't have to wait long at all.

The owner wanted him gone.

I martyred myself for Bella… and Edward. I let these girls brush my teeth, clip my nails, bathe me, dry me, brush me, and use that little looped, saw-like implement that pulled all the loose hairs from my undercoat out—which felt so fucking good, really—but I did not let them touch my ass or nether regions.

Wouldn't even let them come close to any of it. I have boundaries.

When they were finished tormenting me, Angela brought me back up to the front and happily handed me over to Bella.

Bella grimaced. "How bad was he?"

My jaw dropped. What the fuck? I wasn't bad! I'm never bad!

Angela laughed. "He was great, Bella. Why wouldn't he be?"

Bella glanced down and saw that I was waiting for the answer and cocked her head to the side a little with curiosity.

Yes, Bella. I understand every word you say. Please, continue. I need to know if I should bite you despite it going against every instinct I have.

"No reason, I guess. He just dragged me through the entire shop the day I groomed him," she laughed.

"Well, it worked out. You're married to his owner now," Angela reminded her.

Yeah. You'd have never met Edward if it hadn't have been for me. So there, I thought petulantly as I threw myself down on the ground.

Bella looked at me strangely. "Okay," she said slowly, turning back to Angela. "Yeah, I know. Speaking of the husband, he'd like to get together with you and Ben before we move."

Angela smiled brightly. "That sounds great! What do you have in mind?"

She shrugged. "Doesn't matter. I'll talk to Edward and give you a call."

Bella said a quick goodbye, and we left to go home. Or at least, I'd assumed that's where we were going until she started driving in the opposite direction and messing with that hands free phone thing again on the SUV.

Someone's phone started ringing through the speakers, and Bella beat her hands on the steering wheel anxiously.

"Come on, come on," she muttered.

Emmett's voicemail picked up, and she immediately ended the call and tried again, only to get the same result.

"Oh, fuck it," she shouted at the voicemail, "I'm going to the beach. I want to spend one last time looking at the ocean before I move to a place where there's not an ocean for miles. If you're not there by the time I am, I'm getting out without you."

My head snapped in her direction. That was the worst idea I'd ever heard. Edward was going to have a fucking coronary when he saw the pictures of Bella on the beach with me. Alone.

For the rest of the drive there, I looked for Emmett's Jeep but didn't see it anywhere. We pulled into a lot just off the beach, and Bella shut off the Range Rover.

I was still looking for Emmett, but the bastard was nowhere to be found. I did see a few paparazzi pull in behind us, though.

"No Emmett. Guess it's just me and you. Want to go for a walk?"

I barked and spun around in the seat, basically trying to be noisy and annoying so that she knew how shitty of an idea I thought it was.

She took it the wrong way and laughed.

"Give me a sec, jeez."

No, that's not—


Bella hopped out of the car and slipped on a pair of sunglasses before coming to my side of the SUV. I locked up my entire body as she tugged on my leash, fighting against what was bound to be a disaster. That crazy woman's face popped in my mind, and I suddenly doubled my efforts. This was bad. Very, very bad.

She dropped the leash and shrugged. "Fine, I'll leave you here."

Like hell.

I jumped out of the car, dodging the swinging door and stared up at her.

Now what?

"God, you're really fucking stupid, you know that?"

I could say the same for you, I thought wryly.

She started down the beach with the photographer morons following her and took a deep breath of ocean air. She was so damn relaxed and peaceful, while I was a nervous fucking wreck. I was checking out everyone that passed us, making sure none of them were the crazy bitch from the shop.

Bella found a secluded spot and sat down in the sand, leaning back on her elbows and crossing one foot over the other, and stared out at the ocean.

"I'm going to miss this," she whispered.

I stopped scanning the beach for potential threats and saw how sad she was. I nudged her with my head and actually got a giggle out of her, which was like winning the fucking lottery.

Seriously. Endorphin city.

Some dipshit with a surfboard came racing over to Bella, gushing about how hot she was and how she should divorce Edward and marry him instead. Bella's cheeks burned with embarrassment; she politely declined his offer with a smile and gave him a quick "thank you" before collapsing back on the ground.

"I will not miss that."

I didn't really think Edward would, either. He was pretty burned out with the fame thing. It had gradually become more of a burden as he fell deeper in love with Bella. I couldn't blame the dude. I'd want privacy and security in my life with my mate, too.

I wasn't sure how long we sat there, but eventually, I stopped being such a paranoid freak and lay down next to Bella. She let me put my head on her lap, but she didn't touch me. It was a compromise of sorts. I was allowed this much while silently being told that she still didn't like me.

But I relished it anyway, even if I was panting like a motherfucker.

It was hot as hell out here.

Bella checked her watch and sat up so that we could leave. She brushed the sand off her clothes and shook it out of her hair as she stood and took my leash again so that we could head back to the SUV.

Halfway back to the Range Rover, I realized how stupid I'd been. Bella was fine. No one would try to hurt her in front of all these witnesses and cameras. It'd be a death sentence. I was worried over nothing.


I swear to God the crazy woman from the shop came at us like some character from Baywatch, only without the big tits, tight body, and spray on tan. Okay, so it was nothing like Baywatch at all except for the fact that we were on an LA beach and I was so dazed, she seemed to be running at us in slow motion.

I needed a fucking remote to rewind and replay this shit. It was unbelievable.

She screamed obscenities at Bella, claiming that Bella had somehow stolen Edward from her, and that she and Edward were meant. Soulmates. It was some whacked out shit.

She fixed her wild eyes on Bella and shoved her finger in Bella's face, which just about caused me to lose my own shit. "Give him back," she demanded. "I want him back. If you don't give him back, I'll fucking kill you."

"Whoa." Bella gulped and held her hands up in surrender. "Calm down. You want Edward? You can have him."

"Don't patronize me," she snapped.

"I'm not patronizing you." Bella smiled innocently. "But do you think we could talk about it, maybe? I had no idea Edward was dating anyone. I think I deserve to know this story."

The woman's face crumpled in confusion, and she nodded slowly. Bella moved toward the photographers and held up her hand to her ear, mimicking a phone, and then reached out toward the woman's arm to lead her away somewhere.

"You know, if he cheated on you with me, I might have to go home and kick his ass," Bella said lightly through her fear.

That one sentence had the bitch freaking the fuck out. "You're not going near him!"

I saw the glint of sliver before the woman had a chance to move the knife away from her waist. I launched myself at her just as she went to slash at Bella's chest, catching the blow to my leg. Which only served to piss me off further.

I ignored the searing pain and drove her to the ground, barking and snarling at her so that Bella could get a safe distance away. The woman squirmed underneath me, so I shoved my face into hers and put all my weight on my front paws—placed handily at her throat and the arm that held the knife.

As soon as the growl erupted from my throat, she stilled.

That's more like it, nutjob.

She may have stopped trying to break away from me, but she continued to curse Bella out, regardless of the fact that Bella was a good twenty feet from us, not paying any attention to her venom, and surrounded by the paparazzi.

For once, it was a good thing to have them around. One guy had given Bella his unopened bottle of water and another was on the phone, speaking to a dispatch officer. Not one of them had their cameras trained on Bella while she stood and tried to figure out what the hell has just happened to her; they were more concerned with her well-being than the story. And they'd probably gotten the entire event on film in the first place.

I didn't move off the woman's chest until a police officer came walking toward me with a gun. As soon as he was close enough that he could do some serious damage if this lady tried to do anything else, I pushed away from her and raced over to Bella.

She was crying.

Hot, fat tears rolled down her cheeks and broken sobs quietly fell from her lips. I paced madly, trying to figure out a way to make her feel better but could think of nothing suitable. Nothing I—a dog—could do. She needed Edward's arms, his words.

This not speaking shit sucks.

I finally got my act together enough to stop my frantic pacing and sit down next to her. She dropped to the ground and threw her arms around me and buried her face into my neck.

I stiffened in shock.

"Thank you," she whispered.

Um… what?

I slowly craned my neck around to see her, but could only see the top of her head. I whined and twisted my body a little to get her attention so that I could look at her face, only to have her jerk back and stare down at my leg.

"Oh, fuck! You're bleeding!"

She picked up my paw and examined the cut that sliced across the top of my leg. Her bottom lip pushed out and her brow wrinkled in concern. I tried to pull my paw out of her grasp, but she tightened her hold and kept messing with the superficial cut.

Well, there's something new.

"Poor baby," she murmured.


An officer came over to Bella and shifted his weight nervously. "Mrs. Masen?"

Bella glanced up at the man and with a quick kiss to the tip of my nose, stood up and straightened her shoulders. "Yeah?"

He glanced down at his pad of notes. "Do you know your attacker? A Miss Bonnie Stewart?"

Bella shook her head.

He nodded and scribbled something down. "Do you recognize Miss Stewart from anywhere? Anywhere at all?"


"You've never noticed her lurking around?"

"No," Bella repeated, this time a little firmer.

More scribbling. "She's never attempted to contact you before now? No strange, anonymous e-mails, letters, phone calls?"

After a moment of deliberation, she shook her head again. "No. Is she… I mean…" Bella stumbled on her words. "I don't understand."

"Miss Stewart has an extensive history of violence, stalkerish tendencies, and an unhealthy infatuation with celebrities and their spouses. She was recently treated at a mental hospital in her home state of New Mexico, but as you can clearly see, she was released either too soon or she's relapsed. Her case file suggests that upon a search of her home, we'll find photos, letters, journal entries… things that would indicate that Miss Stewart has targeted you and your husband for a while. Possibly since her release four months ago.

"She's never attempted to contact you?" he asked incredulously.

"No! You can ask Edward if he's gotten anything, but I've never had any kind of interaction or message from her until now."

The officer nodded and then proceeded to take Bella's statement while the other officers cuffed Psycho Stalker Lady and eased her into the back of one of the cruisers.

Good riddance.

As soon as Bella had finished with her statement, the officer told her that someone would be in contact with her for further information and that she was free to leave. So that's exactly what we did. Bella grabbed my leash and led me back to the SUV, only to stop short at the sight of Edward's long, determined stride toward us.

He threw his arms around her, crushing her to him so that there was no space between their bodies. His broken cry of relief was breathed against her neck.

"You… you bloody ignorant girl. I thought… Jesus, Bella. I can't even…"

His relief was so extreme, it was palpable.

"I'm sorry, baby," Bella sobbed. "I just wanted to come see the ocean. Before we go. Emmett didn't answer, and I didn't think-"

He didn't let her finish, just pulled her up on her toes and kissed the absolute shit out of her. It was raw and passionate and demanding and…

Yeah, I'm gonna look away now. No need to intrude on the moment.

After a while, Edward finally decided to let Bella breathe again and pulled away from her. I was pretty damn surprised to see that her lips hadn't turned blue from the lack of oxygen, but they were swollen as fuck.


"The dog… Um, the dog," Bella started, pointing at my leg.

Yeah, he kissed you stupid.

Edward's eyes widened as soon as he saw the gash across my leg, and he dropped down to examine it. I let out a little yelp, because damn, that shit hurt, which only caused him to seethe with anger. Guess he didn't like me getting hurt, either.

Which kind of made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

"He doesn't need to go to the vet, does he?" Bella asked worriedly.

"No, he's fine. It's not deep," Edward replied soothingly.

"Oh, good."

"Tell me what happened. Don't leave anything out," he commanded Bella.

Bella told him everything, while I sat and waited impatiently for her to finish. I shifted my weight constantly because the sand was fucking hot on my feet. The air was hot, the sun was hot. Hell, everything was hot. I was panting so hard, I had slobber hanging from my mouth.

Not very attractive. At all.

"I swear to you, Bella, I am going to kill Emmett for this. My dog was injured, for Christ's sake. And there's no telling what could have happened had he not jumped on that sodding bitch."

Bella gaped at Edward's language for a split second before regaining her sense. "It's my fault. I shouldn't have come out here alone, but I had no idea someone was watching us."

"Neither did I. It makes me want to move out of LA that much sooner. Someone trying to touch you is just…" He huffed.

Bella's lips twitched.

Edward's eyes narrowed darkly, and Bella miraculously stopped finding him so amusing. "Don't you dare laugh. You can be certain I will make sure she can't target another celebrity or come after you again. She'll be an old hag before they let her walk free again."

Bella cleared her throat. "Okay."

Edward's hand came up and cupped the back of Bella's neck, pulling her toward him again. "Come here," he murmured.

No. Uh-uh. Not again.

I barked to remind them that I was here, and was welcomed with a warm smile from Bella as Edward released her.

"You want to go home, Sammy?"

Yes, please.

I went apeshit around their feet so that there was no misinterpreting what I wanted.

Edward chuckled. "Come on then, mate. I need to get your leg cleaned up, anyhow."

He didn't have to tell me twice. I was barking beside the SUV before they had a chance to blink.

Edward had his arm wrapped around Bella's waist as he led her to where she'd parked the SUV. "I love your dog now, by the way," Bella said casually, grinning in anticipation of his response.

Edward spun her around. "You what?"

"You heard me. You're old, but you're not deaf," she teased.

"But that doesn't mean I necessarily believe it, love," Edward responded, ignoring her rib.

"Believe it. He's not only loyal and protective, but he's pretty damn sweet. Like his master."

Edward rolled his eyes. "Let's not make it sound like I'm some sort of weak, pathetic excuse of a man, Bella."

Bella smiled playfully at him. "Never."

With a shake of his head, he kissed her temple. "See you at home."

"Kay." She lightly grabbed at my ear. "Coming with me, Samson?"

Fuck yeah.

I jumped inside the SUV and waited for her to close the door.

"Traitor," Edward laughed.

Nope. Just savoring the moment, dude.