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Disclaimer: I do not own transformers or Twilight. I don't own the armor you will find out about, credit for that goes to xXchampXx. I also got the idea for Bella is with Optimus, not as a pairing because this is cannon couple, from her but I know I would have put her with him, I don't mean together together, just as friends like Sam and Bee, because it would have to be her from the transformers universe and Optimus is the awesomest ever.

This isn't the man I knew. I fell in love with the one who loved me back. I stared at him in awe as I realized this was the mech I fell in love with. He was just lying, but no matter how much I wanted to be angry, I couldn't. I was lying too. For they had shared their secret with me, but I hadn't shared mine. And that's why he was doing this. Because he wanted me to be safe and he thought I was just as fragile as any other human.

But I'm not. I wasn't even human, but he didn't know that. When Jasper attacked, I could have easily stopped him, for the blood that made him loose it wasn't needed. I could have taken my true form and there wouldn't have been any blood.

But I didn't. And now he was standing here, acting as though he dosn't love me to try and keep me safe from something that isn't even a danger.

"Bella," he was about to say good bye. I had to think fast. I could tell him, make him stay. But it would only break his heart when I left. This way he will never know I'm not where he left me, and he'll think I eventually moved on. But if I told him, he'll be there when I leave and he'll know I'm still out there, for the rest of eternity. It isn't just vampires that live forever. Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating, I won't live forever, but I am stuck in time and wont age. I'll only die when he does.

"No, wait." I'm too selfish. I wanted to keep him as long as I could. And my family will help me when I leave. But I'll have no one if he leaves now. "I have to tell you something."

He stared at me, wondering if he should listen or if this was just another attempt to get him to stay in vain. "What?"

"I'm, I'm, I'm not -" I was cut off by a tingle in my brain. It was very uncomfortable in this form since organic life forms weren't built to receive comm. links. I looked up at him. "I have to take this call. Stay here or I'll off line myself." it wasn't true, I would never do that to my family, but he doesn't know that. I was a better actor than he gives me credit for because one look at my eyes told him it was true. He nodded and I quickly ran behind a tree a few yards away. He could still hear me, but he shouldn't be able to see me, I did plan on telling him anyway, and seeing me like this would just make him get the wrong impression.

I put up my armor, (It doesn't just cover my skin, it transforms me into something completely different from human.) and opened the requested comm. link.

/Bella?/ a familiar voice asked.

/That's me./ I had to say this out loud because I wasn't completely transformed, I still had blood so Edward wouldn't suspect anything. And having blood meant I wasn't completely mechanical and I couldn't communicate on the comm. properly.

/Did I interrupt anything?/ he sounded remorseful.

/No, I, uh. I'll tell you about it when I see you./

/That why I commed. We're coming./ I almost squealed, I've been spending too much time with Alice. /But not to just pick you up./

/What am I missing?/ I asked immediately.

/The reason I sent you down there is because we expected to find Megatron where the Cube was, correct?/


/The Cube is on earth/

/What? Oh, Primus. Why hasn't Megatron turned this planet to dust yet?/

/I have reached on the World Wide Web. A man named Archibald Witwicky discovered Megatron frozen in the Arctic Circle. His glasses have been imprinted with a map to the All Spark./

/So, the only thing between earth and total destruction is ice?/ oh the irony.

/Basically. If they are on earth, I'm afraid we won't have time to take you off planet./ he sounded worried.

/Don't worry about me. I'm not completely helpless. Remember. And if I know you, I won't be going anywhere without you. That should be enough protection./

/Bella, if I am forced to fight Megatron, you are going to stay with Bumblebee./ he warned.

/I like Bee. See? Problem solved. So, uh, when are you landing? Who all is coming?/

/You're very optimistic./ I laughed at his pun. /We're landing tonight. It's only Bumblebee, Ironhide, Ratchet, Jazz and I./

/Why didn't you contact me earlier?/ I wined.

/I wanted it to be a surprise./

/Well, that didn't work, did it? I have to go, I have someone waiting./ I said hastily.

/Alright. I'll see you tonight./ I didn't respond, only sent happiness down our link before closing the comm. I quickly put down my armor and ran back to a confused Edward. What now? If he left, I would have my family tonight. If I told him, I would either only get a few hours of time with him and his family or bring them into the war. I prefer not taking the chance, but I was in a hurry.

"Edward, never mind. You're leaving, pretending you never loved me. I'm sad, honestly I am. Bring Jasper here and have him tell you. But I have to hurry. Good bye." I ran off back toward my house. He stayed rooted to the spot and I thought he would leave. But much to my dismay, and satisfaction, he ran after me and was running beside me half a second later.

"What's going on?" He looked worried. "Bella, who was that and how were you talking to them? You don't have your cell." I slammed open the door, not bothering on closing it. I had to prepare for my departure. Just because we weren't leaving when they got here doesn't mean I would be coming back. But I was going to have to tell him. He was just too curios and protective.

"I'm leaving. I have to go. I'm sorry, but the life I had before here wasn't Phoenix. Mom doesn't exist. Charlie doesn't exist." I walked up to Charlie who was 'watching' sports and tapped the back of his head and it opened. I typed in the code and he disappeared and a small projector sat in his spot on the couch. I pocketed it and turned to get a match.

"What's that for?" he protested. I turned to him and walked out the door. He followed and I flicked the match in once we were a safe distance away. He was watching the match to closely to notice me quickly put up my armor on my arm and shoot it before it hit the ground and transform my arm back and put my armor down. All at once, the house went up in flames.

"I can't let the town think two people who never existed have gone missing." I turned and walked toward the forest before anyone could notice us.

I'm going to have to explain all this to the Cullens. Introductions must be in order and this is going to take longer than necessary. I sighed and headed toward the Cullens house.

Hoped you liked it. It was just a different version of what I've written so many times. R&R