Chapter 7

In the years that I have been a vampire I had never really given thought about my death. I considered myself dead long ago, after my transition was complete. I turned my heart to stone and accepted my immortal fate. That is, until I met her. Bree Tanner, she was so innocent, beautiful, and kind. It was almost impossible not to develop feelings for her. I would've given my life to protect her. But, I didn't expect the turn of events that lead to her death and I being unable to do anything to save her.

I look out over the rocky hill I stand on, onto the city of Volterra, Italy. I just glare at the setting sun, awaiting the darkness that will ignite my plot for vengeance. Bree appears next to me. Her face cold, not showing any emotion like she once used to. Her eyes have darkened, showing no ounce of life.

"So are you ready to avenge my death Krellian?" She says looking up at me with a warm smile.

"I know you're not real. Bree is dead. Ashes." I say calmly not making eye contact.

"I'm as real to you as she once was." She continues as she grabs my hand and holds it in hers. "You also know what I say is exactly how she must feel. A wronged death never goes without consequences." She hisses.

"That's why I'm here right? The Volturi has gotten used to being able to do what they wish. By taking her life with no probable cause, they've crossed the line." I bark out.

"How are you going to exactly do it?" She says becoming excited.

"I will start off with Felix." I say igniting my hand, it quickly becoming engulfed in a violent flame. "Then with Jane." I finish with the flame shooting across the skies mimicking a meteor shower.

"Are you sure you'll make it to her? What if others come to her defense?" She pretends to sound worried.

"Then they'll perish along with her." I finish coldly.

The sun finally sets, its last ray of light shining off my skin causing it to sparkle lightly. I think over my plan once more. The best route to take is to burst in guns blazing. Simply, let go of my sanity and composure. But still hold on to my logic and strategic mind. My thoughts are interrupted due to Bree tugging on the sleeve of my black leather jacket.

"Ready?" I say to her lightly, my eyes glowing bright red due to the family I drained on my way up the mountain.

"I've been ready." She chuckles.

Without hesitation I jump off of the ledge of the cliff and as soon my foot touches the dirt surface I race down the path at top speed, everything almost standing still through my eyes. I race through the town, crowds of people, and cars until I finally make it pass the water fountain and reach the steps to the entrance of the Volturi's lair.

I stop abruptly and let out a loud chuckle just because of how I realized a 12 hour journey was done in a mere of seconds. I look down at Bree who was standing by my side. She is looking at me confused as if I've lost my mind. I regain my focus and turn serious. I observe the old wooden door.

All I could think of is about how many innocents have walked through this door to never return. How many times the Volturi goons have stepped through this door to punish those who didn't deserve to be? I can feel the anger engulf my whole body turning my hands into fists. I punch the door in frustration and it is lunged off its hinges to the end of the hallway.

"Here goes everything." I mutter under my breath.

My hands light up in flames as I begin to walk down the hallway. The woman at the front desk attempts to call for help. I could sense she is human but that made no difference to me, she chose her side. I shoot fire from my hands at her, piling it on top of her leaving nothing but ashes. I continue to make my way towards the main stadium.

A couple of vampires appear in front of me, already in fighting position. One is dirty blonde and the other being simply dark haired. The blonde male charges at me with his hands in clawing formation and teeth bared. I grab him by his neck and snap his head clean off his shoulders exposing his crystallized insides. The dark haired one looks at me shocked but still proceeds to charge at me as well. I glide smoothly towards the side, tripping him in his stride. I place my black boot on his chest and position my open palm at the center of his body.

"Please, have mercy!" He pleads.

"This place knows no mercy!" I spit out while fire continues to spew out of my palm like thick magma onto the vampires' body.

I also ignite the first fallen vampires' corpse in a fiery blaze before I continue. I look towards my side and there was Bree. Her face lit up with enjoyment, with the havoc I was causing. She looks at me and nods as if permission to continue. I yell greatly full of anger, pain, and sorrow, sending waves of fire out from my body covering the entire hallway.

I continue to walk towards my destination burning every vampire who stood to face me. I reach the door and with one final push it inversely explodes into tiny splinters causing my wave of inferno to all tumble into the room. I will it to dissipate in order to face my enemy.

I paid no attention to the faces that weren't of those that I wanted. I spot Felix in a few seconds. Then I see Bree skipping gracefully towards a young pale brown haired child. Bree stops beside her and looks at me straight in the eyes. She gives me a sly smirk. I quickly get sent back to that fateful day. Bree looking at me with such fear in her eyes, wanting my help. Jane taking such pleasure in her demise.

"Who are you to have the audacity to barge into this sacred place so violently?" says a calming male voice.

"This doesn't concern you." I say firmly not taking my eyes off of Jane.

Jane chuckles at me and focuses her red eyes on me. "This is going to be fun." She says to me showing her teeth.

I could feel her power attempting to over power me. But, I don't budge. I know her intention was to cause me to feel misery but all I felt was relaxation. Her power fell short compared the rage that roared within me.

"I'm sorry are you trying to inflict suffering upon me?" I hiss at her.

Her eyes grow wide. She's in disbelief that her gift is useless.

"It's amazing the amount of tolerance you can build up when the person you love is murdered before your eyes." I chuckle while igniting my hands once more.

"Most interesting." The same male voice charms.

I shoot fire bolts at the corners of us, manipulating it to surround Jane, Felix, and I. I cause it to grow high and thick, making sure no one gets in or out. Jane has a surprised look on her face. Her and Felix exchange cautious glances. Bree appears in the center of all of us. Her eyes are reflecting off of the walls of fire.

"What are you waiting for? Kill them! Kill them now!"She yells furiously at me.

"Who's first?" I say to both of them.

"I can take care of this." Felix says confident while cracking his knuckles.

"The scythe, I really was hoping it would be you." I smile greatly.

He charges at me fast and hard, grabbing me by the waist and slamming me down on the ground. He wraps his arms around my neck and begins to pull hard. I quickly wrap both of my legs around his waist and apply both of my palms onto his chest. I apply pressure causing them to sink in slightly into him. I force all my energy into my palms and fire shoots out from his back. His eyes open wide and he screams in agony as he lets go of my neck. I do a quick roundhouse kick sending him through my wall of fire out of sight.

I look at Jane with a devious smile. "Your turn." I say walking up towards her.

I grasp her shoulders tightly and whip her to the ground. I ignite my fist once more and slam it against her flawless face. Her face finally shows an emotion of pain as I notice cracks beginning to form. I dig my teeth into her forearm and rip a chunk out of it. Her screams ring like a harmonious tone to my ears.

"Oh come on Jane, this is just pathetic." I laugh as I pace around her, looking down at her as she lays there in confusion.

"I'm going to rip you apart." She mutters softly.

"Honestly, you don't seem in the condition to be making such threats." I say while crouching next her.

"Just wait..." She sighs.

Bree appears next to her again. "She's scared." She laughs out.

I grab Jane by her tiny neck and lift her off her feet. She struggles slightly but my grasp doesn't relent. Her body becomes engulfed in flames for a minute and then I cause it to dissipate. I drop her onto the ground again. She gets up laughing uncontrollably.

"Is that really the best you got to offer?" She laughs out.

Rage consumes me fully and I grab her by her hair, dragging her towards the wall of fire. I lift her head up to my lips. "Don't underestimate me." I continue to place her head into the flames. Her body jerks uncontrollably in pain. Suddenly her body is pulled through the flames away from me. I open my palm and a chunk of her pale brown hair lies within it. I become furious and let down my barrier.

As the space clears I find myself surrounded by an incredible amount of vampires. I spot Jane and Felix being fed blood in order for their wounds to heal. I walk fast towards them and the other vampires stop me in my tracks. I send a fireball at them causing them to scatter. One attempts to grab me by the shoulder. I quickly turn around and tear his torso in half with my bare hands. I punch another one in the chest, having my fist penetrate his it. I head butt another sending him towards the opposite wall.

All of them jump on top of me at once. I whip a bunch through walls and send a final blast of fire through all the stadium. The smoke dissipates and I notice a bunch were obliterated in the blast but it didn't stop them for long. They kept coming back, soon I was pinned against the ground. How could they be so strong? I think to myself.

Bree kneels beside me. "Pesky newborns, always unpredictably strong." She arches an eyebrow.

"Of course." I mutter.

Jane stands over me in a victorious pose. Her face radiates cockiness and pleasure to see me in such a way.

"I don't make empty threats." She says with a sly smile.

I know I have met my end. I look up towards Bree and she looks concerned also. This is the end to my journey. My human life was cut short and now my immortal life is also coming to an end. If my heart could beat, its rate would be racing now. But, I can't let it be over so quickly. There has to be a finale. One last attempt to leave a mark in this place to make sure they get the point I'm trying to make. No actions goes on without consequences.

I knock the newborns off of me and grab Jane's face. I kiss her lightly not letting go of her head. Fire escapes from my throat and trails down hers. She struggles for a minute but I don't let go. Her insides begin to fry causing her to glow a light orange. I am pulled off of her and continue to be held back. One of the male figures walks slowly to me. He looks me up and down.

"Such a waste, honestly. You would have made a great addition to my clan." He says in the same calm voice I heard before.

He gestures to the newborns. I know it's the indication for my life to end. I look at Bree. Even though she isn't real, I am glad that she is the last face I get to see before my death. I feel my eyes getting slightly damp. With a few seconds remaining, I mouth the words 'I Love You.' to her.

I close my eyes.