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Itachi Uchiha was a man with a plan, a very good plan that he knew was going to work as long as he stuck to it. Why? Because Itachi Uchiha's plans never failed. If he wanted something, he got it. And what he wanted right now was something he wanted so badly that he was either going to get it or die trying. What is this thing that he would risk his very being to have? Simple.

Sasuke Uchiha


Sasuke woke up bright and early, stretched, and was about to get out of bed when he realized that there was something on his forehead, to be more specific he realized that there was some sort of sticky note on his forehead. He peeled it off, it read:

Western Konoha dock

10 min.

Sasuke sighed. Now who could have left him this? Only a family member would have known him well enough to know exactly when he would wake up. Tousan preferred to bark orders at his children, he wouldn't have told Sasuke to do something by using a purple Post-it note. He could smell that Kaasan had something in the oven and she wouldn't leave it just to go to the Western Konoha Dock. So that left…. Itachi?

Why would Itachi want to meet him somewhere, true they had been very close as children, but Sasuke was soon to be seventeen, he had grown more distant with his brother as he grew older. He loved Itachi, and looked up to him, but he had finally excepted that with Itachi being ANBU they simply weren't going to have much time together. Why would Itachi suddenly make time for him now?

Well, there was no way to know unless he went. So, he took a quick shower and threw on some jeans and a v-neck and went to the dock.

Itachi was sitting looking out into the water. He smiled when Sasuke came and sat next to him. Itachi wrapped his arm around his brothers shoulders and they sat there for a while. Gazing out at how beautiful the world is.

"I'm glad you came."

"Hn. It's been a while since we have gotten to spend any time together."


Itachi looked down at his brother who was leaning peacefully against him. He cupped Sasuke's chin in one of his hands, and ran his finger over the latter's soft lips. He leaned in and their noses brushed together for the slightest moment, It wasn't a kiss, but it should do just fine. He stroked his brothers cheek bone and stood up.

" I need to go home and prepare for a mission. I'll see you later."

He turned and looked at Sasuke up and down, smirking when he noticed his brother was slightly aroused, then he winked, and walked away.

Sasuke was left stunned. He and his brother had just had some sort of romantic exchange…right? What exactly had just happened? He couldn't tell if Itachi was being brotherly or…something else. It wasn't a kiss.. but it was dangerously close to a kiss. Itachi could have just been trying to show his little brother some kind non-sexual affection. But if that was it, then why did he look directly at Sasuke's semi-hard member and smirk, and why for god's sake did he wink?

Back at the Complex...

Itachi smiled to himself in the mirror as he thought about the confusion that he knew was stirring inside Sasuke's smexy little head. The first part of his plan had been a complete success, and he was proud of himself for making sure that his touches were only borderline sexual, because he had been far too tempted to just kiss Sasuke.

He had gone home and put on gray faded super-skinny jeans and a fitted leather jacket. He knew that he looked sexy and flawless. Since he didn't actually have a mission to go to, he decided that me might as well launch the second part of his plan now. He walked into Sasuke's room.


Sasuke looked up at him, as if he was trying to figure out if Itachi had some secret motive for being in his room. Itachi had to hold off a smirk. He just kept his face innocent.

"It turns out that I won't be needed for this mission, would you like for me to give you a ride to school?"

Sasuke frowned.


"okay well meet me in the car in twenty minutes."

Sasuke didn't even have time to argue. He was in Itachi's Nissan in eighteen minutes ready for school.

Itachi smiled when Sasuke got into the car. He remembered how he used to drive his little brother everywhere after he had first gotten his license. Now Sasuke had a license too, but he hated to drive. Itachi started taking the long way to the school. The REALLY long way.

"Aniki, why are you going this way?"

"Is it a sin to want some extra time with my Otouto?"

Sasuke blushed.

"Well.. No i suppose not."

Itachi smiled.

"So how's life been Sasuke? I feel like I'm missing everything. Fill me in."

"Well... er... I guess it's been good. I'm at the top of my class... again. Remember my friends Naruto and Sakura?"

Itachi gave his brother a little head nod.

"Yeah.. well they're dating... again."

"How about you, what's your love life like? Meet any new gal's"

Itachi smirked. He knew fully well that Sasuke was gay. The boy had come out to his parents over a year ago, but he hadn't told Itachi directly, so Itachi decided it would be polite to pretend that he didn't know.

"No new gal's... no new guys either, which is what I prefer, actually."


Itachi got that devilish grin that Sasuke knew to mean that something bigger than this conversation was happening in Itachi's crazy sadistic head. But he pretended to ignore it.

"Sooo... How about you, 'Tachi? Meet any new gal's?"

Itachi made a disgusting look, like he had just drank straight vanilla extract.

"Oh GAWD no!"

Sasuke laughed. He knew that his brother was a homo. Itachi had come out in the fourth grade, he had no shame. He had always known that he was attracted to guys.

"Okay Okay, any new guys?"

Now Itachi smiled as he replied.

"No new guys. But, there is someone who I've known for a very long time who I have very strong feelings for..."

"Hm, Does he know that you do?"

Itachi smirked and looked straight into Sasuke's eyes VERY deliberately.

"He will."

They were at the school now, so Itachi pulled over and let Sasu-chan out of the Nissan chauffeur style.

Sasuke couldn't help but chuckle as Itachi opened the door for him and bowed.

"Good day sir."

Sasuke grinned and tipped an imaginary hat in his brother's direction. He gave Itachi a hug, something he hadn't done in... too long. Itachi embraced him warmly. It was an innocent brotherly hug. So why was Sasuke getting some very un-brotherly thoughts in his head?


Sasuke had a talk with his friend Shikamaru about what he thought he possibly could be feeling for his brother. He also told Shikamaru about Itachi's slightly strange behavior as of late. Shikamaru nodded and listened the whole time, with his hands folded neatly together in the way that told anyone who knew him well enough that he was thinking. Then he spoke.

"It would appear, Sasuke, that your brother has feelings for you."


"I know, It's troublesome, but I'm sure that's it."

"Couldn't he just be... really horny or something... couldn't he like... not know that he's being a little sexual, I mean, it's subtle."

"Look, It's a real drag to have to be the one who tells you this, but he has feelings for you, think about it Sasuke! He's smarter than both of us combined, if I'm coming to that conclusion, he KNOWS that what he's doing is... romantic.":

"Are you sure?"


"What am i gonna do about it?"

"First, your going to play me at go, because you promised you would. Then, we can make a plan."

And that's exactly what they did.

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