Disclaimer: I don't the Harry Potter series, nor do I own the lyrics by Blue Foundation.

I love these two. Generally, I don't actually read slash, but Remus/Sirius is just so damn adorable and SO meant to be. Warning: Horribly short.


this fire we have will burn us both

( remus&sirius )
i've got nothing
for you to gain

In a way, he is kind of sort of beautiful. In this haggard, reckless, dangerous type way. That nightly-dark hair, just tickling his shoulders; those smoldering onyx eyes, meeting yours across the room, a smirk slowly creeping its way up above his chiseled jawline. (The way his lips feel against yours, searching and rough and sogoddamnforbidden.)

But you are Remus Lupin, and this is completely irrational.

And what are you if not cautious? Careful? Conservative? This is so unusual, so out of line, that you find yourself doubting whether or not you are even yourself as you slowly begin to feel as if these (cliché) broom closets are home, those two-second glances when your heart beats faster than it does on the full moon just from the way he looks at you are meant to be. You want to end this… this love affair? as soon as you can but every night, every night you say to yourself End this now before sneaking off to meet him he engulfs your very being, grasps your wrist and tugs you to him and all is forgotten.

He is the forbidden fruit of sorts, you might say.

Sometimes, he whispers things along your neckline. Murmurs muffled words as he presses kisses into your waiting lips. And sometimes (though you pretend not to) you hear them.

They are these three words, three words that, for a while, you'd thought he didn't even know existed. Three words that are so worthless, so meaningless, that they are everything to the two of you.

You close your eyes and let his presence suffocate your mind. After all, you are Remus Lupin, and it would be completely irrational to believe him.

(But you smile anyway and you believe him more than anything you've ever known, because you are Remus and he is Sirius and irrationality has never seemed so appealing.)