I do have to apologize for not having updated in so long. By the time was able to come back to this story and not have to move it to my other profile, I lost the plot bunny. It's short, but I'm sure people are happy I updated. I never leave a story unfinished, just so you know. Just wait, it'll always come. Unless something happened. So, well, I'm going to shut up now and write.

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"So, now we have the glasses, then what?" Edward asked, examining them. "Why exactly do we need them?"

"They contain coordinates to the All Spark." Optimus replied.

"Super powerful huge cube-lookin' thing." I supplied. "We have to reach it before the Decepticons."

"And, where are they?"

"I'm tracking their spark signals now. I am unable to pinpoint their exact location, they're blocking me, but I do know there are many of them." We heard Jazz say.

"How many? Who?" I demanded.

"Unavailable." he said, annoyed.

"But we did see Starscream head this way not to long ago, on our way here." Ironhide tried to help out.

"I hate him." I groaned.

"Don't we all?" Jazz agreed.

"So," Edward spoke up. "What are we doing now?"

"We need to find a secure place to examine the glasses." Optimus replied.

"There's nowhere more secure here on Earth than out here in the middle of nowhere, in this forest." I pointed out. "The faster we figure out where we're going, the faster we get there."

"Right. Come on, Boss-Bot." Ironhide urged.

"You better run for the hills before they burn." Bumblebee played a song clip. Everyone pulled to a quick stop and I was actually out before Edward. He was by my side in a flash and the next second, everyone was transformed.

Optimus bent down and held out a hand for the glasses. Edward, hesitant from their proximity, handed them over. Optimus stood straight again as Edward wrapped an arm around me. Optimus quickly projected a holographic map of the world, the western US facing him.

"The coordinates on these glasses say that," he paused, "The All Spark is about 974 miles from here, South-East." Optimus said. I made calculations in my head, creating a circle biased on that radius.

"Could it be at the Hoover Dam?" I asked. A few of the others seemed to have thought to do this, they looked to Optimus expectantly. He handed the glasses back to Edward.

"Yes, I believe it is either near, or in this Dam." he said, glancing at the others. "This means the humans have found it and are doing something with it, no doubt. We must be prepared. Megatron should also be there, if the government had listened to Archibald. They would have taken him, still frozen; to the same place they held the All Spark. They would have realized the resemblance in origin." Optimus said.

"Bella, can I speak to you alone?" Edward asked suddenly. I glanced up at the others, Optimus nodded trustingly and the others smiled. I nodded, turning back to Edward.

"Sure." He suddenly lifted me up and ran away, obviously aware of the need for speed. He let me go and I stumbled slightly, caught completely off guard.

"Sorry." he apologized.

"I'm fine." I lied, steadying myself. I looked up at him. "What's wrong?"

"When this is over, you're leaving Earth?" he asked, worried. I nodded.

"Sorry. But there's no way this war is going to end here, now. And I have to help them all. But, seeing as neither of us really age, if we come back you should still be here."

"But, how long would this be? Couldn't you just stay here and, I don't know, defend Earth or something?" he pleaded.

"You have to realize, Optimus would never leave me alone somewhere unless he was sure there was no danger. Doing that would put me into the line of fire. And they can't spare Mechs, or femmes, to stay here and baby-sit me." I reasoned.

"We are here, we can help you." He pointed out. "We could easily learn how to fight."

"Sorry, but when I say baby-sitter, I mean, he most likely would stay himself. And if he stays behind while the others fight, the Autobots'll loose within the decade. He's their top worrier." I might be exaggerating. They'd make it work out, but no matter what, they'd be weaker. We can't afford unnecessary weaknesses.

"Then," He thought, desperate to stay with me. "Couldn't I just stay? With you? I don't want to lose you." He said, frowning. I hugged him.

"I doubt anyone'll be objecting, but how would you feed exactly? The Ark is kind of void of organic life, let alone those with sustaining blood." I paused. "And the blood I get when in my altform is changed into my sustaining Energon. Kind of need it just as much as I need the blood as a human."

He stared at me calculating, trying to figure out a way.

"We have to go back." I said. "We're on a tight schedule. We can talk this through later. The others can help." He didn't move momentarily before sighing and hugging me.

"Stay safe." He said, though he was still coming with us. Suddenly, Black vans pulled up around us and I realized we were on another forest trail. I shot an anxious glance toward Edward, who was also surprised. He stooped down to whisper in my now-human ear. "They're from the Hoover Dam, they know we have something to do with the aliens. They didn't see you though." he said, going through each of their minds. He pulled me closer. By 'seen me' I knew he meant my robot-form.

Doors slammed open and shut and I shot a glance toward the North, knowing that was the direction the Autobots were, still waiting probably. But then the road went that way, we would still be able to see them. Edward must have made sure we would.

They were gone, they escaped. But they'll come back for us, I know it. Right now, it's time to try and play the innocent human role, one I've played since coming here.

Then again, no one was accusing me at school.

I'm not going to say much, I shouldn't.

Bee's radio clip was from the song 'This River is Wild' by The Killers. My current favorite group.