"He maybe my brother, but he means a lot to me. I want him. Not a selfish want, I need him. I've been dependant on him loving me." Fiona said to the mirror, looking at her reflection. Somehow, over the years, she's fallen for the only constant, familiar person, Declan. She walked out of her bathroom, down to the spiral staircase, leading to the current boyfriend, who really doesn't matter anymore. She knows her feelings, a heart wants what it wants, and hers hungered to be with Declan, and no one, not even precious, little Holly J is becoming between it. She walks up to Greg, her boyfriend and give him, "the talk." "It's not you, it's me," comes out of her mouth quicker than flowing river rapids. He storms off, leaving in his place, a shattered vase. Declan ran down stairs to see her head in her hands, crying. "FiFi, what's wrong?" Declan asked, with deep concern. "I broke up with Greg." She said, muffled by her hands. "I thought you liked him?" "I do, I just like someone more," she said, looking in to Declan's shining eyes. "Awwwwh, who?" "Declan, I don't care if you're my brother, I love you." She then got up, got in front of him, ran her fingers through his hair and kissed him. "WHAT THE HELL, FIONA? Get off of me. Get AWAY from me!" He ran out the door. Little did Declan know, he left his phone on the table, and just her luck, Holly J was calling. She picked it up and said, "Holly J, Declan's mine. You're going to have to live with it. Sorry, sometimes, a bitch doesn't deserve a number one spot in someone's life." She hung up. She ran out the door.

At school, three boys asked her. Did she care? Not a was focused on Declan, and she had plans...oh yes, she did.

When Declan got home, he seen his phone light up with the love of his life's picture, Holly J Sinclaire. "Hello, sweetie." He said, smoothly. "What the hell is going on, Declan? If you wanted to break up with me, you didn't need to have some skank on the phone do it!" She yelled. "What are you talking abou-shit! Fiona, apparently is in love with me." "Oh, so your sister did it? Great, I'm losing you to your sister!" "No, you aren't. I love you with everything in me, outside me, and around me." "Ok. I love you too, get your sister straight. Bye, I love you." Before he said bye, the line was dead.

He marched up stairs and banged on Fiona's door. He yelled countless curses at her, calling her everything from a whore to a skank. She said, "Oh, I did that, I didn't know." "Bitch, you know what you were doing. Just get out of my life!" She stood in front of door, begging him to forgive her. He did. She said no more, and let him out. They didn't speak of it ever again. Declan still hates his sister for this. And most likely, won't ever stop hating her.