Data sped along, following the yellow brick road just like the munchkins had told him to do. He passed miles and miles of fences and acres of farmland. In one place he noticed that the fence seemed to be sagging. As he got closer he saw that it was not the fence at all but a wooden puppet leaning against it with a very sad expression.

"Hello there," Data said. "My name is Data. How are you doing this fine morning?"

"I am Pinocchio," the puppet said. "I am feeling sad today because I want to be a real boy so very badly."

"You're welcome to come along with me," Data said. "I am on my way to the Emerald City to find the Wizard of Oz. You see, I am an android which is just like a human except that I don't experience emotions. I want to be able to appreciate the beauty of rainbows and sunsets. I want to cry when I hear the Star Spangled Banner or Pomp and Circumstance. I want to feel small when I stand beside the ocean. I want to fall in love and have my heart broken. Do you realize that I've never thrown a single temper tantrum in my entire life? If only the wizard can give me a soul I can experience all these things. Also, as you can see I have yellow eyes. I think I would be more attractive to human females if they were a more normal color such as blue or brown."

"Well, I am hoping that the Wizard can turn me into a real boy," Pinocchio said. "I want to fall down and skin my knees. I want to dig for worms and go fishing and swat mosquitoes. I want to hit home runs and break windows. I want to get a tummy ache from too much blueberry pie. I want to throw spitballs and shoot sling shots. I have a problem with my nose too. I want it to stop growing so that no one can tell when I'm lying."

When they reached the top of the next hill, they saw a foursome on the same road headed in the same direction. The group included a tin man, a scarecrow, a lion, and a dark-haired girl in braids wearing a red-and-white-checked dress and ruby slippers. A small dog trotted along beside her.

"That girl sure is pretty. If I were a real boy I would ask her if she wanted to have dinner with me sometime. I wonder where she's from? Kansas, I'll bet."

"I wonder how intelligent that tin man is. I might would enjoy discussing the nuances of nuclear physics with him."

"If we hurry we might can catch up with them." So they picked up their pace, Pinocchio's knee joints making clickety-click noises as he struggled to keep up with Data.