0001: A New World, A New Day

Captain Micheal's paced the command deck of Ark 03, waiting for the next status report. He was nervous. Though the waters had receded, there was no telling how steep the mountains were, for the Drakensburg Mountains were now the roof of the world. "Excuse me sir, a voice interrupted , it appears we have visual on the coast of southern Africa." Captain Micheal's looked up. It was no other than Professor Frederick West, the chief scientist aboard the Ark. "I am glad to see you, professor. Any idea how long till we arrive on solid ground?" he asked. "Well sir, I would make a rough guess of about 30-40 minutes." West replied. "Very good, we still have a surplus of supply, so feed everyone well today." Micheal's responded. "Very well, Captain." West said as he walked out of the command deck. Micheal's looked out of the cracked view port. "Can someone please fix this? I have been staring out of this window for over 3 weeks since we hit Mt. Everest!" he yelled. "I shall have a crew up here shortly" a nearby crew member said. Captain Micheal's knew he was in charge, he just tried not to act gung-ho about it. "I need something to eat. Guys, ill be back soon. I'm going down to the mess hall and get some food." he said. The crew nodded and he briskly left the deck. As Micheal's walked to the mess hall, which was on deck 34b, he was stared at in the hallway. The people, which was a varied bunch of them, nodded at him. On the nearby floor near the entrance to a bathroom, he saw a few Tibetan monks praying on the floor. After about ten minutes of walking, he came upon the doorway to the mess hall. "Any specials, sir?" he asked a waiter sweeping the floor. "Actually sir, you just missed dinner, would you like me to get you some leftovers? The young waiter replied. Micheal's shook his head. "If you could, could I get like a bag of chips or something?" he asked. "Well Im sorry sir, it seems before two Russian kids bought all of them off us. I'm sorry but if you would like, I can get you a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Would you like that? He asked. Micheal's seemed to give up. "Sure, kid, I'll have a PB&J."

End of Chapter One