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Itachi walked into his new apartment quietly. He thought it would be nice to go out and bring Sasuke some food, since they still hadn't really decided on a kitchen set yet. He also thought that Sasuke would still be sleeping. Wrong.

Their brand spanking new living room was for the most part covered in boxes; Sasuke was in the middle of all the chaos smiling gleefully.

"Good Morning!" He exclaimed. Itachi raised a curious eyebrow.

"It's six pm. And what's all this junk?" Sasuke rolled his eyes.

"It's not junk, Nii-san. It's our new stuff!"


"Un! Kaa-san just put the American bank accounts in your name! We just got twenty-five million American dollars!" Itachi sighed; he never thought money was of any importance.

"How much is that?"

"A fucking lot!"

"Cool, so you got all this stuff with it?"

"Yeah! I know, I know, it's in your name, not mine, but we both know that you couldn't care less, so let's not pretend to argue, okay?" Itachi just shrugged and started opening the first box.

It was filled with what appeared to be a lot of random bamboo sticks. Some pressed together. They were stained a little, giving them a bit of a glossy quality.

"That's our new bed! I find the brass one to be quite tedious, and I'm scared I'll burst my head open or something if we're… er…"

"Having a little too much fun?"

Sasuke smiled. "C'mon, let's set it up!"


They grabbed the box and took it to their bedroom. Sasuke had already binned the old bed. Setting the new one up was somewhat difficult. It was made for the pieces to fit perfectly together without tools, but that somehow made it twice as hard to assemble. Itachi had to admit though, it was gorgeous. Sasuke had good taste, and he knew Itachi well enough to purchase things they would both like.

"Did you get a mattress?"

"Nooooooo… I just trashed a mattress and didn't replace it!" Sasuke said sarcastically.

"Okay, I get it. Which kind did you get?"

"Well, I was facing kind of a dilemma with that, because I think that memory foam is really comfortable to sleep on, but I prefer a bouncier bed for the more interesting activities. I ended up just getting a king sized mattress specially made, that's half memory foam and half spring, because we sleep so close, that we'll never need the whole bed anyway." Itachi couldn't help but laugh.

They went back to the living room and brought got their new mattress. Sasuke had gotten them red silk sheets and a black down comforter. The morbid colours clashed beautifully with the pale bamboo, and deep Ivory walls. They had one long fluffy pillow that covered the whole width of the bed.

"What's up with the huge pillow?"

"What do you mean? You don't like it? I can get-"

"No that's not it; it's just that you don't use pillows anyway."

Sasuke hadn't thought about that. It was true though, when he slept he usually rested his head on Itachi.

"I guess your right, but what about times like this afternoon, when you got up to go get-"Sasuke paused and sniffed the air. "Spaghetti and sauce."

"Hold up. How the fuck can you just smell the air and know that I got spaghetti and sauce?"

"What do you mean?" Sasuke said. Itachi just laughed lightly.

"You really are an alien, you know."

"Yeah, whatever. C'mon let's go eat! What did you get yourself?"

Itachi smiled, they both knew that the possibility of Sasuke sharing spaghetti and sauce was out of the question.

"I'm not too hungry. I'm just having an apple."

Their new apartment had a decent sized kitchen with an archway that slightly separated it from the area that Sasuke had set up as their dining room. It wasn't too big; the table was nice, but not too nice. It was one that they could actually eat on without feeling guilty. The walls looked a little blank, but Itachi noticed a box in the corner that had 'frames' written on it in sharpie. He placed the take out containers down and sat down at the table, chuckling softly when Sasuke sat down right on top of him and got comfortable.

"Okay! Let's eat!"

"Like this?"


"How are we supposed to eat like this?"

"Don't be such a bother, Nii-san. All you're eating is an apple, it's not like you'll need to reach around me and get to a plate or anything."

"Okay you have a point, but no funny business."

Sasuke raised an eyebrow, which was actually kind of a nostalgic thing for Itachi to see, he hadn't really noticed before how much he and his brother looked alike.

"Funny business?"

Itachi ignored his brother's question and stroked the boy's cheeks lightly, causing the boy on top of him to give him an even more questioning look.

"Otouto, do you ever wonder if it's possible for two people to be perfect for each other?"


"Really?" Itachi said with a shocked tone.

"I don't have to wonder. I know it's possible for two people to be perfect for each other, because I'm living it every day."

Itachi smiled and rested his head against Sasuke's back, allowing himself to drift into a little nap as the younger Uchiha finished his food. He woke up to the pleasant feeling of gentle fingers running through his hair. Sasuke paused a second to smile at his brother's opening eyes, then continued on.

"Otouto, what are you doing?"

"Playing with your hair. Duh."


"Because it's so beautiful, and long, and silky… it's one of my favourite things about you."

"Is that so? What are your other favourite things about me?"

"Pretty much everything else."

"What's your least favourite?"

"Hmmm… probably your breath when you're drunk."

"Tch, that's understandable."

Itachi allowed Sasuke to play in his hair for a little while longer before the boy grew tired of it and suggested that they finish unpacking, which they spent the rest of the day doing.


Itachi was standing in the middle of his living room trying to catch his breath.


"I don't want to."

"Too bad."

He had bet Sasuke that the boy couldn't move the couch in by himself, and now he was doomed to be a slave for the next week because he had lost. Sasuke had been making him do various little things, and this was purely to entertain. The younger Uchiha was throwing a handful of coffee beans in to the air as hard as he could, and seeing if Itachi could catch them all before they hit the ground. Itachi, being uber-fast, could do this with ease the first twenty or thirty times, but now it was getting tiring.

"C'mon, it's too hot for this shit!"

Sasuke got an evil smirk.

"Then take your clothes off."

Itachi did as he was told and stripped down to his shorts.

"All of them."



"We agreed that slavery didn't mean forced sex."

"I'm not forcing you to fuck, I'm forcing you to strip, and I assure you that if it ends in sex it will be purely coincidence." Sasuke replied with a very robust stare at Itachi's crotch.

It wasn't that Itachi didn't want to fuck. In fact, they hadn't fucked since that first night on that piece of shit bed, and that was almost a week ago. However, he was really happy with the way their relationship was right now, slave or not. They were getting along, and having fun, and generally in love. He wanted to make sure that they didn't get too sex crazy and ruin the fluff that he was enjoying so much.

Sasuke had seemed to be on the same page, but they were both fully aware that the younger raven had a sex dream the night before, and that changed things a lot. It's hella easier to not think about something when your not dreaming about it.

They had both been very shaken by that 'dream'. Itachi could still remember how it had gone, so few hours ago…

Ahh… hmmm… am I waking up? I think I am… yeah I'm definitely awake. Why though, it's not morning?

I look down at Sasuke and he's sweating like a motherfucker, at first I think he's sick, but then he let's out this throaty moan and I notice the woody pressed against my leg.

"Sasuke, Sasuke wake up."


"Yes, love. It's me, wake up."

And of course the bastard doesn't wake up, he sleeps harder than a corpse. He just moans my name and presses his… area… into my thigh. And I'm sitting here trying not to fuck him in his sleep (which probably wouldn't wake him anyway) while he's humping at my leg.

"Tachi, fuck me, please?"

"I can't. You're sleeping."

"Wake me up so we can fuck…"

So I try. I really do. But the damn kid won't budge. And it's tripping me out, cus he fucking wants to be awake, but he can't. He let's out this frustrated groan, and I'm trying to ignore the hardening in my shorts, but it's no fucking use.


Shit.. he can feel it too. So what does little sleeping beauty do? The little slut fucking grinds his cock against mine. Yep. HARD too. And it's feeling so good that I don't even stop him, or consider that it's wrong to take advantage of him like this while he's asleep. No. I grab that tight little ass of his and help him molest me. I can feel him shaking against me, and I forget until we're cumming that he's still asleep. Then it pisses me off, cus I know he's gonna think it was all a dream and wake up horny as fuck.

He's pulling closer to me now.

"I love you, Aniki."

"I love you too you fucking bastard."

He chuckles. The little cutie chuckles in his sleep, and I can't help but feel better. He's my personal little piece of heaven. Even if he does sleep way too fucking hard.

Itachi sighed and took his shorts off, completely revealing himself. Sasuke got up and walked away.

"Where are you going?"


Sasuke came back with a very expensive looking digital camera. Itachi chuckled a little.

"I did say you could take pictures, didn't I?"

"Yep. Regret it?"

"No. Go on, snap away."

Sasuke did exactly that. He was mostly taking pictures of Itachi's abdomen and face, he didn't want any of the man's cock until it was in a more 'photogenic' mood. Sasuke reached out as if to touch it, then gave his brother a look, to ask if it was okay. When Itachi's eyes granted him permission, Sasuke lightly ran his finger's over Itachi's torso, and kissed his way down to that magnificent cock that was finally coming to life.



"Let me suck you off."

Itachi tried not to be embarrassed by the way his dick jumped at Sasuke's words.

"Please?" The boy asked again

"Go ahead." Who was he to say no to such a kind offer?

Sasuke was, of course, a natural born cock-sucker. He licked and sucked and lapped up Itachi's juices in such a way, that the man knew he wasn't going to last long at all.

"Nii-San," Sasuke said, taking his mouth away from his brother's cock for a moment, but stroking it firmly with his hand to make up for the lack of warmth.

"Hn." Itachi responded, trying not to let his words shake as much as his legs were.

"Come for me, please? I want to taste you."

It only took a few moments of Sasuke continuing his previous ministrations for Itachi to do exactly what he was told. Sasuke sucked it all out greedily.

"Thank you." Itachi rolled his eyes. This kid had just sucked him off, and said thank you? What a weirdo.

"Why are you thanking me? I'm the one who got an orgasm out of it."

Sasuke just smiled and stood up. They were face to face and Itachi could tell by the look on Sasuke's face that the boy wanted to kiss him. He wondered why the poor kid didn't just do it, then realized that maybe he was being considerate and thinking that Itachi wouldn't want to taste his own semen.

So instead, Itachi leaned in and made the first move himself. They kissed sensually for a few moments then Itachi suggested that he put at least his shorts back on before a nosey neighbor got quite the eyeful. Sasuke laughed at this and sat down on the couch, waiting patiently for his human pillow to come sit down so that he'd have a place to rest his head.

Itachi sat happily with his brother's head in his lap and stroked Sasuke's cheeks and hair absentmindedly while he thought about how much his life had changed for the better in the last two months. He looked down at Sasuke's face and knew that the boy was also thinking about something, but that Sasuke was thinking about something that had him a little depressed.

"What's wrong?"

"Hum?" Sasuke said smiling up at him, the depression was suddenly gone.

"What were you just thinking about?"

"School starts back up soon."

"So what?"

"Things will kind of go back to normal won't they?"

"How would you define normal?"

"Naruto and Sakura will break up and make up, you'll be pushing me to work my hardest in school, Kaa-San will probably get fed up with this whole thing and make me come back. Everything will change."

Itachi smiled and patted his brother's head reassuringly.

"Some things will never change, Sasuke."

"Well what's that mean? Does that mean that things can't change, they'll just go back to normal?"

"I think we've redefined normal actually."

"What makes you think that?"

"I trust my love for you. We may fight, but that's what brother's do."

"We're a little more than brother's Itachi."

"So what?"

"So… I mean… are you sure this can last forever?"

"Shhh… This is forever."

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