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She sat against a cold wall, the low light in his place making her feel uneasy. She stared absentmindedly at the people scattered in different parts of the room sleeping. What a day..Everything she ever believed in had been a lie.

Galenth Dysley revealed himself to be the fal'Cie Barthandelus hours ago, and Lightning still couldn't bring herself to believe it.

Her head fell forward, her eyes landing on the uniform. The Guardian Corps, puppets of the Sanctum. She'd been a direct victim of the lies. All those years she'd spent enforcing their laws... If she'd only known. She unclipped her identity badge and flipped it upright, reading the words "Sergeant, Farron L."that were printed below the picture of herself. Memories of this day flooded back to her, she remembered taking this picture even though it was over three years ago.

In the picture, she looked younger, eager and proud. Her eyes were wide, a slight smirk on her lips. Her head held up with perfect posture and she was brimming with confidence. In comparison she'd be unrecognizable now. Even without seeing her reflection she could feel her eyes sagging, her back felt like it was holding a hundred pounds. She slouched against the wall to keep her head from hitting the floor but on that day, she was so proud to be accepted. To be a part of something bigger than herself, something that would make her sister proud. It was a way to protect her and support her, so Lightning thought..

Unfortunately, it took her until today to figure out she'd gotten herself into something that was entirely too big to handle. The biggest betrayal in the history of mankind.

Lightning's hand twitched as the feelings poured through her. The magic running through her veins was something she had not grown used to but at least she recognized when it was happening now. Surprised, she held her palm upright, gasping as she felt the half formed spell erupt in her hand. She hadn't even consciously thought of this one, her emotions alone had brought it on. The flames smoldered the badge she held, first melting away the plastic cover until it retracted into nearly nothing, then the edges of the paper began blackening. The logo of the Guardian Corps, her name, her face... It was all being consumed, erased, turning into ash. Her teeth clamped together as she closed her fist, unable to watch any longer. The fire went out then, and all that was left were stains the ashes left on her gloves. She brushed them away letting her head fall back to rest against the wall behind her.

She sighed, staring at the vast ceiling. A few stray pink locks of hair falling to the side, her piercing blue eyes were wide with panic as her heartbeat rang rhythmically through her eardrums.

What's next? How are you supposed to know what to do when you don't even know where you are?

The younger girl that traveled with them, Vanille, had said something about places like this being on Pulse. The Ark, she referred to it as. A place where Pulse could manufacture their war machines, but why would a place like this exist on Cocoon? The idea was ridiculous and Lightning immediately disregarded the girl's opinion. She had lied before in the past about being Pulsian. She can't be trusted.


Lightning was alone in the world now. Her only blood, her sister Serah, had turned into a crystal before her very eyes. There was no knowing if she'd ever really come back. Even though Snow had said it was possible, Lightning still had her doubts but she wanted to believe. Amongst these strangers she felt no real connection with anyone, apart from the child that had been swept along for the ride. Hope. The awkward boy whose backbone had yet to grow in. He'd been chasing Snow, who's irresponsibility got his mother killed. She identified with the boy, if she were a few years younger she could see herself being that hell bent on revenge, especially if someone messed with Serah. Even though he'd gotten over it, he was still stuck. Still a l'Cie, his future was completely up in the air. If she were in Hope's position she wasn't so sure she would have been able to forgive Snow as easily as he did. She couldn't blame Hope either, she knew Snow was idiot.

Then there was the older 'gentleman', Sazh, who was willing to put a bullet into Serah while she was still alive, for 'the greater good of Cocoon'. In the back of her mind, Lightning would always see him as he was that day. A panicked civilian with no oversight of the big picture and two big guns to help eradicate the problem. People like him, and the uproar over something that he knows absolutely nothing about, were the whole reason the purge started in the first place. So many innocent lives lost and, at this rate, there were many, many more about to die if people would always be so comfortable in their ignorance.

The last, possibly most mysterious person in her party was walking up to her now. Lightning sighed, letting her head fall to the side, away from the approaching figure, knowing full well her unwelcome demeanor wouldn't stop Fang, the other, older Pulsian. Whether it was it was the taller woman's cocky presentation or the fact that she was the direct the reason Serah was branded in the first place, something rubbed Lightning the wrong way about Fang. She couldn't help feeling suspicious whenever she was in Fang's presence, even though the woman never actually did anything wrong to her. She'd actually been rather supportive in telling Lightning more things she should know about being a l'Cie and how the process worked, but the woman's scorched whited out brand didn't sit well with Lightning. Fang, the indirect cause of all of this doesn't get a time limit. Typical.

Fang leaned against the wall beside Lightning, letting herself slide down until she was sitting. Lightning didn't look at her.

"Shouldn't you be asleep?" Lightning asked, unable to hide the irritation in her voice, or maybe she didn't try very hard.

"Well, I was.." She smiled without humor. "I glanced over here and you appeared to be having a panic attack. When you started lighting stuff on fire I thought it'd be a good time to check in." Fang said, staring at the soldier.

Lightning narrowed her eyes, wondering if it could be the woman's foreign accent that always made her sound like she was amused with something. The mocking tone.. She turned at met Fang's gaze and held it with a look of hostility. Fang seemed unperturbed by the expression on Lightning's face, she spoke again.

"Are you alright?" Fang asked, raising her eyebrows.

"I'm fine." Lightning hissed, looking away, her teeth clenching.

It was hard to look at Fang for long periods of time. Her deep green eyes always felt so intrusive, as if she could actually climb inside of your brain and have a look around if you weren't careful. Lightning didn't like the way Fang looked at her as if she was waiting for Lighting to drop the ball, tell a secret that she would jump on immediately. Just waiting to seize the opportunity and hold it above her head like a trophy, like the scavenger she was. She would wear a piece of Lightning on her just as she wore the skins and teeth of the weaker beasts she'd slain in the past. Lightning refused to be the weaker of the two.

"Always a hard ass, huh?" Fang said, tilting her head, staring down at her own folded arms.

Lightning looked to Fang again, thrown off by the melancholy tone in Fang's voice surprised to see her face matched it. She opened her mouth to say something that took longer to think about.

"I.. It may be the only thing holding me together right now." Lightning admitted, before closing her eyes. Dammit.

This is why Lightning didn't like talking to Fang. Barriers were broken and she was always left feeling like the needy person. Fang always seemed to know exactly what she was doing, and she always had her head on straight. How could she be so easy to talk to and so damn irritating at the same time? It grated at Lightning's last nerve.

"Heh. Right, you know we're all suffering here? You aren't alone in this." Fang muttered running a hand through her dark hair before clambering to her feet swiftly. "If you need someone to talk to.." She stifled a yawn, but didn't finish her sentence as she walked off slowly. Lightning watched her figure retreating with doubt behind her eyes.

She'd heard Fang's whole plan from the beginning. Get Vanille, finish her focus and get to Pulse as soon as possible. She made no effort to hide anything when they were reunited. Lightning was the only person that didn't look away. It would have been obvious to anyone that there was definitely more there when Vanille and Fang hugged, not that Lightning had any problem with a gay couple by any means, but now Fang had her girlfriend, all she needed to do was finish her focus and Lightning was confident she would leave them without a backward glance.

Lightning shook the image from her head, knowing exactly what she had to look forward to if all this ended well. Her baby sister running off to marry Snow, Sazh would have his son back, Hope would return to his father, Vanille and Fang would have each other and a home world to go back to, and Lightning, would have an empty house.

Serves me right. If only I'd believed her..

When Serah needed Lightning the most, she'd shut her little sister out, threatened her even. It hurt her so bad to think about that day. She felt as though she'd never be worth of Serah's forgiveness if she ever saw her again. Her sister, almost identical to her, sharing so many of the same features and so many with her parents. It'd been three years since Lightning's parents died, and not a day had gone by since then that she didn't think about them. She wished they were there right now to guide her. Her dad had held a normal job in Bodhum, average pay but he was so nimble. He taught Lightning to fight at a young age. It was odd for a civilian to be so talented with weaponry on Cocoon because there were so many safeguards set up by the Sanctum that no one often worried about their security. What a joke that ended up being.

Her thoughts went to her mother now. Sweet and so beautiful. She always told Lightning to follow her dreams, but right now Lightning couldn't think of any. Her only dream now was returning to some state of normalcy. The odds were so bad for them, and look what had happened to Serah. On her mother's death bed, Lightning promised, swore to keep her safe. She failed. The thought made her throat constrict. She cleared it roughly, climbing to her feet, irritated that she'd let her own thoughts get so emotional. It was probably Fang's fault.

Knowing there was no way she'd be able to sleep tonight she casually drew her weapon from a holster than hung at the perfect height, attached to the back of her skirt. The folded weapon sprung to life with a slick metal on metal kiss that echoed through the mysterious place. Taking the form of a saber, she gripped it tightly as she started down a long corridor that resembled an intricate sewer system until it reached a very large well lit room where Lightning could see several creatures lurking. She groaned.

How big can this place be?

But, in her head she saw this as a blessing in disguise, stress relief in its finest form. With a smirk on her face she ran forward into a group of leeches, her saber flying through the air reflecting the light off of the cool steel, becoming her name.

Fang opened one eye, slightly groggy as she listened to the clanking noise that was heard in the distance. Recognizing it after a few minutes she sat up sighing, nudging Vanille beside her. The girl squealed a protest.

"C'mon. Lightning's gonna get herself killed." Fang said casually, getting to her feet and drawing her lance. Vanille, rubbing her eyes followed closely behind her through the dark corridor.