Marceline And Princess Bubblegum's Fart Contest

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Don't try and deny it, fellow readers, you know you're sick and twisted enough to love this stuff. Well, anyway, here's MOAR of the good stuff. And yes, this shall have the Ice King, Lady Rainicorn, and the Lumpy Space Princess in it. Enjoy, ladies and gentlemen!

Disclaimer: Everything belongs to their owners.

Marceline The Vampire Queen was snooping as usual around the Candy Kingdom, calling out Princess Bubblegum. Hearing Marceline's sexy vampire voice, Princess Bubblegum ran out of the entrance to her kingdom, panting as she approached Marceline, who had her arms folded.

"Yes, Marceline, what is it?" Princess Bubblegum asked as she approached Marceline, her hands behind her back.

Marceline whistled innocently for several seconds, before a devious smirk came across her face. "Oh... just follow me, would you?" She grabbed Princess Bubblegum by the right arm and headed several miles west from the Candy Kingdom, far enough for the Candy Kingdom to seem invisible. Marceline stopped under a big tall, old maple tree as she let go of Princess Bubblegum, placing her red guitar on the smooth grass.

"I... don't understand where you're going with this..." Princess Bubblegum questioned as she was feeling worrysome, not knowing what Marceline was up to.

Marceline giggled as she turned her head back at Princess Bubblegum, briefly hissing as she pulled out a container of vanilla ice cream out of nowhere. "Oh, I just wanted to share some of this with you. Is that okay?"

Princess Bubblegum gasped as her eyes widened with glee. "Oh, do I!" She sat down with Marceline, having her share of the ice cream.

Two minutes later, both Marceline and Princess Bubblegum let out two cute belches at the same time, being nice and full. Marceline patted her stomach as she narrowed her eyes, grinning at Princess Bubblegum as she wrapped her arm around her. Princess Bubblegum slightly blushed as Marceline then farted, giggling afterwards.

"Oh... my..." Princess Bubblegum tried containing herself as she farted also, blushing even more. "Just what was in that ice cream, anyway?"

Marceline sighed as she rubbed her full stomach, letting out another poot as she turned her head to Princess Bubblegum. "Well, I was actually bored, so I was thinking of... oh, I don't know... a fart contest?"

Princess Bubblegum gasped in shock as she stared at Marceline, who could only giggle as another loud poot bursted out. Princess Bubblegum's blush disappeared as a dirty smirk came across her face.

"If it's a fart contest you want, then a fart contest you'll get," Princess Bubblegum accepted as she placed both of her hands on her stomach, farting louder than Marceline.

Meanwhile back at the Candy Kingdom, the Ice King was trying to steal Princess Bubblegum again. Much to his surprise, the candy citizens told him that Princess Bubblegum left with some sexy vampire lady.

"What! She left with Marceline!" The Ice King exclaimed as he groaned, lowering his head in shame as he sulked away, "So it be... Princess Bubblegum really is gone. I'll just go search for another princess..."

Lady Rainicorn and the Lumpy Space Princess, who were chatting for each other for some bizarre reason, decided that they would search for Princess Bubblegum, and left the safety of the Candy Kingdom... to no one.