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My Cross and Your Blood

Chapter 1

"It has been 3 months since I had left Mafuyu and her friends, I wonder how they are, what they are doing right now?" Sasha thought quietly.

Even now, he was still under mission as a transfer student to get some information on the Adepts, their movements have slowed since the Qwaser of Gold was sealed, however, they haven't given up yet and it is clear that they are finding a way to revive that Gold Qwaser again. He won't let that happen as he had promised to Olja's grave. Now, the only problem is that he has to act as a girl. Using the latest technology, his allies were able to temporarily transform him into a female student, due to his dismay.

However, the mission was simple; find the keys and location of the sword that once belonged to the Joan of Arc, the saint of victory. Said simpler than done! But once he finds it, he can finally return to Mafuyu's side and have something decent to eat. As he strayed deep in his thoughts, Katja was looking curiously at Sasha's dazing face. Finding it to be amusing, Hana who had been sitting next to her, Katja ordered Hana to tease him, knowing Sasha hates teasing the most.

"Nee… are you thinking about Mafuyu? You miss her, don't ya…" Hana said with a light mocking tone.

At the sound of Mafuyu being mentioned, Sasha snapped into attention and growled "Of... Of Course Not! Baka! Why would I?" That's right, there's no reason to worry, after all, before he left, he has given her his most important possession as a piece of his heart that will forever remains with her. He thought this to himself and couldn't help but smile a little to himself for thinking silly thoughts, Hana and Katja who have been with this stubborn Russian boy for 3 months can feel the tension vanishing away leaving a fresh and musing mood, they begin to tease him once more. But this time, Sasha isn't going to sit still. As the sun sets behind them, leaving a trail of blood in the sky, their laughter filled the small space that was still peaceful.