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I stepped into the empty dressing room and inhaled deeply. The scent of Edward's cologne lingered in the air, discarded clothes littered the dark leather couches, and the faint sounds of a show in progress filtered through the now closed door. I purposefully walked through the room, before I could lose my nerve, and perused the numerous button-up shirts that wardrobe had provided him with before finally setting on one.

Draping it over the back of the couch, I then stripped out of my clothes; out of everything I'd worn here—including my panties—leaving only my purple stilettos on. I slipped my arms into the lavender and white pinstriped button-up shirt, letting it fall haphazardly over my breasts and over my hips. I checked my reflection in one of the many mirrors, careful to avoid looking at the scars that still marred my stomach, and adjusted the shirt so that it covered me just so.

Fuck, I needed him. I needed to feel his strong body pressing against me, his smooth, damp skin sliding over mine; the taste of his tongue, warm and spicy and sweet, in my mouth.

But that was exactly why I was here—a surprise, of sorts, for our anniversary. So much had happened in the last year… I was more than ready to leave it all behind and start again, maybe go back to the way we were before the accident; before Edward felt like he had to be so careful with me. I was tired of feeling as if I'd break under his touch. I just wanted to be… normal again, whatever the fuck that meant.

I strained to hear what was happening on set, having nothing to do but stand here and wait. The longer I waited, the more nervous I got. Before I realized what I was doing, I was pacing the room furiously, nearly talking myself out of this very stupid idea. Anyone could walk in and find me virtually naked in my husband's dressing room… and in his line of work that could be bad. Very, very bad.

Just when I was about to throw my clothes back on and leave, the door opened to reveal a very surprised, very pleased Edward. I stood in place and brought my thumb to my lips, biting down on it nervously as I waited for his reaction.

A thrill coursed through me as his eyes roamed by body, darkening as they slowly inched downward. He took in every bit of exposed flesh and let out a breath as soon as he reached my shoes. Jesus fucking God, the look on his face—the rapture, the need—left me wanting, ready… wet.

"Christ, baby," he murmured huskily, reaching behind him and locking the door. "You look so fucking-"

"Ridiculous?" I finished for him, my eyes darting around the room for my discarded street clothes. "It was stupid; I shouldn't have-"

"Isabella." The tone of his voice was enough to stop my idiotic rambling. I chanced a look at him and saw him smirking. "I was going to say 'sexy'."

"Oh." Heat rose to my cheeks, and a delighted smile instantly crossed my lips. "Yeah?"

"God, yes," he answered, coming toward me. The moment he could, he reached out and cupped the back of my neck, gently pulling me toward him. "I really hope you had something in mind and aren't simply teasing me," he said, staring at me intensely.

"I had something in mind," I answered coyly, wrapping the blue, striped silk tie around my hand to bring him even closer. "It involves you naked… with the exception of this tie."

He licked his lips and took another step, pressing me against the vanity. It was cold against my bare thighs, but I ignored it as I anticipated that first touch, the electricity behind it.

And then he touched me. He ran his index finger along the seam of the shirt, in between my breasts, and I swallowed convulsively, trying to maintain my sanity as heat bloomed from that touch and throughout my entire body.

"I seem to recall that you enjoy me wearing a tie."

I nodded, my head swimming with the way his fingers played over my skin. His hand skirted under the shirt to palm my ass, tilting my pelvis up to meet his while simultaneously hitching my leg around his hip.

"I'm not hurting you, am I? This is okay?" he breathed, grinding into me.

The second I felt his erection through the fabric of his pants, my head fell back and a moan escaped my lips. "Fuck yes, it is," I replied.

He hummed his approval and pulled back just enough so that he could cup my sex with his other hand. He stroked me once, and my eyes nearly rolled into the back of my head. It'd been so long since I'd needed him this much, since I'd craved his touch and the ache that came with the feel of him driving into me.

"You're so wet… Excited, already, are we?" he asked lowly, nipping at my neck.

I scrambled for some kind of witty retort—because that shit was kind of embarrassing—but wound up squealing with laughter as he abruptly lifted me up and set me on the counter.

"Eager, are we?" I finally managed answer, throwing his words back at him.

"You've no idea," he said lowly. "So you're my present…"

"Part of it."

He grinned wickedly. "Then I suppose I should unwrap you."

"Yeah," I gasped, "you should."

He settled in between my legs and pushed the shirt over my shoulders, covering my skin with teasing, wet kisses before he brought my feet up to rest on the counter next to my ass.

Then, he stepped back and appreciated the view, letting out this guttural, incredibly hot sound when he reached the juncture of my thighs.

I blushed furiously and squirmed; the heat of his stare had me desperate to have him inside me.

He loosened his tie so that he could reach the buttons beneath it and said, "You're gorgeous. Absolutely…" His eyes snapped to mine. "It's too bad you didn't bring Old Faithful. It's been a while since we made good use of it."

I giggled and shook my head, letting the shirt fall further off my body, and then pulled my arms out from the fabric. "Later?"

He nodded and quickly took off his shirt, throwing it off to the side. The tie hung limply from his neck, over his bare, chiseled torso.

"Damn that's hot," I mumbled without thinking.

He flashed a crooked smile at me; in an instant, it was gone, replaced by something dark and heady. "Touch yourself," he instructed.

"Oh, fuck," I breathed, tentatively reaching up cup my breast. His greedy eyes locked with mine, and then descended to where my hand was gently kneading at my flesh. Seeing his eyes upon me, gazing at my movements, was almost my undoing.

The moment my thumb moved over my nipple, he groaned and started unbuckling his belt. "Lower, baby."

I leaned back against the mirror and let my other hand drop, slowing inching it over my abdomen and down... I watched him closely as I trailed one finger over myself, lazily dipping it inside me before I grazed my thumb over my clit. I moaned as pleasure jolted right through me.

His pants fell to the floor, and he hurriedly toed off his shoes and stepped out of it all. "Don't stop," he panted, coming toward me.

His mouth was suddenly on mine, plundering, claiming. He reached down between us and took my hand with his, guiding my movements. In and out, slow and steady… and then his finger was suddenly inside me, sliding in perfect synchronization with my own.

With each pass, I unraveled more. He broke away from the kiss and moved down my body. His mouth closed over my nipple, kissing my finger once before he then moved down my stomach—licking, biting, tasting… Doing everything possible to drive me wild. Heat flooded my veins, desire unfurled within me, as his chin scraped over my clit. I threw my head back against the mirror, earning a chuckle from Edward as it sounded throughout the room.

"Mind yourself," he murmured playfully. The vibrations of his voice had me drowning in sensation.

My hips flexed into his mouth, our hands, seeking release. Slowly the pressure built deep inside me, taunting me, until his tongue swept over my clit one last time, hitting that sweet spot and sending me into mindless oblivion.

I garbled something incoherent out as I rode out my orgasm. Our hands slowed, and Edward turned his head to the side, kissing the apex of my thigh lightly and inhaling against my skin.

"You smell divine, Mrs. Masen," he whispered. "Of freesias and sex…"

"And you," I finished. Always of him.

He went to tease me by gliding his mouth over my thigh, toward my knee and away from the part of me that was still reeling...

He removed our fingers, and I whimpered with loss. "I want to fuck you, baby," he said lasciviously. "I want to feel you wrap around me, come around me."

"Please," I moaned, grabbing the tie with both of my hands and jerking him toward me. "Please."

He straightened up and ran his hands over my thighs, massaging them with his thumbs as he stared down at where we were nearly joined.

He lined us up and sank into me languidly, hissing when he was seated fully inside me. I rolled my hips against him, prompting him to pull back and watch as his dick glistened in the harsh lights surrounding us…

He thrust back into me, harder this time, with a grunt. "God, I need to…"

"Do it," I encouraged, wrapping myself around him.

His eyes flashed to mine. "You're sure? I-"

"Yes," I moaned unabashedly as he pushed into me again.

He abruptly pulled out of me and dragged me off the counter, cautiously spinning me around, and then pulling my leg up so that my foot rested on the chair beside us.

He skimmed his fingers up my thighs and dipped his head down to kiss the small of my back, trailing kisses up my spine. He moved my hair aside so that he could have full access to my neck.

"Bella," he gasped into my ear, driving into me in one smooth move, "you feel so good."

I moaned and fell forward, bracing myself with the mirror as Edward slammed into me again.

The vanity knocked against the wall as he took me. His motions were strong, unwavering. He picked up the pace, and I could feel myself tightening around him as my body deliciously spiraled out of control again.

His hand covered mine on the mirror; his arm wrapped around my waist, bringing us closer together. "Look at me," he demanded with a moan. "I want to watch you come."

I raised my head to look at him in the mirror. An intoxicating mix of love and lust and awe stared back at me, causing a wave of pleasure to roll over me.

"So fucking close," I whispered.

My free hand made its way down my body, to where we were joined. I circled my clit with my fingers and whimpered, very nearly closing my eyes as I was rocked with another orgasm.

Edward thrust into me one last time, climaxing deep inside me. He buried his face into my neck and clung to me as he came.

We collapsed against the vanity, both exhausted and sated, panting heavily as we came down from the high. Eventually, he started to stand and pulled me with him, bringing us to the floor.

He wrapped his arm around me and drew me close. I placed my cheek on his chest and just stared up at him, grinning stupidly.

"What?" he asked, smiling back at me.

"I would like to make that a tradition. We should have sex like that every year."

"How about every night?" he countered.

I blinked. "But you…"

"I was wrong," he said simply. "I shouldn't treat you any differently than I did before the accident."

My grin widened.

"Happy anniversary," he said quietly.

"Happy anniversary," I repeated. "Want to go again?"


"No. Home. My old man needs recovery time," I snarked.

He laughed. "Oh, you'll pay for that."

"At home?" I asked impishly.

He rolled his eyes and nodded. "At home."