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Random drabble I decided to do for my birthday. I don't own Itachi Uchiha, Kisame, or Sasuke, or Naruto. Inspired by... a little copy and paste thingy that said something along the lines of 'If you believe Itachi has secret laughing fits when no one's looking, copy and paste this on your profile.'

Itachi locked the door, and looked around. Itachi checked to make sure there were no hidden cameras. His room was absolutely sound-proof, so nobody would hear him.

He was forced to watch Spongebob with Kisame, he won a game of Uno against the entire Akatsuki, and Deidara just told one hell of a pirate joke. He finally let out all the humor and happiness of the day in one uncontrollable laughing fit. The Uchiha laughed until he was on the floor, tears streaming, and his sides hurt.

"Well well well, Itachi, that was interesting."

Itachi looked at his bed, which was where Kisame was crawling out with a camera. Itachi's eyes were wide with shock as he quickly stood up.

"So that's what you used to do when you were alone in your room!" Sasuke said as he hung upsidedown from the ceiling with his camera. "I was wondering about that!"

Itachi glared at the two. "" He managed to say. When the two didn't move, he grabbed them by the collars of their shirts. "MANGEKYO SHARINGAN!" He activated his Kekkei Gankai on the fish-man and his little brother. "You were never here."

"We were never here." they said in unison.

Itachi grabbed their cameras and stomped on them. "You lost your cameras."

"We lost our cameras."

"You'll go home and try to beat my score in DDR or something."

"We'll go home and epically fail in trying to beat your score in DDR."

"You're getting out of my room now."

"We'll get out of your room now." Kisame and Sasuke left, ignoring the 'WHAT'S THE UCHIHA BRAT DOING HERE, UN?'

Itachi locked the door again and sighed. Little did he know there was a blonde shinobi in the airvent, silently giggling as he held his camera.

Sorry. X_X

The fanfic for my birthday would have been 'Akatsuki Roadtrip' but I ran out of time.

Hope you like this though.